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07-09-2004, 01:43 PM
I have a quick question. I love doing deadlifts, but I'm afraid of using bad form that could screw up my back. Is there a sign that your form is off while doing the lift?? My back doesn't feel sore unless I haven't done them for a while, like any other exercise and it's never a pinching pain, just a regular sore. My thighs aren't completely parallel to the floor when I start, but they're close and I definantly lift with all my power coming from my legs. I was wondering because I've seen guys with bad form throw out their backs doing deadlifts and I'm starting to get back into doing them more consistantly.

07-09-2004, 02:08 PM
Just make sure you keep your back straight. Another important thing is to make sure your hips/butt don't move up first. If you do this, then you'll end up doing an SLDL. Hips/butt must move with the body.

Saint Patrick
07-09-2004, 09:57 PM

Scott S
07-10-2004, 02:32 PM
I'm with these idiots. If you can't keep your back straight on the way up, you're using too much weight.

Saturday Fever
07-12-2004, 01:18 PM
It isn't "bad" for your hips to come up first, but it IS a sign your lower back needs to be strengthened. Either way, the "safe road" is to keep your back tight.

07-12-2004, 01:47 PM
What I try to do is keep the bar, moving up my legs and not get out away from my body, even though your legs will get scrapped up, it helps keep my back straight and not bent over.

Saturday Fever
07-12-2004, 02:04 PM
Try to visualize it this way:

1. Pull back with your head and upper back.
2. Push out with your knees and out on your feet.
3. Draw your hips forward, but continue pulling back with the head and upper back.

07-14-2004, 04:52 PM
quick question on this. Should the calf area of your legs be like | or like \ to start out?

07-14-2004, 07:18 PM
They should be like \

A couple things I'll do that will cause me to immediately bail on a deadlift.
1. My butt pops up before the bar.
2. I feel like I'm lifting with my upper back.

Of course, after a while it's easy to know that something feels wrong in the form.

07-15-2004, 05:54 AM
wow, I think that explains my knee problems I was having.

Saturday Fever
07-15-2004, 11:16 AM
Why not head over to www.growordie.com and watch Tommy Fannon's deadlift videos. There aren't many but that should give you an idea what you should be doing.

07-15-2004, 01:42 PM
Keeping your head up will also help you to maintain a straight back. In addition, set up your grip so that your arms are in close to your sides. This will maximize your leverage and make it easier for your back to naturally stay in position under the stress placed upon it.


07-15-2004, 01:56 PM
Good Points. Also flex out your tris so as to not pull with your arms/bis. This hurts like a biach coming off the bottom heavy, almost ripped my bis a while ago doing this.