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07-11-2004, 07:39 PM
Ok, tommorow im starting cutting properly.......finally. Problems at home ruined my workout routine and diet but now thing's are back on track :D . At the moments i'm approx 234 Ibs of flabby manliness but thats gonna change *Cue Eye Of The tiger Rocky theme tune* I'm gonna get lean, i'm gonna get in shape, I'M GONNA GET RIPPED(for the first time in my life!?!). It's gonna be a journal of love, hate and tragedy, of trials, errors and pain, there's gonna be up's and down's and heartache and embarrasment(namely farting while doing ATF squats!), and if not, well, if not it'll just be endless pages of workouts, numbers and daily diets :strong: Starting tommorow...LET'S DO THIS.
My main goal is going to be to get down to 190 from 234, it's a long shot but i can do it(yeah...right), bodyfats around 22%ish and every 10Ibs i lose i'm gonna have a week of bulk calorie levels to boost my metabolism and leptin levels and basically reward myself. I'm gonna get exact weight and BF this coming week. I'm gonna cut drinking down to one session a week down from 3 and its only gonna be spirits with diet soda mixers as beer, cider etc has too many empty calories and sugar.
I'll update tommorow, keep it hardcore!

07-12-2004, 06:39 AM
Good luck man. So you're not going to be using UD2.0?

07-12-2004, 07:07 AM
good luck, make sure you have a goal and a plan and stick to it!

07-12-2004, 07:07 AM
I cant afford it really. I lost my job and the parents r moanin about the food i eat so its a no go for the moment. When i start getting a steady cashflow again i'll definately give it a try but i gotta make do for now.

07-12-2004, 07:30 AM
Only had some creatine and protein shake for breakfast as i got up late and had to rush out for an interview. Energy levels sucked due to no carbs before the workout but i managed, no cardio or ab work though as my stomach cramped from the lack of food and my old back nerve problem started when i was doing the BB rows so i was in pain and malnourished....sound fun?!?
Day 1-First Workout.....
Back-Warmup on row machine
Seated lever row-220Ibs 8 reps/270Ibs 5 reps/287Ibs 3 reps
(Had trouble bringing all the way back on the heavy ones, need to reduce weight next week)

Underhand Yates BB row-60Ibs 14 reps/82Ibs 9 reps/95Ibs 7 reps
(Definately need to increase the weight on all the sets, TRAPPED NERVE ATTACK!!!)

Rear pulldowns-70Ibs 15 reps/90Ibs 7.5 reps/100Ibs 6.5 reps
(Very good form on these, need to increase on first and last set)

Close grip underhand pulldowns-110Ibs 7.5 reps/120Ibs 6 reps/130Ibs 4 reps
(Definately swapping these for something else as i cant feel them in my lats at all)

Triceps-Warmup machine tricep extensions
Close grip smith press-110Ibs 7.5 reps/121Ibs 5 reps/127Ibs
(Had to mount bar for a few seconds to force last rep on last 2 sets, stomach cramp started))

Cable pushdowns-40Ibs 10 reps/50Ibs 6 reps/60Ibs 4.5 reps
(Really dont enjoy these, they put too much stress on my chest and traps for my liking)

Calves-Standing machine calf raises 132Ibs 3 sets of 10
(Stomach cramp and back nerve causing me real pain...gotta 20 minute walk and 30 minute bus ride so i need to set off home and get food, NOW!)

OK workout overall but the stomach cramp and back pain pissed me off as they ruined my workout.
Saw my ex on the way aswell...TWICE! I aint seen her in months and we didnt split on the best terms so we exchanged some angry looks and *hmph*'s, i let it be though, she dont deserve my attention haha.
Had a big ol' sandwich when i got in as my workout days i have moderate carbs so sandwiches are allowed...thank god.

07-12-2004, 08:04 AM
no money for ud2? damn thing is cheap you barely eat any food!!! im paying 1/3 the cost I would if I were bulking.

07-12-2004, 08:55 AM
Good luck man. Are you using some sort of structured diet?

07-12-2004, 09:35 AM
I'm just having moderate carbs on workout days, monday, wednesday and friday. My diets somethin like-
2500 Calories Monday, Wednesday and friday(Workout days)
55% Protein (229g)
25% Carbohydrates (104g)
15% Fat (42g)

2400 Calories Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and sunday
57.5% Protein (230g)
12.5% Carbohydrates (50g)
30% Fat (80g)

My calories are gonna be higher though as im easing myself into the diet day by day so my metabolism doesnt crash.

07-12-2004, 07:23 PM
Heres my full days eatage! Not bad figures.
Cals Prot Carbs Fat

7:50 2 500ml orange juice 235 2.5 52.5 0

9:40 25g Whey/Casein shake 94 22.5 0.7 0.7
250ml semi-skimmed milk 122 8.05 11.42 4.81

12:30 1 Can tuna 137 32 0 0.8
4 slices wholewheat bread 312 14.8 55.2 3.6
Margarine 106 0 0 11.8
Ketchup 24 0.2 5.4 0
1 Whole egg 74 6.29 0.39 4.97
1 Egg white 17 3.60 0.24 0.06
Olive oil spray 19.6 0 0 2

2 Chicken breast w/tikka marinade 290 53.8 3 8
1 Rasher bacon with fat cut off 43 2.96 0.11 3.34
50g Egg noodles 122.5 6 35 0.85
15g Sweetcorn 27 0.82 6.18 0.31

40g Whey/Casein shake 150.4 36 1.12 1.12
350ml semi-skimmed milk 170.8 11.27 15.99 6.73

1 Chicken breat w/tikka marinade 145 26.9 1.5 4

50g Whey/Casein shake 188 45 1.4 1.4
350ml semi-skimmed milk 170.8 11.27 15.99 6.73

Total 2448.1 283.27 205.61 61.22

Theres more protein, carbs AND fat to what i worked out to be in that amount of calories but what can i do! Nothing now.

07-13-2004, 01:12 PM
Blitzed my bis and did some shoulders at home today so i can concentrate more on cardio on my chest/bi and shoulders/trap/leg days later on in the week.

EZ-Bar curls-22Kgs = 49Ibs 11 reps
26Kgs = 57Ibs 8 reps
30Kgs = 66Ibs 5.5 reps(Struggling)
32Kgs = 71Ibs 4 reps(Ouch!)
Low carbs today as i wasnt planning on working out so i will probably be able to manage more on a normal carb day. Also ive only just started holding the contraction for 1.5 seconds every rep and lowering slowly, it really nukes your bis!

DB Hammer curls 10Kgs = 22Kgs 7.5 reps
7 reps
Holding the contraction really, REALLY makes a difference with these, less than usual, but i havent done them in a few months.

DB Shoulder press 10Kgs = 22Ibs per arm 11 reps
12Kgs = 26 Ibs per arm 8.5 reps

Ugh, pathetic attempt on shoulders, manages some db side laterals at a pathetic 9Ibs per dumbell! VERDICT:Never lift again on low carb days!!!!!!!