View Full Version : how bad is this smoothie?

07-13-2004, 06:59 PM
Can anyone tell me how bad this smoothie is? Its called a gladiator smoothie at this place called smoothie king. It comes with 2 choices of fruit and gladiator low carb smoothie mix which has 45 g of protein with low fat and low carbs. So can anyone tell me how bad a 40 oz with strawberry and blueberry as the fruit is?

Saint Patrick
07-13-2004, 07:00 PM
Sounds fine to me.

07-13-2004, 07:23 PM
I'd drink one, and I'm pretty nuts about my dieting....actually, why not buy one, and mail it to me in dry ice packaging, then I can try it and tell you if it's bad or not...yeah that'll work