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Darcy Tucker
07-14-2004, 06:41 PM
As of today I started my cutting phase which is going to be 15 weeks. For the first 3 weeks I have been doing this.

Weeks 1,2,3

Total 2865 Calories Per Day

6 meals a day of 480 calories per meal

Meal 1

1 scoop weight gainer 315 calories
1 3/4+ cups of neilson skim milk 165 calories

Total of 480 calories 32 g protein

Meal 2


Meal 3


Meal 4

1/3 cup oat bran 118 calories
banana medium 108 calories
protein source 254 calories

Meal 5

1/3 cup oat bran 118 calories
watermellon 2 cups 100 calories
protein source 262 calories

Meal 6

3/4 cup equality boston beans 262 calories
protein source 218 calories

The shakes are not all together by the way.

Anyways according to most diet gurus 2865 calories should be a good starting amount for me to cut but I'm beginning to think it is way to little. I'm 20 years old with a remotely fast metabolism and as you can see I have fruit,milk and weight gainer which is a fair share of sugars. Is this the reason I am so hungry? If so what should I do about it because I don't want to get rid of the outline diet until after week 3. I am going to lose muscle if I keep this up right?

Also say I take in the same amount of calories but with all complex carbs and I don't have any hunger pains would I still lose muscle or no.

07-14-2004, 06:57 PM
Yeah, sugar goes through you quick man and you get hungry in no time. You might not lose muscle but you will probably cheat on your diet one day and toss down a couple thousand calories extra ;) If you want to keep the base the same, I would go with zero/low carb protein powder in water with your shakes.

07-14-2004, 07:16 PM
well, if you can keep that hungry feeling throughout the cut your doing good. It sucks to be hungry, but if you find yourself not feeling as hungry then I think your body could be adjusting itself to the lower calories = slowing your metabolic rate and burning less fat.

if your 20 with remotely fast metabolism dont lower your carbs too quickly, take it slow...

make sure you measure BP's to make sure your not so hungry your body is catabolizing and eating muscle too fast. You SHOULD be losing the waistline faster than your chest/leg size. Lower calories = loss of weight but it can affect muscle size if you drop calories too fast as well as give you a massive headache. This is from my own experience on my first cut.

lower the calories to lose weight, play with the percentages of carbs, proteins, fats within calroic guidelines to lose BF and not muscle. Only tweak the carbs just enought to get the body to burn food as you eat it, with just enough food not being eaten to get the body to burn fat.

make sure to watch the weight and lose only a pound or two each week. If this is the first week of your cut, you could lose 5+ pounds which will be water, so dont get excited and think you need to change the calories so fast....give yourself 2 weeks to lose water weight then you can be sure any changes in diet will be fruitful.

get some more fruit and fiber carbs in there, or at least make sure you getting lot of vitamin C and multi as cutting stresses the body and this can make you prone to injury. The high anti-oxidant levels will make this less of a problem.

For myself I took a magnolia based product (RELORA) to bind to increased cortisal levels in the body from the stress of cutting while weight training.

your monring meal of weight gaininer is okay, your body needs stuff quick after sleeping. but try to eat whole foods if you can for other meals to get proteins and carbs. Their is nothing wrong with a liquid diet for half your calories, but I am a fan of as much whole food as possible until it gets difficult to eat. I dont use shakes so much as I get to over 3700 calories per day.

If your going to use shakes, use a soy or casein protein powder mixed with egg protein, this will keep you full a bit longer between meals when cutting. Use the WHey powders pre/post workout.....

dont forget cottage cheese, awesome stuff!

maybe others can go into more detail, I gotta go, anywho, my 02, good luck mate!

Darcy Tucker
07-14-2004, 07:28 PM
Hmmmmm This kinda sucks cause I don't want to change anything as it took me awhile to put together the diet plan. But does hunger necessarily mean that the body is in a catabolism stage because the last thing I want to do is lose muscle or will my body get used to this real soon and the hunger will go away?

Darcy Tucker
07-14-2004, 08:26 PM
Thanks for the help guys. I'm taking out 1 of those 3 shakes and adding in chicken with rice. Hopefully tomorrow won't be as hard as today was.

07-14-2004, 09:10 PM
have you been monitoring your weight?

I find weighing on a daily basis and taking a weekly average is the best way to judget your diet progress in terms of overall weight loss and will help determine how much to alter your diet by.

Measuring once per week, or not at all, would really put you in the dark on the progress your making and the appropriate ways to adjust your caloric intake.

Also, what is your daily intake breakdown for fats/proteins/carbs. How much dietary fiber are you getting in? how much sat/poly/mon fats?
Whats the makeup of your "weight gainer" formula? on a cut its my opinion that you'd be better off using a blended anti-catabolic formula rather than a "weight gain" formula

07-15-2004, 04:59 AM
i didn't read everyone elses thread but trying eat more whole food

07-15-2004, 06:22 AM
hmmmm...drink lots of water?? that always seems to fill me up when im hungry

07-15-2004, 09:03 AM
Avoid all high GI foods - if you don't want to be hungry. Things with simple sugars in them just raise your insulin levels and give you a ravenous appetite. Substitute that weight gainer for a protein shake blended with raw oats. That'll keep your hunger at bay for a while.

07-15-2004, 10:49 AM
I believe I warned you about the hunger, no?

07-15-2004, 10:58 AM
also upping fat may help with satiety.

07-16-2004, 12:14 PM
yep, upping fat levels helped me. When I got REALLY hungry I would eat good sized handful of almonds @200 calories and high in healthy fats, this would curb my hunger for a bit till I got to eat a more balanced meal.

07-16-2004, 05:46 PM
How did it take so long to come up with this "outline diet" of yours? It's basically, 3 shakes, 3 other shakes, 2 oats and some beans.

I thought in a diet you were supposed to eat food.

Weight gainer is probably high in sugar (high GI) and will make you hungry as soon as the sugar buzz wears off. I'd advise scrapping all the weight gainer, and replace with whole foods from the sticky thread "what a bodybuilder eats".

Besides any diet plan should be "doable". If you ate only this for 3 weeks then you have amazing willpower. No point in it if you're going to go crazy and flip out.

I'm bulking and ate 3 cakes, a chinese take-out chicken curry and toast + honey on top of my usual eggs tuna cottage cheese on toast all day. Hah, I'm starting my first cut (abcde) on Monday so I wanted to go out with a bang.