View Full Version : thanks for the help, but one last question...

Chris Cutler
07-18-2004, 10:10 AM
i made a new threat cuz im afraid some people wont look at the old one....but u all say eat the healthy fats and healthy carbs, right?? so basically what ur telling me is to go on the south beach diet??? healthy fats...then healthy carbs....so kinda like this:
Breakfast: An egg with tuna
Snack 2 hours later: Fruit
Lunch: Pasta, or maybe meat with veggies
Snack 2 hour later: tuna salad with olive oil and vinegar
Dinner: Whatever mom makes: meat and veggies.
Along with an hour of cardio in the morning and workout 5 days a week...btw, i think my new routine will go like so:
Monday: shoulders/legs
But forgetting that...ur saying basically south beach is good? So im assuming my absolute favorite food (nutri-grain bars) are a no no??? Along with no ginger snaps, canned green beans, canned beans, no corn, no rice, no bread....boooo..oh well, ima have to stick to it. lol...once again, thank you all so much for the help, i think i have something good going here. Ill just run it by my doctor when i go for a physical on Wednesday, hes always stressed the importance of basically, what ur saying.

07-18-2004, 11:11 AM
Not trying to sound rude, but there is soooo sooo much information out there just waiting to be read. Do a search, look through some of the online journals, check out some of the nutrition articles at www.bodybuilding.com, read the stickies on this site.