View Full Version : Steelhearts CUT UP Phase

10-21-2001, 07:01 PM
Getting Abs Diet Starts Sunday to prepare me for Mondays Workout!!!


Meal #1 (10:00am)

10 tbs. of Raw Oats/cooked in microwave
1 scoop of NHF MRP mixed in water
1tbs of Flax seed oil
1 multivitamin

Meal #2 (1:00pm)

2 scoops of NHF MRP in water
1tbs of Flax seed oil

Meal #3 (3:30pm)

Peppered Steak
1/2 cup of rice

Meal #4 (6:30pm)

2 chicken brochettes

Meal #5 (9:30pm)

chicken Thigh

Diet is a little rough but nothing I cant handle. Im getting siked thinking about tomorows workout and following this plan to get me cut. Im only about 12% now so I know it shouldnr take to long. I just need to be sure I keep to the diet. Cardio is on my off days. Early AM. If all goes well, I should weigh 219lbs at 7% fat. I will be showing ab pictures everywhere to keep me motivated.

10-22-2001, 02:04 PM

Meal #1 (9:00am)

10 tbs of oatmeal
1 scoop NHF MRP mixed in Water
1 tbs of Flax seed oil
1 Multivitamin

10:30 Workout

Meal #2 (post workout 11:30am)

2 scoops NHF MRP
12 oz OJ
5 gram creatine

Meal #3 (3:00pm)

1 can Tuna

Meal #4 (6:00pm)

1 cup of rice
2 beef brochettes

Meal #5 (9:00pm)

Chicken salad


Delts + Triceps + Abs

(1-2 warmups)

DB Press 1 X 70lbs failure + 1 rest pause.
Side DB Raise 1 X 30lbs failure plus half reps
Cable side raise 1 X 20lbs failure pluse partiels
DB Shrugs 1 X 100lbs Failure
Pushdowns 1 X 150lbs Failure + 1 rest pause.
Tricep machine 1 X 70lbs Failure
Cable crunches 1 X 90lbs 6 reps failure
Leg Raise 1 X 0lbs 8 reps.

Workout felt really good. Intensity was there, However I may use smith presses next time to be able to rep out without having to worry about balance.

10-23-2001, 04:23 PM

Meal #1 (9:00am)

2 slices of whole wheat toast
1tbsp of Peanut Butter
2 scoops NHF MRP
8 0z 1% milk

Meal # 2 (12:30pm) POST WORKOUT

2 scoops NHF MRP
10oz milk
5 grams creatine

Meal # 3 (3:30pm)

1 Chicen Breast
1 cup of rice

Meal # 4 (6:30pm)

Peppered Steak
1 cup of rice

Meal # 5 (9:30pm)

Chicken thigh


Rev grip chins 1 X failure plus partiels
Slant board rows 1 X 90lbs 8 reps+ a few partiels
Cable rows 1 X 175lbs 8 reps + a few partiels
Rear delt flies 1 X 40lbs 8 reps
Deadlift 1 X 315lbs 7 reps

Workout gave a good pump. 25min long only!!! Feeling really strong and solid today. All done smooth and strict.