View Full Version : Need help with diet

07-26-2004, 01:56 AM
hey im just looking for a bit of help with my diet. ill post my food routine and id just like for people to tell me what i should add in or what i should get rid of. im looking to gain muscle/weight and i dont mind if i put on a bit of fat cause i doubt that id be able to aviod it.

Breakfast: i just usually have a bowl ( i cup) of oaks.

Morning lunch : i have 2 bacon & egg sandwiches with no yolk

lunch : either 2 chicken breat sandwiches or a 1/4 chicken & chips (breast piece)

dinner: either a piece of steak with veggies
or chicken breasts

i also have a tub of yogurt, a whey protein drink and a glass of vegetable juice.

so any info would be great! thanks ;)