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07-27-2004, 05:13 AM
Hi I'm 18,100 kg with 27% body fat.I i'm going to gym 5 times a week and i do running about 30 minutes three times a week after my gym workout.I have 8 meals and i eat with about 2 hours between my meals

1.protein shake at 9

2.Sandwitch with smoked turkey

3.The same

4.Chicken with salad,olive oil and rice

5.Spaggeti before trainning,about 50gr

6.shake after trainning

7.chicken with salad and oil

8.tuna with salad and oil

I'm doing this for about a month :read: and i've lost only 4 kilos + i don't feel very well,i also take multivin

Can you help me?What do you think about keto?Or recommend me something else?Thanks

07-27-2004, 06:03 AM
Your very very heavy. lol

Do you Cardio in a morning without food.
Take some Sea Kelp.
Sleep Well.
Have some protein with your Pre workout meal.
Avoid proccessed foods.