View Full Version : Do I really need to follow what calories and stuff I take in?

Den Fisher
07-27-2004, 08:36 PM
I'm just starting to lift weights (today being my first day ;) ) and I was readin' about how many calories and grams of protein I should consume a day. And I was thinkin' do I really need to keep track of how many calories I eat and how much protein, because I know I'll be gettin' enough if I take a protein shake (does GMC sell this nitrean protein?) 2 times a day, then eat 4 meals throughout the day involving chicken breasts, eggs, green vegies, milk and cheese.

And I also had a question, when I was working out, and I got done within' a half an hour, just didn't seem like enough, but that's how much these routines recommend, can't I do a lot, then just rest all the next day? Or do I have to do the minimum and then rest. But since I'm 15, 5'10, 140 pds, I only need to rest every 2 days, I read.

Anyone catch me up on how to go about this all? Thanks!

And if anyone thinks I should be takin' somethin' instead of nitrean lemme know.

07-27-2004, 09:37 PM
If you wish to look like the guy in your avatar, tracking your calories and macros (protein, fat, carbs..) is very important. For now I would just focus on eating a lot and getting your form down solid in the gym. Once you feel you have the training down solid, work on the diet. BTW, Nitrean isn't sold at GNC, but atlargenutrition.com.

I assume by "these routines" you're referring to the WBB routines. In which case, stick with it. They are a perfect routine for beginners. Don't do more becuase it feels like you need to.

07-27-2004, 09:39 PM
I hontesly don't think you need to count calories everyday as long as you have a general idea how much youre taking in. If the scale isn't moving...youre not eating enough. Calorie counting is definately helpful though.

Nitrean is not sold at GNC. IMHO, as a newbie I think you would get just as good of results from using a cheaper protein powder or simply whole foods. Nitrean is great, but it's pretty expensive compared to a regular whey protein. I think that if you are just starting out, then you should be able to make great gains w/o a protein supplement. Just my $0.02.

What routine are you using?

Den Fisher
07-27-2004, 10:30 PM
Well, I was planning on doing the WBB Routine #1 at my house, but I found I can't do about half of these exercises on here without a spotter and other equipment (for the incline ones, chin ups, chest dips, etc..) and I would rather be in at my local procare instead of doing it one my own anyways, so I can be taught how to do the exercises right and so forth (yes I did watch these videos and stuff on how to do them, but meh, just would feel better being taught them in person) so I am going to join the local procare in about a month or less. And also, I'll be taking a class at school this year where we'll be doing weightlifting the whole time (1 hour) but I don't know if that will interfere with me going to the gym and doing the WBB #1 routine. Also, I was wondering if any of you know somethin' I can do in the meantime while I wait to get signed up there. Today I did BB curls, DB curls, crunches, DB hammercurls, Reverse BB curl, and kickbacks. I did 2 sets of everything, about about 10 reps of everything dealing with the Barbell, and 15-20 reps of everything dealing with the Dumbbell. Also, I don't know how to go about how much weight I should use, if I should use a lot and only get a few reps in with it, or use somethin' lighter, and get around 10 times as many reps (mainly with the curlbar right now) But these 15 pound Dumbells are enough for me right now (kickbacks being the hardest thing I did tonight :nod: )

So just wanted you guy's opinions on what I could be doing in the next month til I get in Procare. I do my 240 pushups, 60 bench dips a day and that's all, except for these workout days.. and I want to do more.. but don't really feel like doing cardio if it interferes with weightlifting (can anyone elaberate on this? because I don't really know how that goes)

Thanks guys!