View Full Version : Busted a hole through a wall...!!

02-17-2001, 01:17 AM
I just busted a big hole in my basement through the dry wall with my fist.... can't believe it.. i was hella ****ed... my bro's gone... my parents tossed me into a new school, I've gotta wake up at 4:45 just to ****in' get there! get home at 6...do three hours of homework.... and that ain't even the start.
my dad decided to say that I'd be better off dead...... ****es me off beyond belief.
I go through 17 years of this crap and thats what I get...

I try to be positive but this kinda **** happens too often.
oh well.

there's my rant for the day.

Chris Rodgers
02-17-2001, 02:00 AM
Sorry to hear about your situation man. You know we are here for you if you need to talk stuff out. Don't go taking out your frustration on the walls. Take it out on the weights!

Joe Black
02-17-2001, 04:05 AM
Sorry to hear your problems RP..

Keep strong, and like Latman said take that anger out on the weights..

You might want to try and talk to someone else, if not your family another relative or anyone... Its unbelievable what good it can do to talk about things rather than keep it inside.. Eventually you'll explde if you try and keep it in..

Good luck mate.

02-17-2001, 09:57 PM
Hey bro, if you need to talk just im me, my nickname is in my profile. I hope it gets better, just persevere bro, you'll be alright.

02-18-2001, 04:04 PM
Dont worry man, we all go through some tuff times in our teen years. The best revenge is succes. Like others have said, we're hear for you.