View Full Version : The long road back!

08-09-2004, 06:56 PM
Hey evrybody!

I am just starting to get back into lifting again. I have probably only been to the gym about 5 times since December. (Broke my arm and then two other injuries since) I am now finally feeling 100% No more ****ing around! I have been back in the gym for a week now. It feels ****ing good! That' sall I have to say!

Anyway, I have attached a pic (Upper body only, my wheels are in piss poor shape) of where I am at currently.

I have been slowly ramping my calories up. I am currently taking in 3900/day.
(385g Protein, 349g Carbs, 101g Fat)

My bodyweight is at 181lbs, down from 215 in Dec : (

My routine will go something like this:
Day 1
Chest-2 Compound Exercise sets, 1 isolation set
Shoulders-2 compound sets, 1 isolation set
Tris-3 isolation sets

Day 2 OFF

Day 3
Back-3 Compound Exercise sets
Bis- 3 isolation sets

Day 4 OFF

Day 5
Legs- 3 Compound sets (Alt. Squats and Deads)
Calves- 4 Isolation sets

Day 6 OFF
Day 7 OFF

I will switch between 2 different exercises each week. Or if I feel something is not working properly. Also some exercises may have rest-pauses incorporated into them if I feel like a little extra punishment needs to be given. All negative movements will be done with a slow 4 count speed. (Except deads as it may result in injury me thinks?)