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08-11-2004, 07:36 PM
August 11th, 2004

stats: 6'2" 175lbs >8.5 20y/o

Background: I started the whole 'goone workout, goona get big' thing back in November 2003. I was roughly 155lbs wet. Put on a decent 20lbs first 6 monthes and since then Ive been lowering the fat that came with it and turning it into muscle ( which was a mistake ) . Newbie gains eventually stopped. I've tried stuffing my face every minute of the day, which was good, but food was definitly to clean, especially for a skinny ass such as myself. I had a test done and apparently I burn 2300 calories a day without lifting a finger. Ive being stuck between bulking and cutting for the last few monthes, mainly beacuse us skinny ass's hate to see that six pack go bye bye....but its time for a change

Plan: Its time to bulk. And bulk hard. Even when I was bulking before I wouldnt have cheat days, I have extremely good will power when it comes to eating, of course, this actaully hurts my mass gains. Lift hard and simlpe. ALL major compounds, DL, bench, squat, mil. press, chins, dips and then some. Basically, the plan is to get large, everywhere...even the gut....... *gulp*

Diet: Im actaully going to make it manditory to eat fast food 2-3 times a week. I dont care. Calorie-dense, I want it all. Eat a least 2 meal-replacement shakes a day. Eggs, cheese, chicken, pasta, french fries, perogies, EVERYTHING. for supplements, Ill start taking my creatine again, along with omega 3-6-9 pills a strong multi-vit, plus b50 complex, vit c, vit E and L-glut. I think thats it...

Work out: This is still up in the air. Im basing this bulk on most of chris masons articles. It seems out of all the ones ive read his makes the most sense. Might need some help in this area tho. If i am to work each body part 2 times a week, i would like it something like this....

Sunday: Chest & back
BB bench, incline DB bench, and.......dips maybe? (workout at home)

Deadlift, shrugs, bentover bb rows

Monday: legs & abs

squat, hack squat, db lunges (nothing to do leg press with)

I do 3 sets of weighted sit ups for abs and 2 sets of weighted leg raises ~ 15 reps

Tuesday: work 8-3am at bar, not a good day to work out

wendsday :shoulders & arms

DB front/side raises (superset) mil. press

bb curls, hammer curls , chin ups

bench dip, close grip bench

thursday: chest & back again

fri: rest

Just looking at that routine I know its bad. Realistically putting a workout on fri or sat will not do me any good, nor tuesday. Sun, mon, wends, and thursday and my best days. I would LIKE to work out everything BUT legs twice a week, I can only handle legs once a week, bad knees. help with a new routine woulld be great. also i know theres advanteges and disadvantages to working out ceretain parts with what.

First pic is starting point, the others are as of lately at 180lbs, now cut down to 175lbs.

Im not the greatest poser

08-12-2004, 05:10 PM
4 more days till i start the bulking, sick of this cutting crap.

did bi workout last night, mainly curls, pullups, and hammer curls, mostly super sets. following chris masons, 'gain an inch in your arms' article or whatever

going for a run in a couple of hours. i can go about 10 km without stopiping @ roughly 13km/hour. i need to get to 13km without stopping tho, and today my last run before the triathalon. power gel and ECA sure kicked my max distance by at least 4 km. ltes hope today i can run for a straight hour...or else im done for

08-13-2004, 01:24 AM
wtf. drank beer and smoked tonight, 3 days before marathon.... greaaat.......
also my run sucked. maybe ran 6 km. wasnt really tired, knees are getting sore again tho.... ibeprofan here i come, also just ate popcorn chicken and mozzerala sticks.... :zipit:

08-15-2004, 05:55 PM
ran the 13k, took me 68 minutes, pretty impressed, only stopped once to take a leak. dead tired, goona take a few days off, maybe a week, then start the hardcore bulk and weight training again. moving to a new place o maybe ill have room for a squat rack, id raelly like to get into those