View Full Version : Carb question

10-25-2001, 10:19 PM
I am trying to cut and lately I have been going as high as 185 to 190 on carbs, do you think this is too high? If i do not go this high I just feel terrible, out of energy, and hungry.

10-26-2001, 05:37 AM
If you're working out up to 4 times per week and keep the fat low (~20%),then it's ok.

big calvin
10-26-2001, 12:38 PM
how much do u weight? and bodyfat?

10-26-2001, 12:52 PM
I weigh 185, bf is anywhere from 9 to 12.

10-26-2001, 03:48 PM
Funny, I recently upped my carbs and lowered sat. fat and I'm dropping more fat than ever and keeping muscle.