View Full Version : Im on the WBB1 routine,what should i be eating?

08-14-2004, 11:08 PM
Okay,I just started the WBB1 routine...Now I KNOW i need to be dieting. So can somebody help me,im new to this. I would like something that tastes good lol,like i cant eat cottage cheese and stuff.sounds stupid but im into eating things like.

Fresh peppers
Green Salad
Turkey Breast
Whole Wheat Bread
Hamburgers/Hot Dogs

Things of that nature,now i know i went from good foods to bad foods but thats a variety of things i already eat. Also,my family eats in from an Italian restaraunt alot. I usually get submarine heros but now i dont know what to get. Tonight though I ordered an antipasto salad and ate that. But what can i eat from an italian resteraunt that will help me in the dieting phase?

Also,if Im hungry...I eat,so what should i do there? Just drink water i guess? or should i eat,but eat something like a salad? excluding chips and pizza and sh!t.

What about Bacon,cheese,Potatoes,French fries,Spare Ribs,Pork,Corn?
What breads can i eat? remember this is a diet im trying to go on.
I have apples in the house also that i can eat but another thing is what can i eat in the middle of the night,like if im hungry at like 12:30 or 1 AM ill eat a slice of pizza,what should i really have for this diet? nothing,or an apple? or what.

Sorry for brigading you with these questions but im desperate now and im getting serious with bodybuilding so please be happy about it lol. Can somebody post foods i CAN have,and SHOULD have,dealing with the following.

Protein(no fat?)
Low Cals?
Low Carbs?
Low or No fat
Sodas?(diet or like Coke C2)
Junk Food (whats good for you/whats not...like i heard peanuts are great for you?)

And anything els you can think of that i may have left out.

Thank you SO MUCH in advance. :help:

08-17-2004, 01:56 AM
When you go to eating healthy, you dont have to eat very little nasty food. Eat like a man.

You like fruit yogurt? Get strawberry lowfat yogurt. I personally hate full-fat yogurts anyway.

One thing I do recommend though, is that you dont eat steak. My friend's cardiologist said that 0 steak is perfect, but if you need your steak fix, get an 8 ouncer every 2 months or so. Regular steak eaters have horrible cardio health.

A+++ To Green peppers. Cardio health!
Cucumbers? Scarf em down man.

Turkey and Chicken... non-red meat is great. Turkey and Chicken are a clean weightlifter's main meals. Very good to eat them. Stay away from fried if you can. Eat good, but dont eat TOO tastily (If grease is your thang)

I take half of a multivitamin pill at lunch, with 2 hefty smoked turkey sandwiches (no mayo, mustard instead. Zesty treats) Big wheat rolls with pepperjack cheese, piled on with smoked turkey and alot of mustard. I love it. It's healthy, and the half of a multivitamin covers alot of the nutrients I dont get, but I dont have fear of overdoing it with minerals with a full pill per day. I get sick off too much multivitamin anyway.

Also, your body is used to naturally deriving nutrients from food, so if you just take a plain multi without food, it wont absorb as much.

2 other HUGE parts of your diet should be a minimum of 8 hours of sleep... preferrably 9-11 hours on lifting days. Also, plenty of water. I drink about a gallon of it per day. I get a jug of the stuff for lunch. I eat healthy, well, and filling.

Hope this helps. Mix it up. Eat fish (easy to digest), chicken and turkey. Sandwiches are filling and great. Dont get on the Atkins diet. That is a woman's diet, not a weightlifter's diet!

Good luck!


Paul Stagg
08-17-2004, 09:28 AM
There isn't anything wrong with eating steak.

I'd also challenge you to call me a 'woman' when I'm low carbing. :)

To the OP - figure out your caloric needs - that's the first step. Then match up a diet that fulfills those needs (or less if trying to drop bf) that also fulfills your nutritional requirments. Then start picking stuff you like, keeping in mind the effects of certain fats, salt, etc,etc.

08-17-2004, 11:00 AM