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08-19-2004, 09:48 AM
Toooooo skinny! I've always been athletic and ripped, but since I lost too much weight because of stress (got down to 97lbs), the pounds I gained back is 24% BF. So I'm still thin (118lbs, 5'7"), but my muscle mass went Bye-Bye. I guess I can thank mother nature for her adaptive method of survival, but hey, she's still a beeotch.

So this, dear friends, is my singular and quioxtical quest to be the super bad-a** that I know I can be.

I've found that I don't quite have what it takes anymore (ie, confidence) to pump with the big boys in the free weight section. Not to mention the stares and/or advances. Guys, please don't do this. If I wanted to hook up at the gym I would be wearing full makeup, matching outfit, and have my hair and nails done (sticking my a** out on the stairmaster not breaking a sweat). Ok, I digress, let's stay positive. Yes, rebuilding the confidence so I get the adrenaline pumping. I find that going to the gym at odd hours when it's empty is best for now.

Focus: legs

Unfortunately it's in the genes. Shredded legs and shoulders, six pack abs, defined lats....skinny little butt and chicken legs. Cartoonish, almost, if the emphasis is not put on the lower half (think Brutus from Popeye).

So I start small. Light warm up set of each & then 3 sets of 10. Ok, here goes... **red face**

Squats: 90 lbs
Or rather, the lay down incline leg press. The assisted squat machine is currently out of service, and I don't have a buddy to spot me on the big-boy freeweight squat. An actual squat would probably cut that number in half, so I'll revise the number next time.

Stiff-legged deadlifts: 45 lbs
**wince** Ok, I probably could have done more on this one, but I'm really focusing on technique at this point to get all my muscles used to the load first so as to avoid strain. I was doing 70 lbs on the ham curl machine, but now I'm focusing on compound movements w/ free weights. Yup.

Calves: 120-160 lbs on isolateral sit-down machine
Calves are all about burn and not really about weight if you ask me, but I have skinny calves so I'm open to suggestion. I warm up w/ 120x15, then do 160x15 and press and hold the last 5 for 5 seconds each. I like this machine much better than the standing press because it doesn't put pressure on my spine, and it seems to strengthen my feet and ankles (good if you like martial arts). Some have told me that the standing one puts better mass on the calves, though, so I'll probably start incorporating that one as well.

Bench: I have no idea. I have not done this one yet. With dumbells I use the 15's or 20's, and I struggle.

Curl: Again, not sure what my max is, but I do sets with 10-15lbs dumbells.

Pull up: I'm ashamed. I can't even do a SINGLE pull up anymore!! I do assisted ones w/ 60 lbs. So I'm at half my body weight... Oy!

I don't even work abs at this point. I've always had a flat, ripped stomach, so I just work in a set at home now and then when I'm doing my morning push-ups. I was jogging, but I've quit all cardio now to focus on bulking. As soon as I can consistently keep my calorie intake high enough and see some gains, I'll probably incorporate it again.

Ah yes, nutrition. Beer:gone. Sugar: gone. Coffee...not gone (at least for now). I do drink on the weekends, though. I don't want to set myself up for failure by being too balls-to-the-wall at first. I have one protein shake a day, and at least one chicken breast at day, two eggs, and assorted veggies. I also have scotch cut oatmeal + flax, wheat bread for sandwiches or wheat tortillas. I'm keeping count of my cals, because I tend to undereat (trying to reprogram a LIFETIME of being a woman).

So if you're still reading at this point, boy do you have too much time on your hands! :) Seriously though, if anyone has any suggestions or success stories that will further my progression into a super bad-a** mo-fo, please do not hesistate to post.

08-19-2004, 11:00 AM
Said hello in the new members' intro, but I'll say it again. Love the title of your journal.

08-23-2004, 05:38 AM
Nice intro, good luck with your goals.