View Full Version : Foods that cause high triglycerides

08-26-2004, 07:00 AM
Got some lab tests back, and my only problem is high triglycerides. I scored 175 when it should be 150. My usual diet consists of eggs, chicken, ww bread, oats, nitrean, ff milk, 2% cottage cheese, pineapple, flax oil, sugar free syrup, sometimes 97% lean ham, sometimes cheese, sometimes nuts, sometimes turkey burgers, occasionally red meat...

I was also on vacation for a whole week preceding this test, and I was eating burgers (no, not LEAN beef burgers ;) ) and other unhealthy foods, which may have skewed the test. Are there any foods listed that I should avoid?

08-26-2004, 11:59 AM
normally - triglyceride tests are done on an overnight fast just for this reason. if your levels are STILL high,then you do need to consider the causes and adjust. obviously high fat foods are the primary culprit.

08-26-2004, 01:10 PM
I did fast overnight, I just ate bad the whole week preceding the test. I read that a high tri's with normal cholesterol (mine was perfect) could mean undiagnosed diabetes :eek: Family has a history of it so I wouldnt be surprised...