View Full Version : Ckd and Tkd diets, please explain

10-28-2001, 01:28 AM
Maybe I already know what these are and just do not know the terms. Please define each of these. And what is a ketogenic diet? Thanks.

10-28-2001, 03:55 AM
CKDrefers to a general dietary approach which alternates periods of standard ketogenic eating (generally 5-6 days) with short periods of high carbohydrate intake (12-48 hours).

TKD This is called a Targeted Ketogenic Diet (TKD). It provides carbs for those who can't or won't do a weekend carb-up.The TKD is just one modification of a normal ketogenic diet to maintain excercise but still get the benefits of ketosis.

Ketosis(taken from the lowcarb faqs): A condition in which the body will turn to fat for fuel and is producing ketones as a byproduct. This change in metabolism occurs when the body no longer has incoming carbs to produce glycogen and after the liver has been depleted of stored glycogen. When either stored body fat or incoming dietary fat is used as fuel it breaks down into ketones.

Ketones can be used as fuel for your body or discarded via your breath or urination. It is the rise in ketone production that means you are in ketosis. Take note that although you are in ketosis this does not mean that you are *only* burning bodyfat. The released ketones may be from either bodyfat or dietary fat.

Why: We want to be in a metabolic state where, without incoming carbs, and without consuming too many grams of dietary fat or protein, our bodies will be burning stored bodyfat as fuel. Positive side effects of being in ketosis are that it can be protein sparing (allowing us to retain lean body mass) and that it can lead to a decrease in appetite for some people.