View Full Version : How bad is this?

08-31-2004, 08:54 PM
Should I drink this?

Horchata (Rice Drink Mix)

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 2 tbsp (23g)
Amount per serving
Calories 90
Calories from Fat 0

Total Fat 0g
Sat Fat 0%
Cholersterol 0%
Sodium 0mg
Total Carbohydrates 23g
Sugars 23g
Protein 0g

Vitamin A 0%
Calcium 0%
Vitamin C (6mg) 10%
Iron 0%

Saint Patrick
08-31-2004, 09:15 PM
I always get a horchata when I have a burrito.

No, it's not clean, it's basically like drinking a soda.

But tastes so good :drooling:

09-01-2004, 03:29 PM
Man, my fiance just introduced me to it and I think I may be addicted. Damn!

09-01-2004, 06:59 PM
Sure, drink it. Go eat a carne asada burrito too.

09-01-2004, 08:05 PM
looks like complete crap to me.

Drink it if you want to though.

09-02-2004, 09:14 PM
hmmmmmmm, post-workout w/whey? ;)