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09-03-2004, 06:41 PM
If I'm trying to lose weight and gain muscle is this diet ok?

4 Egg Whites
1 Piece Of wheat bread

Turkey on Whole Wheat
Whey Protein

4-6oz Of Lean Meat
Complex Carbs

09-03-2004, 06:58 PM
wow, that looks like a whopping 1200-1500 calories. Did you say you wanted to lose muscle mass and body fat at the same time? Well, it looks like you're on track:D

Okay, enough of the sarcasm.

How tall are you and how much do you currently weigh? It's hard to pack on mass and lose bodyfat at the same time, however you can always put on lean mass.

What does your current routine look like?

Give us more info, we'll give you more info.

09-03-2004, 08:38 PM
I am 21. I am 5' 11". I weight 200lbs.

My current routine looks like this:

Mon-Bi's, Tri's, Chest
Tue-Traps & Deltoids
Wed-Back & Abs
Thur & Fri-Cardio

09-03-2004, 09:17 PM
You are definately not eating enough for growth. I'm currently your height and weight and I'm eating at least 3500cals just to maintain, more like 3800 if I'm actually training. Granted not all people are the same, this just gives you an idea. I'd suggest you start perusing people's journals, as well as the main page to read some articles. However, I'll try to post some relevant material into this thread if I can.

09-03-2004, 09:21 PM
Mass gaining article:

Basics of diet:

Basics of a routine:

09-04-2004, 06:41 PM
But you have to remember something. I used to weight 265lbs. I lost 65lbs on Slim Fast. So I don't want to eat too much. I don't want to gain that weight back. I'm basically trying to lose what fat I have left and turn the rest into muscle. Then once that starts to take place, I want to get bigger muscular wise.

09-04-2004, 10:41 PM
At 1500 cals you will lean out alright. You'll lose muscle and fat. If you want to be skinny, then more power to ya. If you want to retain muscle or gain some, you need to eat enough to maintain at least the muscle. 1500 cals won't do it for you.

FYI, I weigh 199 lbs and I eat 2000-2600/day. I was able to lose 18 lbs in 3 months. going for 15 more by December. Kept a lot of muscle and got rid of a lot of fat. Food is not your enemy.

09-04-2004, 11:49 PM
i am 13 and 127lbs and i am eating 2000 cals for bulking try eat every 2-3 hours

09-05-2004, 01:50 PM
I say take in 1800-2000 calories per day. Start taking in some green tea, multivitamin, 1 -2 gallons of water per day.