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09-10-2004, 10:03 AM
Well considering I'm sick and I can't workout right now, and my muscles feel like they are going to fall off. I'm just posting the program for near future.

Its a 5 week positive caloric intake program with more lifting less cardio. Followed by a 5 week negative caloric intake program with less lifting more cardio. I'm using trial and error on this one. I want to see if I can lose weight for 5 weeks doing cardio and moderate lifting to try to maintain muscle, than try to do 5 weeks of building lean muscle while maintaining fat %, than going back to 5 weeks of losing weight again, while maintaining as much muscle as I can. and so on

I am a bodybuilding scientist, and my body is my laboratory

I'm going to start off by doing the 5 week caloric plus program trying to build lean muscle while maintaining fat %

30 seconds rest between isolation movements, and 120 seconds rest between compound movements

Rep Scheme:
1stweek: x12x12x10x8 2ndweek: x12x10x8x8 3rdweek: x10x8x8x6 4thweek: x8x8x6x6 5thweek: x8x6x6x4

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09-10-2004, 10:12 AM
Monday: Chest, Back:
Chest: 1stEx: Barbell-BenchPress: x12x12x10x8
Back: 1stEx: Barbell-Rows: x12x12x10x8
Chest: 2ndEx: Dumbell-InclinePress: x12x12x10x8
Back: 2ndEx: Cable-CloseGripHandleRows: x12x12x10x8
Chest: 3rdEx: Dumbell-Flyes: x12x12x10x8
Back: 3rdEx: Cable-LatPulldowns: x12x12x10x8
Light Cardio: 15min

Tuesday: Quads, Hams, Calves:
Quads/Hams/Calves: 1stEx: Barbell-Squat: x12x12x10x8
Quads: 2ndEx: Machine-QuadCurls: x12x12x10x8
Calves: 2ndEx: Machine-SeatedCalfRaises: x12x12x10x8
Hams/Quads: 2nd-3rdEx: Machine-LegPress: x12x12x10x8
Hams: 3rdEx: Machine-HamCurls: x12x12x10x8
Calves: 3rdEx: Machine-SeatedCalfRaises: x12x12x10x8

Thursday: Biceps, Triceps, Forearms:
Biceps: 1stEx: E-Z-Bar-PreacherCurls: x12x12x10x8
Triceps: 1stEx: E-Z-BarHeadBangers: x12x12x10x8
Forearms: 1stEx: Barbell-WristCurls: x12x12x10x8
Biceps: 2ndEx: Dumbell-AlternatePreacherCurls: x12x12x10x8
Triceps: 2ndEx: Dumbell-BackScratcher: x12x12x10x8
Forearms: 2ndEx: Barbell-ReverseWristCurls: x12x12x10x8
Biceps: 3rdEx: Cable-RopeCurls: x12x12x10x8
Triceps: 3rdEx: Cable-TricepRopePulldowns: x12x12x10x8
Forearms: 3rdEx: Dumbell-WristRockers: x12x12x10x8
Cardio: 15min

Friday: Delts, Traps:
Delts: 1stEx: Dumbell-ShoulderPress: x12x12x10x8
Traps: 1stEx: Barbell-ShoulderShrugs: x12x12x10x8
Delts: 2ndEx: Dumbell-LateralRaises: x12x12x10x8
Traps: 2ndEx: Dumbell-ShoulderShrugs: x12x12x10x8
Delts: 3rdEx: Dumbell-ReadDelts: x12x12x10x8
Traps: 3rdEx: Dumbell-ShoulderShrugs: x12x12x10x8

Saturday: Abs, Calves:
Abs: 1stEx: Lower: x20x20x20
Calves: 1stEx: Machine-SeatedCalfRaises: x12x12x10x8
Abs: 2ndEx: Crunches: x20x20x20
Calves: 2ndEx: Machine-SeatedCalfRaises-Outter: x12x12x10x8
Abs: 3rdEx: Obliques: x20x20x20
Calves: 3rdEx: Machine-SeatedCalfRaises-Inner: x12x12x10x8
Cardio: 15min

Sunday: Rest