View Full Version : My friend eating only salad as breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

09-13-2004, 12:16 AM
Yo sup guys, I have a friend who just started recently eating only salad as like any type of source of food. She's not on a diet or trying to starve herself or anything like that. She just only likes to eat salad. She rarely eats any meat (as she has told me)..and i dunno...i told her that's not good for her. She needs to get atleast some source of protein and other vitamins that come from various types of food sources. I kept on trying to persuade her to really go and eat meat..at least once a day..even if it's like chicken or something..I told her if she's gonna just end up going that path (she's kinda deciding if she wants to just become a vegetarian?? :idea: ) she has to atleast take some source of vitamin like centrum and calcium pills. Do you think i did the right thing by telling her to take those vitamins? Also..what else should i tell her to take..or do?

BTW..she ain't skinny or fat..she's average..she somehow keeps her weight..so hopefully the weight won't matter in this situation.

Thanks for the help in advance people.

09-13-2004, 03:21 AM
There are plenty of alternative sources of protein other than flesh. I am a vegetarian, you can check out my journal for details of my diet.

You are right that she should not be eating just salad. A varied diet is important. Even if it is simply putting cubes of tofu or hard boiled eggs in her salads, sprinkling them with seeds, drizzling olive oil over them, drinking a glass of milk with them etc etc.

Everyone should take a multivit, so yes that is sound advice.