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09-16-2004, 10:49 AM
Hi all,
I've been training hard since about the middle of may. My goal is to get bigger (hence why I'm posting here). My question is inregards to cardio. Should I start a cardio program or not? I'm not fat and my bf ratio is not is not too high (i can see the outline of some ab's) However, I've been eating a lot more now and don't want to put on a lot of fat. At the same time, it seems that whenever I have done cardio in the past and lifted weights, I never made any gains. Do you think I should start a light cardio program now, or forget cardio for the time being and bulk up. Thanks.

09-16-2004, 10:57 AM
Bulk from the sound of it what are your stats?

09-16-2004, 02:28 PM
i'm like 6ft 3in, and about 207lbs.

09-16-2004, 03:16 PM
lol wow theyre so helpful.

Alright well, think about the rules of weight training.

1. Dont overtrain
2. Never do the same workout twice ( increase each exercise by a set if possible, if not try a couple more reps).
3. ALWAYS warmup, to reach your maximum muscle strength, inorder to work the full capacity of your muscle.
4. Have lots of protien (drink lots o milk 2).
5. Sufficient rest.

Overtraining may cause you to break down your muscle for energy, therfore you are only building what you lost in the workout.

Always change your workout, dont expect doing the exact same weight, number of reps and sets will make you stronger. Always add in that 1 extra set, or a couple extra pounds of weight to pull/push.

Pyramid up for the warmup, allowing your muscle to reach maximum strength will allow you to push more weight. Remember do not fatigue your musces in the warmup, and rest between warmup sets and muscle building sets. Never warmup the same muscle group twice.

Good Warmup Routine:

1/2 Maximum weight 10 reps
2 min rest
1/2 Maximum weight 10 reps
2 min rest
2/3 maximum weight 7 reps
1 min rest
3/4 maximimum weight 5 reps
2 min rest
a bit under maximum weight 1 rep
1 min rest
110-115% of maximum weight, 4-6 reps (muscle building reps/sets)
continue on of this 110-115% weight for atleast 2 MORE sets.

You say your eating, shouldnt be a problem.

Youll find your muscles grow sore after an intense workout. I have made it a personal rule to wait 24 hours after my muscle has stopped being sore, that way youll give a chance to your muscle to fully recover. If you dont youll end up burning muscle instead of fat/sugars (carbs which inturn becomes glycomeds).

Cardio should be done in moderation. A good amoutnof body builder cardio is about 16 miniutes of intense cardio. Go all out for this time, do not pace yourself, just try your hardest. Running at a decent speed will churn about 250 kcal burnt in one session, that isnt bad at all.

Good Luck

09-16-2004, 10:13 PM
Thank you so much for the info. It is really helpful.