View Full Version : The Beaves old and new diet!!

09-18-2004, 11:38 AM
26yrs old...304lbs (Wanna lose weight keep muscle. :bang: ) MAN!!

This is the first critique I've asked for. Before writing my diet, let me show you what I USED to eat first:

Breakfast: Nothing...wake up at 11am, get to work by 12pm
Lunch: Around 1 or 2pm, rice and deep-fried chicken breast with potato salad.
Usually have a snack right after.
Snack: 5 or 6pm Something salty, to go with the 2 liters of diet coke.
Dinner: 10 or 11pm Rice, meat, veggies. Usually 3 bowls of rice to fill me up. Meat could be anything from fried beef, to boiled pork with some kinda dressing. I also like mayo and cheese with a lot of my food.

I drank a lot of beer on weekends, for business and parties!!


Morning: 11am 1 Liter of non-fat milk.
Lunch: 1pm or 2pm 2 boiled chicken breasts (No bone, no skin) or fish, 1 cup of rice, raw veggies like carrots, lettuce or cabbage.
Snack: Whatever I didn't finish at lunch (Usually part of the chicken)
Dinner: 2 boiled or broiled chicken breasts (No bone, no skin), 2 or 3 types of veggies usually raw or with a non-oil dressing, and 1 cup of rice and about 350grams of tofu with bonito flakes.

That's about it. Whatever I can't get in calories I try to make up with other food.

So...is this OK...or am I an idiot.

OH...and I drink an AMINO drink supplement, but I don't know if it really is any good. Doc said it was, but I don't trust the Japanese doctors here.