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Chris Cutler
09-22-2004, 09:07 PM
Hey so now im in college...i have a 19 meal a week plan plus a 325 dollar card to spend on food (and laundry). I usually go to the gym on Tuesday for shoulders- 45 minutes, thursday for back/biceps, friday for chest/triceps, legs on sunday, then back to shoulders on tuesday...im doing the workout part right, about 45-60 minutes each workout then 6-7 day rest...but what about the diet? Here is what i am eating now in college...im trying to bulk, so im eating a lot of what i eat.
MORNING: half a plate of scrambled eggs, half a plate of hash browns, 2-3 sausage patties or links, then about 2 blueberry waffles. I also try to eat a dessert in the morning so i have the rest of the day to burn it off, along with a diet pepsi.
SNACKS: I have little boxes of cereal of snacks, and cranberry oatmeal bars.
LUNCH: Usually some sort of pasta along with meat, maybe a slice of pizza or a hamburger with fries, maybe a dessert (yikes)
SNACKS: again...cranberry bars maybe
Dinner: Same as lunch, whatever the food line serves...our food line serves burgers with fries, desserts, pasta, pizza, sandwiches, fruit, meat and nasty veggies, jello, cookies, salads....I usually eat like 4-6 plates full of stuff for every meal. I also eat a protein bar after every workout, i only drink diet sodas too.
I dont do cardio in the gym, i do enough cardio going to and from classes, along with abdominal exercises first thing in the morning for 10 minutes everyday....THATS PROBABLY HOW IT WILL GO FOR THE YEAR...so thatll be my last thread for that...anything i should add or drop or stay away from in the line??? I may try creatine...Thanks.

Big J
09-22-2004, 09:35 PM
Now about your diet - I wouldnt worry so much about "what" you were eating as opposed to "whats in" what your eating. Do a little figuring and see what each meal has in eat. You might be eating healthy foods without proper protein, or bad foods with high protein but also high fats & sugars. Basically just found out how much calories, protein, fats, and carbs you're going to need taking in & see how close this diet would be to your goals. After you see where you stand you could tweak your diet more.

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09-22-2004, 09:35 PM
MORNING: I don't know about the eggs, but the hash browns and sausages are probably loaded with fat and contain minimal protein. The waffles aren't bad but you could probably stand to get your carbs from better sources.

SNACKS: cereal and oatmeal bars are going to be almost completely carbs

LUNCH: pasta and meat would be a good choice, pizza and hamburgers (on a regular basis) would not

DINNER: If it's like your lunches then my comments are the same as for the lunch.

So to sum it up, you diet could be improved a lot. Too much fat and not enough protein. If you want to get a more accurate estimate of what you are consuming, go to www.fitday.com and track everything you eat. I am also in college and eat at the dining halls and manage to eat pretty good - 4k cals/day - 50% protein, 35% carb, 15% fat, or about like that. I often have to eat the same things at every meal - big sandwiches with tons of meat on them, eggs, lots of skim milk, but I don't care because I want to improve. I realize that what each college offers will differ, though. I always get sandwiches because it's the one thing I know will be on the menu everyday that is pretty healthy. Most of what they serve is crap. Does your cafeteria have sandwiches or some other healthy food that they serve every day? If so I would always get that. Also is your cafeteria all you can eat? Mine is which helps a lot. Also if you post your height weight bf% maybe I or someone else could give you more specific advice.

Hope that helps

Chris Cutler
09-23-2004, 07:50 AM
Yeah my college serves very little good food. It has the burgers with fries, sometimes buffalo burgers, sausage burgers, pastas, pizza- sometimes sandwiches, meat and veggies, jello, desserts. fruit, bagels, salads. But i dont understand why DIET soda is bad??? people say to drink juice, but juice is absolute sugar...

09-23-2004, 08:19 AM
As to your question, your diet sucks completely. I went to college also, there ARE better/healthier things to eat at any college....

09-23-2004, 10:19 AM
I don't think there is any problem with diet soda. It is non-caloric after all. I drink it occasionally. It would be better than juice, which probably contains as much sugar as regular soda.

09-23-2004, 11:42 AM
I love how people people think that walking to class is sufficient cardio :rolleyes:.

Anyway, that diet is abysmal. It doesn't in any way, shape, or form resemble a bodybuilder's diet. It's just what any other shmuck in first year university is eating and take a look at the physique of most of those guys. I hated having to eat in a cafeteria in first year, but you can always make "reasonably" good meal choices.

For breakfast, just eat boiled eggs (because you know they haven't been cooked in any type of $#@%) and oats or toast. For lunch, you're usually stuck with sandwiches...just get double or triple meat and they can be a decent meal. For dinner, they're always serving a couple of different kinds of meat or poultry. Try to get the one that isn't bathed in some kind of disgusting sauce, and then get some rice or potatoes, and some veggies or a salad from the salad bar.

Next, you should have a small fridge in your room, so that you can have things like cottage cheese, yogurt, ANPB and fruit for when the cafeteria is closed. Get some unsalted nuts (almonds, walnuts, macadamia, etc.) to keep in your room as well.

Oh, and last thing, eating a dessert in the morning doesn't make it any better for you than eating it at night. I'm not saying you can't eat dessert, just that you should eat it when you feel like, not based on some assinine belief that you're helping your body by "getting the damage done early in the day".