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Vapour Trails
10-03-2004, 09:34 PM
Name - Chris from Winnipeg, CANADA
Height 5'10 Weight 190
Been lifting since August 9, 2004

I'm getting back into lifting for the second time. During the period of 1998-2000 I lifted for a few months at a time, stopped, started again and frankly never got all that far. Now I'm back with more determination than ever. I feel I have the maturity now to stick with bodybuilding until I get to where I want to be. I always told myself if I could workout every other day for one solid year I would be quite happy with the results. Now we will see where that gets me. Hopefully, this journal and forum will add some motivation to get me through the times when I lose focus.

My main goal right now is to gain some lean muscle over the next 2-3 months. Then, in the new year, starting losing the fat until around May I will want to take my shirt off at the beach (something that I have never looked forward to doing, for I have always had about 20-25% bodyfat). Luckily, I think I had the type of body that can put on muscle fairly well (endomorphic). But it is going to be a big challenge to change my diet dramtically enough to see under 10% body fat. But for now, I'm just concentrating on working out consistently and get enough calories to gain some muscle.

Snap shot of my weight lifting program (self-created after some study and trial and error).

Has three parts: Push / Pull / Legs

Push Workout:
Flat Bench 4 x 6-10,
Incline DB press 3 x 6-8,
DB shoulder press 3 x 6-10,
Narrow Grip Bench 3 x 6-10,
Tricep Dips 3 x 6-8,

Pull Workout:
Barbell Rows 4 x 8-12,
One arm rows 3 x 8-12,
Upright rows 3 x 8-10,
Barbell curls 3 x 8-10,
Seated Curls 2 x 8-10,
Wrist curls 2-3 sets, 15-25

Squats 3 x 8-12, 125 lbs
Deadlifts 3 x 8-12,
Hamstring curls 3 x 8-12
Standing calf raises 3 x 15-20

Abs: every second day, 3-4 sets of sit ups, going to failure
usually 35,20,15,10

I'm going for short, intense workouts. I usually go to failure on all sets with 1-1.5 minutes in between sets.

In a month I'll update with pics.

10-04-2004, 04:06 AM
good luck :thumbup:

Vapour Trails
03-12-2005, 06:09 PM
Well, almost 5 months have gone by since I last posted something in this thread, not because I've quit but because I don't having a freaking computer at home. But finally the parts have arrived and soon I will be able to spend more time on this journal.

Since the last post I went on a cut starting mid-october and ending in mid-december. I went from 192.2 to 182.4 in that time. Since then I've gone back up to 193-194, but most of the gain has been LBM (or at least I'd like to believe that). I've seen some substantial increases in size in the past 3 months, but unfortunately I didn't take measurements or photos before I started bulking again. I must admit my diet in the past couple months hasn't been the greatest. It's amazing how fast I can go from being strict to eating almost anything.

This is a sample from my last workout, my split goes something like this
Day 1- Chest/Tris
Day 2- Back/Biceps
Day 3-Thighs
Day 4-Shoulders, calves, abs

My last workout went like this

BB Bench- 95 x 12, 145 x 7, 145 x 6, 135 x 3
DB incline bench - 50 x 7, 50 x 6, 45 x 6, 45 x 7
Machine flys - 125 x 9, 125 x 8, 125 x 7
EZ bar skullcrushers - 55 x 12, 65 x 6, 65 x 7
DB overhead extensions - 50 x 8, 40 x 8, 40 x 6

My chest was wrecked after. Next day my upper chest and tris were quite sore. Somewhat concerned that I haven't been able to get 145 x 8 on the bench yet, bench stuck at 7 reps for the last month. Next time I think I've going to do a different progression. It's funny, it seems my chest gets bigger but not a lot stronger. For some reason my bench has always sucked which is unforunate because it is my favourite excercise.

03-12-2005, 06:13 PM
Love the name of this journal.

Vapour Trails
04-14-2005, 10:11 PM
Well, I dissapeared for awhile but I'm back now, hopefully making regular entries.

The status right now is Cut
Started at: 192
Currently: 188
Goal: 175
Time to reach goal: About 12 weeks

So it's back to strict calorie restriction in hopes of seeing more definition. Should be interesting, so far I don't feel like I'm suffering much. I tried PSMF for 4 days and lost about 5 lbs, but I feel the diet is too extreme for me. I felt weak and ****ty for most of the time and workouts were exhausting. Now I'm doing a more typical cut: small calorie deficit, lots of protein, 100-150 grams of carbs max per day, lower volume lifting and cardio (hiking, jogging, biking).

I recently switched from a 4-day split to a 3-day split. The 4 day was too complicated, with too many unnecessary isolation movements. My new routine looks like this

-BB bench 3 sets, BB row 3 sets, DB incline bench 3 sets, Chins 3 sets, Flys 2 sets, Cable row or Lat pull 2 sets
Total Sets:16 Time: 50-60 mins

- BB Squat 3 sets, BB SLDL 3 sets, Leg press 2 sets, Leg curl 2 sets, Calf raise 4 sets
Total sets: 14 Time: 50-60 mins

- Deadlift 3 sets, DB shoulder press 3 sets, Upright row 3 sets, EZ Skullcrusher 3 sets, EZ curl 3 sets, DB extension 2 sets, DB preacher curl 2 sets
Total Sets: 19 Time: 60 mins

Here is my last workout

Squat (slightly below parallel) 12 x 135, 10 x 165, 6 x 195
SLDL 10 x 135, 10 x 155, 10 x 155
Leg Press (one leg at a time) (Left- 10 x 135, 8 x 135)
(Right- 10 x 135, 8 x 135)
Leg Curl (one leg at a time) (Left-10 x 35, 7 x 35)
(Right-10 x 35, 7 x 35)
Calf Raise Machine, 15 x 90, 15 x 110, 15 x 110, 12 x 110

Vapour Trails
04-17-2005, 10:22 PM
Friday April 15 - Shoulders, Arms, Deadlift

BB Shoulder press 12 x 65, 11 x 95, 5 x 105
Cable Upright Row 11 x 50, 12 x 60, 8 x 70
EZ bar Skulls 12 x 15, 6 x 70, 8 x 65
EZ bar curls 10 x 55, 9 x 70, 7 x 65
DB Tricep Extension 9 x 50, 5 x 50
DB Preacher curls 10 x 30, 8 x 30
Dead Lift 8 x 145, 6 x 195, 6 x 235

Comment Almost forgot to do Dead Lifts, so did them last instead of first.

Sunday April 17 - Chest/Back

BB Bench 10 x 115, 4 x 155, 6 x 135
BB row 10 x 95, 10 x 115, 9 x 115
DB Incline press 9 x 50, 6 x 50, 6 x 45
Assisted Chins 10 x -60, 5 x -30, 6 x -40
DB Fly 10 x 30, 7 x 30
Cable Row 11 x 110, 10 x 122.5

Comment Felt tired and weak at first, bench sucked. I need to work on my form and keeping my back 'tight' and pressing with more speed. The work out improved as I went on.

Vapour Trails
04-24-2005, 03:36 PM
Tuesday, April 19/05 Legs

BB Squat 12x135, 10x165, 7x195
BB SLDL 10x135, 10x165, 10x165
Leg Press L/R 11x135, 8x145
Leg Curl L/R 10x35, 9x35
Std Calf raise machine 15x90, 15x120,15x120, 15x120

Comments - Hit a new PR on squat with 7 x 195 for my last set. My form on the last rep left something to be desired (got onto my toes a bit much).
L/R means I worked each leg individually, so the 2 sets listed is more like 4.

Current weight 186lbs, Height 5'10

Vapour Trails
04-24-2005, 03:47 PM
Thursday, April 21/05 Shoulders & Arms

BB Seated Shoulder Press 11x75, 7x105, 5x105
Cable Upright Row 12x50, 10x70, 9x80
Narrow Grip Bench 12x75, 9x115, 6x115
Cable Curl 10x40, 9x50, 7x50
DB Tricep Ext. 10x50, 8x50
Incline DB Curl 8x30, 5x30

Comments - Changes some excercises this time, inserted narrow grip bench for EZ skullcrushes and cable curls for EZ bar curls. This was the first time I'd really tried cable curls and I liked them, my biceps where begging for mercy after going to failure on the last two sets. I'm also hoping the narrow grip bench will help improve my regular bench, which as usual isn't moving much at all.

Vapour Trails
04-24-2005, 03:57 PM
Saturday, April 23/05 Chest&Back

BB Bench 10x105, 8x140, 4x150 immediately dropped to 5x115
DB Row 12x35, 11x50, 9x55
DB Incline Press 8x50, 8x50, 4x50
Ast Chins 10x-50, 8x-40, 7x-50
Low Incline DB Fly 10x30, 6x30
Cable Row 10x122.5, 10x122.5

Comments - Bench felt weak as usual, one hard set seems to sap all my benching power. My girlfriend tells me I'm brining the bar down on my upper chest instead of sternum, which is probably hurting my power. I think I should back off the weight and practice doing the press properly. But also thinking of going to DB press for awhile because I'm getting tired and frustrated with BB bench. Performed DB row instead of BB row for the first time in 4-5 months and really liked them, felt like I hit my back hard without getting my bicep too involved. I plan on keeping them in the routine for the next couple months. I'm also loving the cable rows, I've got the proper "feel" for the movement now and can feel my back working hard. All and all a really good workout minus the BB bench. I felt pumped and strong afterward.

My new workout style is fewer sets but more intensity and concentration for each set. First set is a warm up, going nowhere near failure. I rest about 2 mins and do a second set to failure. Rest another ~2 mins and do a third set to failure.

Vapour Trails
04-25-2005, 09:47 PM
Monday, April 25/05 Legs

BB Squat 12x135, 9x175, 8x195 (New PR)
BB SLDL 10x135, 9x170, 9x170
Leg Press L then R 10x155, 9x155
Leg Curl L then R 10x35, 7x40
Std Calf Raise Machine 15x90, 14x110, 13x120, 10x120

Comment - Great workout, increased weight across the board and felt strong. Form on squats was good and beat previous record set last workout with 8x195. The single-leg leg press is increasing nicely as well.

Diet this last weekend sucked. When to the Olive Garden with my GF because she had a $50 gift certificate. I practically needed a wheelchair to get to the car after I ate so much, and I'm supposed to be cutting. Then I went to my parents house on Sunday and ate enough barbequed meat to kill a small child.

Vapour Trails
04-27-2005, 09:31 PM
Wednesday, April 27/05 Shoulders/Arms

DeadLift 9x145, 8x205, 6x255
-6x255 is new PR
BB Seated Shoulder Press 11x75, 7x105, 5x105
DB laterals 10x20, 11x25, 10x25
Narrow Grip Bench 9x95, 7x115, 8x95
Cable Curl 9x40, 8x50, 6x50
DB Tricep Ext 10x55, 7x55
DB Incline Curl 8x30, 5x30
Sit ups 20xBW, 15xBW
Twisting Sit ups 20xBW, 16xBW

Comment - Very happy with deadlifting today, when up to 255 for sets which is a first. It didn't even feel that bad, I'm thinking I should try my max again soon, it must be around 315 now. Switched lateral raises for upright rows which I had been doing for about the last 3 months. I really wish there were more side delt excercises, because I'm getting bored. Weights and reps for the arm excercises were down a bit, but mainly because I was going with shorter-than-usual rest periods because it was getting late. All and all a good workout considering I only slept about 4 hours last night.

04-29-2005, 03:17 PM
thats a big dead considering your training age...good work

Vapour Trails
05-03-2005, 10:36 PM
thats a big dead considering your training age...good work

Thanks, it seems to be my best lift right now.