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10-12-2004, 05:16 PM
well, workout/diet journals seem to be all the rage these days. i've had one on a xanga for the longest time (http://www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=lionhearted_one) and i will probably continue to update that one for my non-bodybuilder friends to keep up to date. they're a good support group because they're my friends, but most don't know anything about bodybuilding; they just know how to motivate me to keep going.

first a short bio.
played college baseball and football, finally was set to try out for pro football after a season of minor league ball in summer 2003. got sick and doctors didn't know what was up. long story short, it turned out to be an internal staph infection. doctors said i wouldn't make it through the night. they said that about the first 3 nights i was there, continually amazed i kept surviving. i went from 250 to over 300 lbs in fluid in just a few days, down to 201 by the end of the summer. i had liver, kidney, stomach, intestinal, bowel...you name it...failure and after doctors discovered i would survive, they said i would never walk again. within 3 or 4 days the nurses called me the walking miracle, because i was indeed walking. i actually began to recover in all areas and was released from the hospital. that is the brief version of that...trust me, there are plenty PLENTY of gory details.

less than a week after i got out of the hospital, they discovered that the staph had gotten to the aortic valve of my heart. i had to have one of the most dangerous types of open heart surgery--aortic valve transplant. i had a number of complications and instead of the projected 4 days in the hospital, i was there for 14 (it was several weeks before i could breathe somewhat normal). but alas, i recovered from that, too. doc told me not to lift weights or play football anymore. i was out of the hospital only 4 weeks before i was back in the gym. i couldn't lift much (i couldn't even curl an olympic bar with no weight), but i resolved to get better. none of my joints were in very good working order, but most of them came back in due time (still have shoulder problems). i didn't like being small, so i intentionally bulked up by eating everything in site from august until january. i went from 200 to 275 in short order. my next goal for spring was to maintain that weight but lose bodyfat, of which i did, but was still fat. last summer i started my first precontest diet and cut from 275 in July to 197 for the Mountaineer on Sept 25. i'm also at the same time playing minor league football. as of this writing we are 8-2 and poised to clinch the division this saturday in petersburg, va. i'm also 5 weeks out from the Elite Muscle Classic, which will be my second show. this will begin as a journal of my routines and whatnot leading up to the elite and finally the NGA Mount Rogers in Roanoke 2 weeks later.

i'm also a free thinker, so i'll be throwing in philosophies and whatnot as i go. this is a training journal for me, but feel free to leave all the thoughts in the world.

10-12-2004, 05:25 PM
alright, well while i'm here and before i get started...first some contest pics and some precontest info. here's the diet for 25/39 days out:

200 protein (bodyweight)
40-50 fat (peanut butter mostly)
75-85 carbs (monday-thursday)
200-250 carbs (friday-Sunday)

35-40 minutes of medium-intensity cardio (800 calories/hour)

weight training itself consists mostly of high-intensity, higher weight exercises. i do a lot of dropsets in season and out, and at least once/week i superset bi/tri and i hit everything but chest and legs twice.

below are the contest pics from the mountaineer in Boone, NC from 2 weeks ago. i came in third in the novice heavyweight. the skinny guy in the red trunks got first. i'm a little upset at my placing, but i realize looking at the pics that some of my poses were way off. here they are. let me know what you think. the first one is a "before" picture from january. the second is a "before" picture from june at the start of precontest.

10-12-2004, 05:34 PM
here's a few more.

10-12-2004, 05:35 PM
i wrote the rest of this on my other journal (the one i just stopped to get this one going). thought i'd inspire you here, too

bodybuilding. i tell ya man. there is a certain sense of satisfaction when you awake to do your cardio so early in the morning that you need to turn on your headlights and there are no other cars on the road. there's more satisfaction in knowing that you have done a full, exhausting cardio workout, and you need to turn your headlights BACK ON to drive home b/c IT IS STILL DARK. to know you have accomplished more in the first couple of hours in your day before anyone else in your neighborhood or apartment complex is even awake.

there are times when you step on a scale with excitement, but the excitement goes both ways. when bulking, you try to cheat the scale. maybe you weigh at night or after you eat or drink. maybe with a few clothes on, and that is your weight--and you are excited as it goes up.

when you are cutting or precontest, it is the other way. you always weigh yourself first thing in the morning, after bathroom trips, wearing nothing but your fingernails. sometimes you weigh yourself over and over to see if that number keeps dropping. as precontest, you want to come in heavy, but not fat.

bodybuilding is about shrinking your stomach but stretching your bladder. when i'm done with a show and i can eat whatever i want, i usually can't handle much. but while i'm getting ready for the show i run to the bathroom to release fluid every 20 or 30 minutes. precontest i get remarks on how much water i drink a day or why i always have a gallon jug with me.

cutting isn't about getting lean enough that you need new pants. it's about needing a new belt b/c you've run out of belt loops or the end hangs over too long. it's not about wearing pants that wouldn't button before you started; it's about not having to button them b/c you can just slip them on like shorts (and leave them buttoned). it's not about the size of your muscles; it's about the tone and vascularity. you don't ask yourself "does this person think i'm a freak for being so big?"; you ask yourself "does this person think i'm a freak b/c of all the veins snaking down my forearms?" you see your weight and waistline drop, but you feel bigger than ever. at 200 lbs you feel as big as you were at 250 and look even bigger. and there is a certain sense of satisfaction when you have dropped the fat...in my case over 80 lbs worth in a few months...and answered your ciritics. there's satisfaction in having your training partner not see you for 4 months and tell you after the fact that, a few months earlier when you told him you were doing a show, he first thought "no way" b/c you were just too fat. there's satisfaction...and lots of it...in asking around and hearing that over and over and over. no way. you were too fat. no way. you were too fat. no way. you were too fat. sounds a lot to me like "no way, you won't survive the night" or "no way, you'll never walk again" or "no way. you'll be on dialysis as long as you live". don't limit me. there is great satisfaction in blowing those supposed limits away and watching jaws hit the ground as you shock them over and over.*

the only problem with cardio is restraining yourself. you don't want to do too much to slow down your metabolism or start burning muscle as fuel. you don't want to go too high in the intensity b/c once the glycogen is gone, what is next?

in precontest, you are as slender as you've ever been, and yet you feel fat. your waist maybe 32, but b/c of a thin layer of fat or water, you never take your shirt off. but in the offseason you don't realize it and you tend to not cover up as well.

bodybuilding is not about competing against other people. you never know who will be at a show until you get there. bodybuilding isn't about the shows or competitions--winning trophies or titles or "Mr. East of the mississippi but north of the mason dixon" chyampionships. the titles, trophies--any competition--are about showing off what you have already accomplished in the 8,12,16, or 20 weeks prior. bodybuilding is about competing with yourself and getting bigger with more cuts than you were before. bodybuilding is a matter of you versus you. take it or leave it. it's not for the weak.

bodybuilding IS the most difficult sport, hands down. no argument. some sports require rigorous diets or training, but no sport requires this level of diet or training. no sport other than bodybuilding analyzes the subtle nuances of, for instance, the different kinds of protein, fat, carbs, or any micronutrient. no other athlete will argue for or against distilled water versus regular drinking water or chicken versus egg versus red meat. no other sport has the capability of adding textbook PhD-level anatomy in regards to cardiovascularity, weight training, muscle shape, diet, protein synthesis, cellular respiration, glycogen stores, metabolism, glycemic-indices, IGF factors, insulin levels and on and on and on.

but the biggest reason bodybuilding is THE most difficult sport is that there is no coach barking out to you to finish your cardio, training, or diet. there is no one but you. bodybuilders by necessity are the most self-driven people on the planet. it is no wonder that bodybuilders find it easier to find success in other areas of life--because they are such self-starters and self-motivators.

bodybuilding is for me and don't forget it. God gave me a gift and i intend to use it for both carnal satisfaction as well as eternal benefit. it is where i see God, and that is how God designed it. yeah, i'm a Christian. but why can't i be a hardcore Christian AND a hardcore bodybuilder? God gives us these things in life so that we may better see him or enjoy Him. and He gave me this gift...this passion...this pursuit...as a means to worship him (See Romans 12:1-2). bodybuilding is so much more than proving those doctors wrong. it goes so far beyond that. it is to prove that unquestionably, beyond the shadow of a doubt, my life is a miracle, both in regards to being alive when i shouldn't be, but by conquering the physical world.

this is my life. am i who i want to be? you bet.


10-12-2004, 05:50 PM
Congratulations on your miraculous recovery and your determination is truely admirable. You've really been through a tough situation.

I am curious, are you on any immunosuppresants for your transplanted valve and if so do they interfere at all with your training and diet?

I've seen your pictures and you look great!

10-12-2004, 05:52 PM
Great story. Good luck on all of your future goals!

Oh and here is some :spam:

10-12-2004, 05:54 PM
rpffly: i got a human valve, so i don't take any prescription meds at all. literally 100% recovery. i do take aspirin every morning, but everyone should do that anyway. so no. nothing at all.

herc: thanks a lot buddy. and that SPAM may actually taste good when precontest is over on Nov 20. i think i might stick with pizza and taco bell, though. :lurk: :evillaugh

10-12-2004, 09:55 PM
I'm in awe of your dedication and will. Most impressive, both your story, and your physique (you'd look excellent even for somebody who's had NO obstacles to overcome!)

I'm looking forward to reading this journal.

10-12-2004, 10:00 PM
Belial: thanks a lot. it has been a long run, but really felt natural to get back in the gym. when the doc said i would never workout again, i just thought "yeah right". after i did it without his consent, then came back and saw him later, he ok'd it. but this precontest stuff...the whole comeback...nothing compared to the time in the hospital...learning how to walk again, learning how to breathe again. learning how to wipe my own butt again. those were the tough times...made easier by years of bodybuilding and football (and other sports), but tough nonetheless.

you go to duke? i have a buddy there that wrestles. he's a sophomore. name is Christian Smith. he won the ACC last year.

10-12-2004, 10:09 PM
today's nutrients didn't go quite as planned. i'm low on carbs and protein, and i'm getting too much protein too late in the day. for breakfast...finished off 2 servings of egg beaters, 1/2 cup oatmeal (with 3 tbsp Peanut butter). little while later had 6 oz chicken breast and 1 tbsp PB, then the UPS guy showed up with my new supplements, so i was dying to try out the protein. i got way too much protein by liquid form today. one day's mistake...won't happen tomorrow.

totaled out at 193 protein (just a hair low), 51 carbs (way too low today), and 51 fat (right on target). that totals about 1371 calories...way too low. way too freakin low, but it was too late to catch the problem with carbs. i'd rather go low on the carbs and overall calories than get late night carbs to convert to fat.

the problem happened when i missed my doctor's appointment and got called in to work (substitute teach). i didn't get any food between 9am and 2pm, which means i missed one meal. stupid, stupid. i also worked out late tonight.

worked triceps, then back. shouldn't have done back just one day after biceps. i made it through, though. back was a light workout today, though. i'll slam it on saturday.

tomorrow is wednesday--legs. i might take the day off b/c my legs are still ridiculously sore. i haven't had a workout day off in a while, but i know i have to miss thursday or friday anyway. tomorrow might just be a cardio/ab day alone.

oh yeah, and gotta remember to stick with the tanning everyday. i'm still whitey.

10-13-2004, 04:51 AM
good luck with the goals, you're one big guy :)

10-13-2004, 07:50 AM
dropped 4 lbs overnight. waist size was smaller than at the show and i weighed 4 lbs heavier, at about 31 1/4". i figure by the time i cut out water and the remaining fat i'll be around 30 1/2 or 30 1/4".

regarding the offseason, i'm thinking 2 things at once. 1) i can't wait until i can eat whatever without worrying about every little thing. but 2) i want to gain a lot of mass without getting nearly as fat as before. i like having a six pack, and i like having my clothes fit. i'm trying to think up a diet, somewhat passively at the moment, that will take advantage of the anabolic burst in the 8 weeks to follow the contest season. my goal all along has been to weigh 20 lbs heavier at a show at the end of next year. that would put me at 210 for a contest weight next year if i come in at 189. and the following year i want to be big enough to be a natural (no juice) superheavyweight at 225.

within those first 8 weeks...until Jan 15 or so...i will probably gain 10 lbs of muscle thanks to the anabolic burst. 10 lbs of muscle, 5 lbs of fat, and 10 lbs of water. by mid-january i hope to be 215 at around 8% BF. i'm 201 at 6% right now. by summer '05 i would shoot for something more like 235 at 10% and topping out at 10% for the offseason. that's my goal anyway. assuming i drop only 2 lbs of muscle and 5 lbs of fluid, i would come in at 214. the math works. i wouldn't mind terribly going to 240 at 12%.

but...it's also too early to be thinking offseason. i just know that now i have a good offseason weight in mind. not ballooning to 275 this time. gonna stick around 235 and keep the BF down (mostly for the lady).

10-13-2004, 08:14 AM
Just thought I'd drop in on your journal. You're an inspiration dude! Damn man you seem to have the dieting down! :thumbup:

10-13-2004, 08:28 AM
i hope the diet is ok. i'm just over 3 and 5 weeks out from 2 bodybuilding shows, so hopefully what i'm doing is working. a little hesitant that the weight isn't dropping, but i'm not too worried b/c the mirror is looking better.

10-13-2004, 09:16 AM
Heck yea buddy, awesome stuff in here. I can relate to ya on the being fat part. I used to be huge, (5'8 240lbs), and people always you to pick on me, say I'd never play any sports, etc etc. Now that I'm 5'11 160lbs and alot stronger than I was, people don't talk junk anymore. Going to the gym is truly the one thing that brings the most enjoyment to me throughout the day. I love pushing my body and my mind. If I haven't pushed myself throughout the day, I feel as though the day has gone to waste.

One question I have for ya is this: did you have any loose skin after you lost the weight? Between my body shape (pear) and my excessive weight, I had a considerable amount of loose skin that I had to have surgically taken off. Just was wondering if you had anything similar.

10-13-2004, 09:48 AM
yeah i definately had loose skin. had to use preparation h to shrink it as much as possible before the last show. am still using it somewhat, but the skin is doing ok now.

about the fat part: the irony is i was one of those guys that was fat but didn't really know i was THAT fat. i'm going to stay lean from now on.

10-13-2004, 01:20 PM
Damn dude thats a story for the grandkids. 3rd place? The scar alone would've bumped you up to second in my book. Good luck on all your endeavours

10-13-2004, 01:48 PM
yeah. 3rd place. blame it on the world's worst posing and bronzing. but now i'm looking ahead to the next 2. i want to win at least one of them (hopefully the mt rogers--it'll be the easier of the two).

10-13-2004, 02:14 PM
Maybe you could set up a vid for your posing so some people could help you out with it. Good luck in your competition

10-13-2004, 02:49 PM
Indeed an inspirational story. In school we generally regarded staph sepsis as one of the hardest things to get rid of. I'm not surprised at the prognosis the docs gave you. Surviving a myocardial infection is even more miraculous....and then you start training and place at a BB competition?!?! Okay, I'm inspired...I guess I'll shut up and lift. Good on ya.

10-13-2004, 02:59 PM
yeah i definately had loose skin. had to use preparation h to shrink it as much as possible before the last show. am still using it somewhat, but the skin is doing ok now.what does prepH do for loose skin? I thought it was a topical diuretic but nothing more...

10-13-2004, 03:52 PM
bignic: hmm...a posing video. i've never even thought of that. i dunno how to do that, though. same as a picture? that's not a bad idea, though.

geoffgarcia: i've often heard that preparation h shrinks the skin. it supposedly works as a yo-yo effect. it will temporarily shrink the skin, then go back to normal, but if you keep applying it, when it goes back to normal, that "normal" is more shrunk than otherwise. it could also be an old wives tale. i have no evidence to back that up--just what i've been told.

ectx: the heart surgery was the easy part, even though i had so many complications. i'm not happy placing, though. i desperately want to win. i'm also playing minor league football and playoffs start saturday. i'm not happy just being back in football. i want the championship, even if it is played one week before the show. there are many inspirational stories out there. sometimes you just have to find them.

10-13-2004, 04:55 PM
most digital cameras have a video feature.

10-13-2004, 07:15 PM
most digital cameras have a video feature.

well right, but i'm a rookie on this forum. didn't even know you could post a video. would i load it the same way as a picture file?

10-13-2004, 07:43 PM
well it seems like a good time to post on this thing, given the end of the day. i took the day off from training with weights (about stinking time i did). my problem, as is with many of us, is being overzealous. combine that with no definite split and you can go everyday without a break. unfortunately, i've slacked on the cardio lately. but...that may be a good thing as my body rests temporarily as i prepare for the final push. i worked abs pretty thoroughly today. a lot of hanging leg raises, ball crunches, weighted incline situps, and so on. i followed that up with about 20 minutes of treadmill walking at 3mph and maybe 5 minutes of jogging at 6mph.

tomorrow starts Scaremare, a haunted house which i will be working at from maybe 6pm until roughly 1 or 2am for thurs, fri, sat for the next 3 weeks. fri and sat nights it could be as late as 3 or 4am. couple that with substitute teaching everyday until 2 or so and training in between, i'll have some busy weekends coming up. 23/37 days out. was thinking tonight about cycling my cardio. in other words, do high-intensity (800 calories/hour) for 30 minutes on, for instance, MWF, and low intensity (treadmill walking) for 45 min on TRS. any thoughts out there?

10-13-2004, 10:39 PM
well right, but i'm a rookie on this forum. didn't even know you could post a video. would i load it the same way as a picture file?

There is a size limit on attachments and I'm sure a video will be too large. We tend to get these hosted elsewhere and then you just link to it.

Glad to see you stuck around and started up a journal. Good luck with your upcoming competitions.

10-14-2004, 10:47 AM
well i had a journal on beyondmass.com. and no offense to this crowd, but those are the hardcore guys. yet they have more of a mindset of "this is your journal, we'll read it, but you stick to it". i was looking for a journal with some more feedback and info. so i popped over here. actually happened upon it by accident when i was looking up stuff for my last (and ironically first) show. i wanted to see pictures from last year's mountaineer and stumbled upon homeyield's journal. tried several times to register and i never got the email, so ihad to use a secondary addy, and here i am. but yeah...i stuck around. i assume you're referring to the boneheads over on the picture thread. i learned a lot about the intelligence of some people. but story of my life is don't let boneheads keep you down. no reason to leave. this is otherwise a great forum i think. not quite as...um...shall we say "experienced" overall, but it's more what i'm looking for in terms of communication.

10-14-2004, 10:09 PM
sooo hungry. today (thursday) went in for a good biceps-only workout. it was really the only bodypart that didn't need a break. went a little easy on them...worked them hard but cut a few sets early. felt like i had to. instead of cardio, i worked scaremare tonight (haunted house). i worked the front yard and literally turned it into low-intensity cardio. the first, say, 90 minutes were spent walking or jogging all through the front yard to scare the crap out of people. was funny (though i honestly thought scaremare was a little lame this year). i'm taking the day off work tomorrow i think and will instead sleep in, workout in the afternoon, and back to scaremare by 3. i have to workout tomorrow b/c i'm taking saturday off (paintball and more scaremare).

today...54 fat, 72 carbs, 233 protein. so glad i get to carb up tomorrow.

10-15-2004, 09:24 AM

Good stuff, pent. May the Force be with you. :)


10-15-2004, 11:06 AM
you know you're in good shape, when...3 weeks AFTER and 3 weeks before shows (exactly halfway) you look back at your contest photos and say to yourself "i was way too fat" or something along those lines. that means right now, even though my weight is about the same as onstage, i love knowing that i'm in much better shape and should blow it out in 3 weeks. 22 days out. abs are so much stronger than even a week ago. vascularity is getting better everyday. this is my first "in-season" journey, and i'm doing 3 shows. i'm having the time of my life.

today is killer...sub teach until noon. lunch. workout. 3pm...scaremare. home by, oh, 2am. saturday...7.45 acountability with dan. 9.30 paintball. 5.00 back to scaremare (no workout). Sunday...farmville all day. workout in afternoon (?).

i'm definately taking some days off work next week. getting too close to the show to be this busy.

10-17-2004, 12:47 AM
today was a non-workout day. actually ended up being a non-cardio day, too. i got up at 7 this morning to meet a friend of mine for breakfast...and i went a little further overboard than i thought. it was all close to my diet, but man. 169 protein for breakfast when i only get 200/day. that had to have messed with my metabolism. i did ok with my levels on the day. a little low on carbs...169 of those on the whole day (whould have had twice that). played paintball all day. that was good extra exercise, and although it shouldn't count as cardio, it burned a few extra calories.

the blunder in the food was also a part of my friend who was being too cool for me, but that's a different issue...long story short...was pretty pissed and upset at his inability to be a friend and when i'm depressed, i don't eat. so i missed a few meals on top of allt hat mess. you regulars might know him as my "training partner whom i've never trained with". i swear he's out to sabotage each of my shows. but sidebar aside...i expect to weigh a little more tomorrow morning based on the lack of exercise (other than paintball) and the food blunders today.

been reading a lot about leptin levels and am refining my carb cycle based on this website: http://www.theministryoffitness.com/mof/library/articles/article18.htm . i say check it out.

i'm 20 days out (and also 34), and i really, really need to make sure i get enough carbs. i've been low almost every day for the last 3 weeks. i gotta regulate like mad. my cycle might change, too, from a 4/3 to a 3/2 . in other words, i would cycle low for 3 days and high for 2, then back to low. dunno yet.

10-17-2004, 08:31 AM
169grams... what'd you have for breakfast?? lol

10-17-2004, 08:05 PM
chicken fajita omelet made with egg beaters (and extra chicken)--combined about 10 oz of chicken--6 harvest grain pancakes with sugar free syrup, like 6 or 8 egg whites...a few other things i forget.

today was biceps day. was at the gym in farmville where the church is. it's an aight gym. nice change of pace from the gold's here in the burg. also...not sure what to do about the diet now b/c of what i'm reading about leptin and whatnot. i think i'll stay the course for the most part since i'm within 3 weeks out. had a couple atkins cookies at subway today. not sure how far off the diet those were, but i needed some form of cheat.

this precontest mess is really screwing with my head. mostly my emotions, actually. it's on the verge of costing me some friendships i think. i hate that. i was driving to farmville today and was honestly thinking about dropping out, even though i'm 20 days away from the show. it just hardly seems worth it. i'm depressed lately, i hate my life, and my friends are all mad at me (though most of them are very fake friends anyway). honestly hard to tell who your real friends are sometimes. but sometimes, especially when you're dieting down for a show and you're moody and iritable...that's when you find out who is real and who is your friend only when it's convenient. my friends mean the world to me, but i've got a pretty good feeling they are only my friend until it's convenient for them not to be. and i'm not sure that's the low carbs talking. played paintball the other day...made a big deal out of a small thing, but my friend kept making those small things compound into big things and now it has just escalated so badly. had me depressed all day and had me wanting to drop out of this show and get taco bell. but 3 more weeks and i can eat something...and 5 more weeks and i can eat normally. come on bro...stay the course. this isn't nearly as bad as last summer in the hospital. if i can beat that i can beat anything. and i'm here,a ren't i?

10-17-2004, 08:30 PM
What position do you play and what are your stats? Height, Weight, 40, 10, t-drill??? and what college did you play football for?

10-18-2004, 10:18 AM
What position do you play and what are your stats? Height, Weight, 40, 10, t-drill??? and what college did you play football for?

5'11"...weight...um...this season i started at 275 and am 195 now (precontest bodybuilding). lol...played every position on defense, but lineback has been my forte. played LB in college, first at Northwestern Iowa then at Liberty University in Virginia. i honestly haven't been tested in the forty in a long time, and since my weight drop i'm sure it's changed. at liberty i ran a 4.59 at...i think 235 lbs. that was handheld, not electronic. so i would give it somewhere between a 4.55 and 4.7 electronic. what's t-drill? is that another term for the pro agility (20 yard shuttle)? again...haven't been tested in a long time (since like March) but ran a 4.3. not great, not bad. and dunno about the 10 either. i wanna say 1.8ish, but i could be pulling that number out of my butt. it's hard to give legitimate answers when you've cut so much weight and whatnot. a couple years ago before i got sick i had a lot of good looks from scouts and a lot of CFL or arena tryouts. i think i was set to play for Richmond's arena team, but that was right before i got sick. now i'm not counting on anyone picking me up. not even trying. nobody wants someone with a bad heart, regardless of how good they are. that'st he nature of the game. i'm ok with that.

10-18-2004, 07:48 PM
today was picture day. turned out well i think. i gotta stop doing them on mondays, though, b/c that's after 3 days of carbing up (and thus i'm holding a lot more water and am a little fatter. maybe this week i'll do it on saturday. depends on if i get to workout or not (which all depends on what time kickoff is for our game). and yes, i plan on working out on gameday, even if it is playoffs. that's what happens when you're precontest and playing football at the same time. loaded those pics at http://www.beyondmass.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=14458 .

did chest today. can't complain. it was nice to sleep in today, too. fell asleep on the couch last night and woke up this morning. then did 40 minutes of cardio (600 calories) followed by 25 minutes of tanning. ran some errands, then over to the gym for chest. started with dumbbell press, and my strength was unusually high. nothing like it was, but i did dumbbell bench 120's for 6 reps. i can thank the carb cycle for regaining some of my strength back i think. then posing practice, pictures (see above link), and here we are. tomorrow is triceps/back/abs day. not sure yet if i'm teaching tomorrow.

10-18-2004, 09:23 PM
**** i didnt even notice you were from va bro, lotta virginia bros on here. What part?

10-19-2004, 12:34 PM
are there a lot? i hadn't noticed. i'm in lynchburg...an hour south of charlottesville and 45 minutes east of roanoke. jerryfalwelltown, usa. actually garduated from liberty and am contemplating finishing my master's work there.

10-19-2004, 01:35 PM
ohh ok, im from yorktown. Will be leaving soon tho

10-19-2004, 09:39 PM
today was back and tri day. mostly tri, light back day. i'm 18 days out and it's time to get serious about the cardio.

here's the plan: 40 minutes plus cooldown every monday through saturday (30 minutes on saturdays). i will do this right up until 3 days out. that's 15 cardio days. not much muscle to be lost in that time. i still feel like i could tone up the midsection more in the next 2 1/2 weeks. i am burning fat, but it should be moving along quicker. my morning weight today was 198. crap. i didn't tan today, either.

ok...tomorrow i'm getting up at 6 even if i don't work. then 40 minutes of cardio. afternoon workout = legs, and evening involves 2 rounds of precontest, 30 seconds/pose. no more slacking. gotta maintain focus.

10-19-2004, 09:40 PM
what do you think your bf is currently?

10-20-2004, 08:31 AM
Pent look forward to the contest and your progress. Va
Big C is in Va, as is Chris Mason.

10-20-2004, 08:34 AM
that's a good question. i was 8% at 204 lbs 2 weeks ago. this morning i woke up at 197. 1 lb of bodyfat weighs 2 lbs and i lost 7 lbs...so THEORETICALLY that means i lost 3 1/2%. but then again, you never know how to factor in water and whatnot. if i had to guess i would say i'm between 5 and 6%. i need to go get tested again soon. problem is, my gym doesn't do it, so in order to do it i have to set an appointment with a prof from lynchburg college. it would be nice to have it done today to see what fat was lost in 2 weeks time.

10-20-2004, 08:36 AM
Pent look forward to the contest and your progress. Va
Big C is in Va, as is Chris Mason.

well with virginia...you have two entities: "planet virginia" and "normal america". planet virginia is everything south of, say, charlottesville and west of somewhere near richmond. i used to think you should have to have a passport to get here b/c the people and everything is so bizarre. i now believe you should have a spaceship.

everything not on planet virginia is normal america.

10-20-2004, 08:52 AM
Nice start to the journal. Congrats on overcoming your illness. I was once told I would never be able to play sports or lift weight again when I had was shot in the hamstring with a shotgun, but it is amazing how a simple things like will power and stubborness can overcome anything.

Pics look good. Only comment I have is that you need to hit your hams, calves, and chest a little more. Overall not bad at all considering where you have come from. Just a few tweaks and you will be there.

10-20-2004, 08:53 AM
lol.. well i am south of charlottesville, but id be east of richmond. On the peninsula. I know what you mean about some parts of va being crazy tho.

10-20-2004, 11:20 AM

lol. people always tell me i'm hard-headed and stubborn. and maybe i am...but it's that hard-headedness and stubborness that has me alive today and has me where i'm at physically. it's funny how many people view that as a negative quality. when someone says "stubborn" i hear "persevering". and perseverance must finish its work so that we may be mature and complete, not lacking anything (James 1).

but snap. i'm looking forward to thanksgiving like mad b/c i'm bulking like crazy and i'll be back home in ohio. heh. my third show (mt rogers) is at the same time as the biggest football game of the year (ohio state versus "that school up north"). i'm going to be backstage with a mini-tv watching the buckeyes thrash the tiny wolverines.

10-20-2004, 11:44 AM
Whoa, best of luck to you bud.

10-21-2004, 09:53 AM
so i'm 16 days out. tony helped me with my posing yesterday. should be a lot better. i have to just practice it until i can hit the poses instinctively. 16 days should barely be enough time, and only, what, 12 of those days are actual posing days. at 16 days out...i have roughly 8-9 weight workouts left and 9-11 cardio sessions left. i finally figured out the tanning bed at my apartment complex. with the accelerator i have to lay in that thing at least 27 minutes to get any semblance of tan. looks great now, but then again i'm only 15 minutes out of the thing. doubt i burned, though. also did roughly 30 minutes of cardio this morning. gonna stick around that number from here on out. also getting more and more vascular. veins in the legs are sticking out like crazy when i'm in the sauna or tanning bed. also got a good view in the mirror before getting in the tanning bed. switch the lighting up a little and i could see all the individual leg muscles. this is exciting for a rookie. been sick lately, so i've been trying to sleep a little more, get even more water, and sweat it out in the gym or the sauna. it's helped a little. what won't help, though, is playing Jesus tonight in scaremare...wearing nothing but a loin cloth outdoors in october. that sickness is also draining my energies and whatnot. it's not getting worse, though, so i'll stick it out. not to mention i have a conference championship football game in 2 days. we win, we're in the big game.

honestly, even though i love bodybuilding, i can't wait until life slows down just a hair and i don't have to worry about counting macronutrients, tanning, cardio, etc and i can do it just for fun. bulking is right around the corner. bring it.

10-21-2004, 03:57 PM
bulking is fun :)

10-22-2004, 11:09 AM
Hey man thought I'd drop in your journal again. I know with show prep going on you're cramped for time but you know I was hoping to see some of your train specifics posted in here. DAMMIT :cry: Good luck in the show !

10-22-2004, 01:07 PM
wikked..what training specifics are you looking for? i honestly don't have a specific split right now. i'm real busy right now, so my target is to workout 6 days/week with one off (usually saturday), but am ok with 5. i really don't count the weight i use in precontest, either. i just pick up something that feels about right and go with it. my strength varies so much from day to day anyway b/c of this carb cycling. it will be more consistent somewhere around christmastime when i'll be 4 weeks into my bulk cycle. i actually plan on doing some powerlifting (bench, maybe dead) next spring should the opportunity arise. we'll see how the strength comes. shoulders are still messed up from the staph infection, and my chest is held together with staples. lol...doc said no heavy lifting (yeah, right).

10-22-2004, 01:31 PM
damn PC500 i am really impressed with your training and everything keep up the good work...

10-22-2004, 10:58 PM
thanks lil. but just like anything in life, you set a goal, then reach it, then set a new goal. i'm just the kind of guy who sets big goals at the beginning...the kind that no one thinks you'll ever achieve. that way, to not succeed you are only letting yourself down...but even that is unacceptable.

today i had a quick superset workout of bi/tri. i was in there around 45 minutes but slammed it good. skin is looking tight and i'm more vascular, since today was the first carb up day of the cycle.definately getting a lot better. i even allowed myself a mini-cheat today. a few pieces of pizza and some kettle korn (air popped). nothing grand. but definately burning the candle at both ends right now. i'm playing full time sub teacher, part time youth pastor, football player, bodybuilder (2/4 weeks out at that), boyfriend (well...soon?), mentor, and haunted house worker, all at the same time. too many hats. things will get a lot better Nov 22 when i start bulking.

14/28 days out.

10-22-2004, 11:10 PM
lol, i know your lookin forward to that bulk

10-24-2004, 07:15 PM
well...football is over i think. we lost yesterday 21-14 on a bad call. ref called one of our linemen for blocking in the back on a play that he clearly didn't....nullified a 60-yard TD run. that was the conference championship game, and the third time in 5 weeks we've played them, second time we've lost to them (both times by less than a TD). we're technically invited to the EFA tourney---top 16 on east coast go, but coach doesn't think he wants to (that's gay). that game would be Nov 13...the week between my 2 shows.
and with the 13th game of the season behind us, i officially played zero plays on defense, and yet i managed to be third on the team in tackles (all on special teams). i got 4 last night in our loss, all in the first half. not many punts or kickoffs in the second half. so now i can focus more on this show with one more facet of life out of the way.

10-24-2004, 07:16 PM
The pictures from the other site where impressive.

10-25-2004, 08:12 AM
thanks bill. today is monday, which means picture day again. i'll take some more pictures and post them later today. morning weight was 197. again, i don't really care what i weigh for this nov 6 show. it's the show that's 26 days out that i want to be exactly 189. i hope to get my bodyfat tested today. if not, then i'll get it done on wednesday when i go to charlottesville. i was 8% at 204lbs, and now i'm 7 lbs lighter. though water can mess with your head and i look in the mirror and don't feel 4.5%. i would guess closer to 6. but i'm eating completely clean starting wednesday (10 days out) and am letting life slow down a bit so i can focus more on this show.

10-25-2004, 06:22 PM
posted the new pics today. 12 days out.


tell me what you think.

Isaac Wilkins
10-25-2004, 06:59 PM
You look pretty good.

The pictures make you look like you're not there or retaining a fair amount of water, but the closer I look the more it looks like that's picture quality.

For your next show I'd work on your lats.

The angle of the pics makes it a little hard to tell what some of your poses look like, so if I'm really off base then you can freely disregard.

On your front lat spread, try arching your back more. Right now you're kind of tipped forward and it's kind of swallowing your lats. Hm... The same on the front double bi. Both of them have your lats rolled down and in.

On the side tri, turn just a little more towards the viewer. It'll still show a lot of tri, and more chest. You won't have that "hollow" between your lower back and your forearm. Also, make sure to press your lead leg against your support leg. This will flatten the leg some and make it look like your quad and ham is bigger from the side.

10-25-2004, 07:49 PM
arching my back is one of the main changes i've made this week in practicing my poses. it could be that i'm just not arching enough. and yeah, the picture quality is really bad. i wish we could use a different room or something, but that's all that was available.

10-26-2004, 10:00 AM
11/25 days out.

i'm on the third day of low carb today. initially did low carb mon-thurs, but i've added sunday to that number, so now i'm low carb 5 days instead of 4. but here is where it gets exciting. morning weight was 196--which is the lightest i have been in...i want to say 10-11 years (7th grade). it's also lighter than i stepped onstage at for the last show (was 197), and i haven't cut water yet. factor that in and i'm probably around 190-192. waist size was 30" even this morning. holy frickin crap. that's so foreign to me b/c 8 or so months ago i had a 46" waist around the belly button. i never thought my bone structure would even allow that.

i'm also going to submit some pictures to M&F magazine for their college issue coming up. a lot of newspapers wanted to do a followup story, and i think after these shows are over would be a good time to call them back. the lady at the Wall Street Journal would really help promote this message of hope that i've got. kind of wish i had submitted pics to the Body for Life challenge or something.

getting my BF tested in an hour. i don't even want to guess where i'm at, but at 11 days out i need to be under 5%. hopefully i'm closer to 4.

my split this week looks something like this:
Sunday: chest
Monday: biceps
Tuesday: Triceps/delts
Wednesday: back. chest?
Thursday: cleanup (bi/tri superset?)
Friday: off
Saturday: final leg workout
Sunday-Monday: whole body
Tuesday: whole body (light workout).

cardio will run heavy on wed, fri, sat, and mon and light today, thursday, and next tues/wed. posing practice will be everyday, 2 full rounds of precontest at 30 second holds. starting saturday through tuesday it will be 3 full rounds.

well that's a good summation of the workout schema for the next 11 days leading up to the show. i'm going to write out my diet/water/etc plans and post those soon, probably when i post my BF results.

Isaac Wilkins
10-26-2004, 10:56 AM
Focus on the mirror in addition to the bodyfat testing. When you get down to the level you're at, even skilled caliper testing is kind of sketchy. It's something to keep an eye on, of course, but you might test at 5.5% and really be leaner than if you tested at 4.5%.

At this point in the game you need to eliminate as many things that you're stressing about as possible. A little number shouldn't be a worry.

10-26-2004, 12:43 PM
Focus on the mirror in addition to the bodyfat testing. When you get down to the level you're at, even skilled caliper testing is kind of sketchy. It's something to keep an eye on, of course, but you might test at 5.5% and really be leaner than if you tested at 4.5%.

At this point in the game you need to eliminate as many things that you're stressing about as possible. A little number shouldn't be a worry.

how fitting you said that. the bodyfat testing results: inconclusive! lol. the reason for this was i tested at 5 mm on my chest and leg (which is the testing you get when you get just skin), but 15mm on my stomach, which means my BF is around 6-7%. the ex phys guy that was doing the test said that is a bad indication and that in reality, my BF is between 4.5 and 5.5%. we're going with 5 even. he said i have 2 lbs of fat to lose (since it's all localized in the midsection) and that will burn off quick...i'm going to count on 3 lbs just to be safe. therefore if i weigh 193 a week from friday (which is no problem) before i cut my water, then in theory i should be where i want to be. that also means i'm changing my cardio around based on a heart rate range. my range is 130-140, and i will train up to an hour of cardio, all post-workout, every day except sunday. that's 7 cardio sessions plus a very light session on the wed before the show. i also have a relative plan for the 2 week period between the shows, assuming i come into close to where i want to be. same cardio scheme, just less of it, and instead of carb cycling, hang out around 125-150 carbs/day. won't be burning fat; just maintaining.

10-26-2004, 01:01 PM
Let's see when I say specific I meant I'm hoping to steal some of your training methods and such things. I don't ever intend on doing a show but I want to look that good during the summer months and I think guys that have done it know a thing or to about getting there....that make more sense?

10-27-2004, 06:37 AM

i put very little importance on training compared to other people. i changed my workout very minimally when precontest came. in other words i've had a very similar workout as i had in the offseason; i just added cardio and overhauled the diet. toning up is roughly 70% diet, 25% training technique and whatnot, and 5% genetics, except of course any of the genetic anomalies (overly fat, overly skinny, overly muscular).

my split is very loose. i go based largely on feel. a lot of that has to do with muscle recovery, and a lot of that has to do with craving flexibility (as any college student does). for the last several years, with the exception of course of my self-induced rehab and the summer in the hospital, i trained every bodypart once/week. around may i switched that up to do arms/shoulders twice/week. well i've learned from that and now plan on doing the entire upper body twice/week with legs just once (maybe hammies twice). briefly, here's what that split would look like:

1: chest/triceps/calves
2: back/biceps
3: legs
4: chest (mostly upper chest)/shoulders
5: back/triceps

i have reasoning for putting the split like that and, for instance, mixing up which bodyparts i work with each other. if you want me to expound, i will.

10-27-2004, 10:23 AM
time to post some goals for the offseason...short term and long term. first the short term...

nov 20--189 lbs (contest weight--3-4% BF)
Jan 15--225 lbs (14% BF)
March 15--230 lbs (12% BF)
May 15--240 lbs (12%BF)

late 2005 contest weight: 210
late 2006 contest weight: 225
late 2007 contest weight: 235

huge goals i know. but that's why i set goals. 210 next fall is not at all unreasonable. 225 in '06...that would be tough i know, but i can do it. 235 in '07...now we're getting into the extremely difficult range. but by then i should have my precontest nutrition nailed, and if i stay relatively lean in the offseason i should be able to make it. and here's the catch...do it all naturally (no juice).

i also want to be able to compete in powerlifting next spring. not sure how my body will respond with the bad shoulders (not to mention the chest held together by staples). but i would like to get bench back up to 500. no squats, and never competed at deadlift, but i would think that 600 lbs would be reasonable for DL if i get into it.

10-28-2004, 10:48 PM
alright. a little awkward. pretty quiet on here.

9/23 days out. evening weight was 195 today. i'm definately losing more and more bodyfat. don't have much left, but that which i do have is localized. i should be dialed in ok for the elite, but by the mt rogers (2 weeks later) i should be as good as i'm going to get. practiced my posing in charlottesville last night. was awkward doing it on the gym floor. also got one of the best nights' sleep i've gotten in months at my girlfriend's parents' house.

had my last chest/delt workout today. went well i guess. the one thing that sucks the most about bodybuilding is knowing that the thought "yeah i look good" will only point to one day, then after that day you will fatten out. not necessarily a lot, but after Nov 20, my bodyfat will go from 4 to 14% in a couple months. i find that frustrating. i want to stay lean, at least around the midsection. hopefully this offseason the midsection will be as lean as everything else.

10-29-2004, 07:45 PM
alright. a little awkward. pretty quiet on here.

lol Sometimes it just works out that way.

10-30-2004, 08:28 AM
looking good pent, cant wait for them contest pics.

10-30-2004, 10:55 AM
7/21 days out

rookie: yeah, i'm sure it's like anything in life. seasons come and go, as do posts on forums.

ryuage: i can't wait, either! lol. hopefully i will have some with a 1st place trophy. but man, i definately learned already not to set goals based on placings. you never know what freaks will show up, nor do you know what preferences the judges have towards certain appearances. my goal is to show up shredded, full, and dry...to be the best i can be.

today i started water loading. 2.5 gallons of water today. problem is i slept in a little more than usual, so 2.5 gallons is a lot. i jump to 3 i think on tues/wed/thurs, then i get 40 oz all day friday...20 before 3, 20 before 9 or so. i'm pumped for this show. 7 days out...very excited. not as excited as last time, but now i know more what to expect.

last leg workout today. nothing special. also tanned and cardio of course. 3 more days of cardio and training. rock on.

11-01-2004, 06:52 AM
5/19 days out

i'm starting to track my weight fluctuations for the final week. i expect some dramatic up and down changes with carb depletion/loading, workout changes, water changes, etc. today's morning weight: 196.

today is my first depletion day. 70 carbs today, 60 tomorrow, 50 wednesday...then loading. also water loading right now. 2.5 gallons for the last few days and 3 for tues/wed/thurs. holy crap 2.5 gallons is hard to do. 3 gallons is going to be harder. but election day tomorrow...no working. i'm tanning twice today and twice tomorrow...once wednesday, then 2 coats of bronzer wed. one in the afternoon, one at night. professional photo shoot wednesday. pictures to give to the press. a lot of interest in this comeback story. no word yet on playing football in EFA tourney on Nov 13. will find out by the end of this week.

11-01-2004, 07:26 AM
7/21 days out

rookie: yeah, i'm sure it's like anything in life. seasons come and go, as do posts on forums.

ryuage: i can't wait, either! lol. hopefully i will have some with a 1st place trophy. but man, i definately learned already not to set goals based on placings. you never know what freaks will show up, nor do you know what preferences the judges have towards certain appearances. my goal is to show up shredded, full, and dry...to be the best i can be.

today i started water loading. 2.5 gallons of water today. problem is i slept in a little more than usual, so 2.5 gallons is a lot. i jump to 3 i think on tues/wed/thurs, then i get 40 oz all day friday...20 before 3, 20 before 9 or so. i'm pumped for this show. 7 days out...very excited. not as excited as last time, but now i know more what to expect.

last leg workout today. nothing special. also tanned and cardio of course. 3 more days of cardio and training. rock on.

ya your right, its hard to know what the judges will want on any given day. Its more of a competition with yourself

11-01-2004, 07:33 AM
if you both live near each other maybe you can catch a ride with pent :)

11-01-2004, 08:41 AM
i'm going down friday and staying in a hotel in greensboro. hopefully getting there as early as possible to relax all night friday. that depends on who is going with me and what time they can go, but ultimately want to get to the hotel by, say, 3 or 4. that way i can relax before i weigh in friday night. the less i do friday the better.

11-01-2004, 03:52 PM
Some big goals man. Good luck.

11-02-2004, 05:19 PM
bill, those goals are based on a semi-informed idea of what happens post-contest for bodybuilding. i expect some immediate muscle weight based on both glycogen stores being refilled and on an anabolic burst. not to mention, to some degree, muscle memory.

today was my last workout. i hit biceps/triceps/shoulders and went very quick. i think in total for triceps i did 4 quick sets of pressdowns and 4 sets of rope pressdowns at maybe 20 reps each. similar for biceps with a total of 5 sets or so, and shoulders i just hit each head of the delt for a set or two each. what sucked was that i got a great pump, yet such a short workout. i really wanted to workout for real. meh. next week.

morning weight was 194. i expect that or 193 tomorrow morning for my last carb depletion day. i tanned once this morning for 30 minutes and hope to go back tonight (only b/c the tanning bed is so weak. never recommend doing that on a normal bed). also hope to get a little bit more of posing practice done tonight. 3 gallons of water today...very tough to do. also shaved and got my hair cut today. i'm sooooo ready for this. tomorrow i start up on the diuretics and put on the first coat of pro tan. that's how you know it's go time. i can't wait.

11-02-2004, 09:26 PM
Looking good man :thumbup:

11-02-2004, 10:02 PM
Post a new pic if you can. good luck with the contest.

11-03-2004, 08:53 AM
3/17 days out. morning weight: 193

i'll post contest pics on saturday or sunday. actually getting some pics done today, so we'll see if i can get those on here. technically not supposed to pose anymore this week. something short and sweet should be ok, though.

but since i can't practice my posing anymore, i need to make mental reminders of certain facets of each pose. some tiny things that i tend to forget when posing without a mirror. so if you don't do shows, disregard this.

as always, flex legs.

front semi-relaxed
remember to flex your teardrop and SUCK IN the gut, not just flex it. breathe all the air out. let the judges see your lats.

side semi-relaxed
think ground-up. first smash your leg against the other leg and sit down into the pose and squeeze. insodoing...flex the outer calf muscle and the glute. dip your torso just a little to flex the oblique, don't drop the shoulder, though, and keep the lead hand far enough behind you that the judges can see.

rear semi-relaxed
keep heels together and weight forward, almost all on your toes. let the lats flair more than you have been in practice. and flex those glutes hard.

front double-biceps
stick your right leg out just a tad. suck in the gut rather than flexing it (blow out all air). lean back a tad more than before to show the v-taper and rotate your shoulders appropriately.

front lat
left leg forward, just a little. lean back while blowing out air and putting hands on obliques. DO NOT PUSH HANDS FORWARD. if anything pull the skin down, not forward.

side chest
don't dip lead shoulder. sit down into the pose and remember to flex calves and glutes.

side tri
same as before with calves and glutes. rotate just a little to show the judges your entire triceps muscle. remember to suck in the gut and keep the triceps close to you (no gap between body and arm).

rear double bi
good pose. your best. remember leg placement. stick right leg back and rotate knee JUST A TAD. remember to flex glutes and calves.

good pose. blow out more air and suck in a little more while flexing.

11-03-2004, 09:01 AM
Best of luck in the show bro. I wish I had something to offer up other than my support but I'm sure you'll do well. Oh and those were indeed some loft goals best of luck with them! Thanks for the explanation earlier on the split!

11-03-2004, 09:04 AM

also going to play around with it a little in the offseason. one thing i learned this precontest was that my body responds well with working each bodypart twice/week. it used to be just once. so i may add in chest and back twice/week and just do fewer sets. kicking that idea around, anyway.

11-03-2004, 07:44 PM
you asked for pictures, i got them. these were taken today at 3 days out. if you have any comments, leave them only if they are beneficial for the next 3 days. i.e. my posing is off. this was taken at the end of ac arb deplete, so i'm a little flat, and drinking 3 gallons of water today, so definately holding.

11-03-2004, 07:46 PM
a few more

11-03-2004, 10:31 PM
I like the rear lat pose, maybe try to spread the lats more not sure. overall I liked that one and don't forget to flex the calves.
I like those last ones. Oh don't forget to get as dark as possible.

11-03-2004, 10:48 PM
hey just saw your journal, good luck bro!!!!

I think your best shots are the rear lat spread and most muscular, DAM you look ferocious in the most muscular LOL

your rear lat spread looks awesome, get a few pics done with your hands in different positions to see what gives you the most spread. For me I have my fists pretty far forward on my hips with palms turned out as far as I can turn them....

I havent competed yet, but if I had to pick one thing for you to work on it would be to suck your gut in more on the side chest pose, it could be the angle of the picture, but it looks like you could get more vacuum

awesome work man!

oh and DEFINITELY get as dark as you can, almost to the point of looking abnormally tan in normal light cause when you get under the lights they will WASH YOU OUT BIGTIME!!!!

11-03-2004, 11:28 PM
long time no post..give em hell man outnumber

11-04-2004, 08:20 AM
well unfortunately, i'm not allowed to pose at my gym, even in the locker room, so i haven't had anywhere to check or practice my rear lat. but believe me, it's gotten a lot better. a few weeks ago i posted pics on beyondmass and the guys over there said i had no lats. turns out i was just not posing them right. but it definately needs work i'll agree. and about the darkness...believe it or not that is without putting any bronzer on. since then i have put three coats on and tonight i get one or two more, and friday i'm counting on at least 3. i put on 5 total for the last show and was way too light. for this show i'm counting on at least 8, maybe 9. also a much better base tan. but man, i am a huge fan of pro tan's competition color now. jan tana did jack squat for me. pro tan just looks a lot better, has a better color, is easier to put on, and isn't as messy when you wear clothes. hasn't rubbed off on anything yet. i think i've found my color.

11-04-2004, 08:29 AM
actually, now is a good time to make notes to myself about the posing. disregard if you don't care. lol. and this is my first run without having a mirror to look at, so it was all from memory.

rear lat
flex calf. adjust shoulders better to show the lat (thanks to both of you for pointing that out)

front semi-relaxed
let the lats flair a lot more. also get more flex in the arms and chest.

side chest
dip your waist just a little, but not shoulders (show that oblique). suck in gut just a tad and rotate torso just a tad to show the chest to the judges better.

front double bi
don't bring your lead foot out as much. it washes out the upper quad/hip flexor area. remember to suck in the gut instead of flexing it.

front lat
can you adjust your shoulders to show the lat more? maybe rotate them forward a tad?

rear double bi
flex your wide lats, too. just a little, but should bring out more definition and more width.

anybody else have thoughts?

11-04-2004, 08:37 AM
and can't forget the journal to go with the dialogue...

morning weight: 193. holy crap i'm light. i feel like a lightweight in those pics. i'm used to being 230-250. but i think i've got a good base for the offseason. muscle should poor on over thanksgiving and christmas. speaking of which, was losing my mind yesterday. it was my last deplete day and was tempted by everything, even to forfeit the show so i could grab a meal. funny how your cravings intensify when you can't eat carbs. they were just about as bad as they've ever been yesterday. but today is carb up day. yesterday was the last low carb day, probably ever.

today: 300
tomorrow: 350
sat and sun: not counting nutrients. just have a list of what to eat on saturday and whatever on sunday.
then next week i'll get around 150-200 carbs with light cardio all week. next sun/mon/tues will be my deplete days, but not like they are now. deplete days will be something like 130, 115, 100, then going to try a 3-day carb up for the next show. i'm over the hump, and past the hardest part of any precontest. i'm honestly not even counting protein or fat right now. roughly 40 fat and roughly 180-200 protein, but everyone knows that protein levels can be whatever you want the last week or so. oh yeah, and for the next show i haven't decided about the workouts or cardio for the last week. will either stop on sunday or monday. we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

i'm psyyyched about this right now. one of my friends cancelled and isn't coming down, can't get ahold of another guy that said he's coming, but i do have one friend coming.

any of you guys close to greensboro going to make it? if so, PM me or IM me and i can give you my cell phone and we can meet up.

11-05-2004, 07:45 AM
well this is it. 24 hours from the competitor's meeting. carb up days are aaawesome. but it's a psychological test. i've been low carb for so long that the idea of carbing up makes me afraid of getting fat or spilling over. you know that's not going to happen on a 2-day carb up, but it's almost like i've been so engrained with the thought that carbs = fat that carbing up messes with my head. yesterday i got around 330 carbs, which is 280 more than the day before. see what i mean?

my dog woke me up at 730 this morning to let him out. today will be a very chill day. woke up and had my 6 egg beaters, 1 cup of oatmeal and 2 tbsp of peanut butter. in a few hours i'll have more oats and PB with 8 oz chicken. then right before i leave for greensboro another 8 oz chicken and 2 servings of brown rice. meeting a guy named steve at Gold's at 2 today to leave for the hotel. also meeting my girlfriend Jill today at Gold's so she can see me off. aaawww.

just put on my 6th coat of bronzer. i did 2 coats of pro tan on wednesday, woke up and showered thursday and put on a coat of Sunless Tanning Creme by Banana Boat <--- good stuff. helps make the tan a lot darker. did another coat of pro tan yesterday late afternoon, showered 5 hours later and did another coat. then this morning did another banana boat, this afternoon and this evening 2 more coats of pro tan, and maybe 1 more banana boat for a total of 8 or 9 coats.
should get to the hotel around 4 and i'll eat some more chicken, 2 rice cakes and some shredded wheat cereal (i'll only have 20 oz of water left after 3. roughly 1/2 gallon before 3). the shredded wheat is supposed to help pull water out of subcutaneous area. did some preparation h on the midsection last night and fell asleep on the couch. and with 5 coats of protan on...guess who either ruined the couch or may have to steam clean it.

so tonight...around 7 i'm going to logan's roadhouse and getting some chicken breast and a sweet potato. buying some cobbler to go with the sugars for tomorrow. my buddy is bringing a laptop, so i might be able to update tomorrow. tonight is basically lounging around, snacking on shredded wheat. might catch a movie. i'm loading up on potassium and glutamine to help the carbs fill out, and tonight my diuretics should reach a climax. i'm taking dandelion root and uva ursi...3 pills of each every 2 or 3 hours. i don't think it has quite the same effect as taraxatone. i only have 2 servings of that left, so i'm saving it for tonight. will take some right after weigh-ins and some more around 10 or so. also popping bcaa's like candy. will eat some reese's peanut butter cups tonight, too. mmmm. um...that's it for today.

tomorrow i'll wake up around 7 or so. first thing in the morning i'll check my bronzer and fix any streaks. i'll go down to the continental breakfast at the hotel about 45 minutes before the competitor's meeting and grab a waffle or pancakes (whatever they have) and some syrup. maybe some donuts or something and some coffee (natural diuretic). competitor's meeting at 9 i think, then it's off to the mental races. reviewing my poses in my head the whole morning until my class. depending on what time i'm up, i may get a chicken breast or something, too. and about 30 minutes before i step on i'm getting some rice cakes with honey. after prejudging it's off to pizza hut (no water). then later i'll get some more simple carbs, fix the bronzer if necessary, and off to the night show. that's how my next 2 days will go.

sorry for those reading this that don't care. wanted to put that in there for my records.

11-05-2004, 04:00 PM
just got to the hotel. put on my 7th coat of pro tan and ran out. might pick up some more when i weigh in in 30 minutes. will update then.

tonight: 2 chicken breasts at logan's roadhouse and a huge sweet potato down there. my girlfriend gave me some cookies that i just had. delicious. after logan's we're going to walmart to get some sugar cookies or something for tomorrow and possibly some more tanning stuff.

11-05-2004, 07:04 PM
weighed in at 195 tonight. was the third in my weight class to weigh in tonight, and it was still early. makes me wonder if this is going to be a big show. went to Smokey Bones BBQ afterwards. had a buffalo burger with mashed potatoes and cinnamon apples. was delicious (and lean). walked around the mall and came back. put on the last coat of bronzer...fresh out now. 8 coats in all now. it's pretty streaky. i'll fix it later tonight. gonna rest.

11-05-2004, 08:00 PM
what times the contest tomorrow?

11-05-2004, 09:12 PM
Good luck at the contest!

11-05-2004, 10:52 PM
man, can someone tell me why i have got to fart so much tonight? and why the crap they smell like the worst farts i've ever had?

so yeah, it's almost 1am the night before a show. guess who can't sleep. it' sok, neither can the guys in my weightclass. but here's the gig...they can't sleep b/c they're going over their routines. you know what is in my head? closure. i keep thinking about everything that happened that fateful summer...and where i am today b/c of it. i think of my first steps when i wasn't supposed to be able to walk again. i think of my mom and dad crying like a baby b/c their son was dying. i think of being wheeled around in a wheelchair and of oxygen therapy and of dialysis...and i think of where i am now. what a vast difference. i live by one quote: "we must attempt to do something so great that it is destined to fail unless God is in it." for me, that involves a full recovery and return to the athletic battleground. this is closure for me. this and the next show. God brought me threw some amazing stuff and i owe my life to him (not that i didn't already). and sure, i'm a little extra emotional the night before a show...but to think of where i was compared to where i am. mind boggling. absolutely mind boggling. let there be no mistake about it. this show is not for me. it's not for my friends or girlfriend or anything else. this show, along with every other facet of my being (especially post summer'03) is for One person and One Person alone. sometime i'll tell you guys the story. it's an ugly one. and you don't have to believe in God. but i can tell you one thing...the nurses in the MICU at lynchburg general don't call me a walking miracle for nothing. and you cannot deny the amazing difference between then and now, nor can you deny that it is of my doing. i'm going to sleep before i get too fired up.

11-05-2004, 11:12 PM
heh, farts.....

emotional is good bro'...means you got heart.

and I bet your audience sees that........good luck bro

11-06-2004, 05:42 AM
slept oddly well. woke up a few times, but nothing huge. still peeing, even though i'm not drinking. very good sign. gonna go get breakfast in 45 minutes or so. and in less than 2 hours i should know how many are in my weight class and what they look like in baggy clothes. stupid baggy clothes. took 4 pills of dandelion root and uva ursi (my last for the day) and some glutamine (also my last), as well as some potassium this morning. potassium i'll munch on the rest of the day. i get 20 oz of water to last from breakfast until the end of finals. depending on what time i'm on in the morning, i'll try to have only enough to take the pills before the morning show and try to save something for lunch. this is is. it's go time.

11-06-2004, 05:44 AM
good luck pent!!

11-06-2004, 11:06 PM
just got back from the show. pretty pissed. i didn't even place. nothing worse than coming home with no hardware. i thought i deserved second. i guess i'll have to look at the pics and see where to improve. something made me go flat and i'm not sure what. so next show...carb up on wed/thurs/fri. low-glycemic the entire time until i get to saturday morning. well i'm tired. i'll update on the show tomorrow. needless to say i'm not happy, but i revert back to my post from yesterday as to why i did this...and it wasn't to get hardware.

11-08-2004, 07:26 AM
so yeah...the show was the largest of the year as far as number of competitors. i was also in a higher division, and there's a big step up from novice to juniors. this show was not at all like the last one. i wasn't incredibly thirsty and miserable from it all day. and i didn't cramp nearly as much on stage. i wonder if that has to do with my water intake. and maybe i was holding. so i'm going to tweak my water, too. going to only get a gallon on thursday, 1 1/2 on wed, and 2 every day before that. i tapered up last time; now i'm tapering down. i'm 12 days out. and you always know: don't weigh yourself immediately after a show. well this morning i was 202. that would put me at a gain of about 9 lbs, but i can count on a lot of that being water. but just for my own records...202 is the number i'm going with.the weight will be a lot more accurate in a few days.

and i suddenly find myself 12 days out. as far as i'm concerned, there was no show last weekend and i'm focusing more on the mt rogers. and also, as far as i'm concerned, there is no offseason and no offseason goals. i will ammend the goals i made earlier. as in, i want to keep my bodyfat low (around 10% or lower) and never spike to 14 like i had anticipated earlier.

11-08-2004, 09:46 AM
To bad you didn't place, but thats the way it goes sometimes. Stay on track and maybe mt rogers will do you better. When is that one?

11-09-2004, 08:35 PM
...11 days out. nov 20. roanoke, va. mount rogers. www.essentialfitness.com .

i gotta admit, it's hard to stay focused right now. i just finished a show and i've got another one in a week and a half. it's like i'm so close to the end of the road that it's hard to get the discipline to do cardio or stick to the diet. yesterday i had a couple donuts at kroger. they were good. amazing in fact. yet not part of the diet. i did do cardio yesterday, but have yet to do it today. going down there in a bit, though. it's just hard to do it right now b/c i've been doing it for so long. but if i look at it like this...at 45 minute sessions i have just 6 or 7 required sessions left until offseason, and maybe 4 or 5 optional sessions. in fact, if i start doing it twice a day i should be shredded in that time. and 5 or 6 training days (weights). and 10 days of diet. so close. put it in perspective like that and it seems natural to diet without cheating and train and cardio without skipping.

11-15-2004, 09:01 PM
well...5 days out. not much feedback over here, so when these shows are done, don't think i'll spend much time on wbb. but for the sake of keeping my records straight, i want to keep the journal on the same board. i doubt i'll update it much after the shows are done anyway. really depends on the nature of the board. but here's an update. actually put these on a different board but decided it was best to keep it all in one place.

well...this board is enough of a home for me now that i'm going to re-start my journal over here, which means i have to move it from another site. so for reference...the site is http://www.wannabebigforums.com/showthread.php?t=54340

but the place to start would be...i'm 10 days out from the last show of my first year (i did 3). football is now over for me...we finished 13th out of about 200 teams (or something sick like that). toying with the idea of picking up rugby in the spring.

but if you don't know anything about me or why this competition season has so much personal significance...i should offer a very brief bio.

let's just say that i spent the entire summer of 2003 in the hospital. doc said i won't make it through the night, or the second night, or the third night. then he said i might live, but will never live a normal life again. i'll never walk again, i'll be on dialysis for years to come, and i'll be totally dependent on someone to take care of me. lifting weights was out of the question.

but here i am, a little over a year later. in that time i've gotten my first master's degree, competed in 3 bodybuilding shows, played an entire season of football (finished 3rd on the team in tackles despite coach not playing me--afraid i'll get hurt (he saw me in the hospital)). and so, this next show will in a sense be closure to me. football will be done. i'll have competed well in bodybuilding and will have returned to the offseason with a whole new outlook on life. there are a few lingering side effects, but i'm resilient enough to deal with them. my task was to prove that i can indeed come back from beyond hell. to come from zero to get to where i am now. and so i can compete and lose every show, and yet still be a success. but who are we kidding? i still want the first place trophy.

2 cardios today. 45 minutes each. also tanned and hit my last leg workout. i'm 9 days out, but admittedly getting a little discouraged. it's hard to explain, but not placing at my last show did something to me mentally. i'm not in the zone anymore. my mind is ready for the offseason, yet i'm 9 days out. i really can't wait for that time. i have zero confidence right now and it blows. i'm still holding a lot of water from the last show a few days ago. my body really likes to hang onto it after a period of deprivation. will be interesting to see how things roll for this next show. i have a pretty good plan going into it, but i'm just not motivated. and this is the important one, too, b/c all my friends will be there. come on, man. get your head into this. you can do this.

bodybuilding is not a hobby for me. it's about a doctor saying i'll never walk again, and proving him wrong by conquering the physical world. it's more than a stress reliever; it is an answer to my critics who say i can't do it. it's more than a tool of physique; it's a tool of worship. it's more than a sport; it is who i am.
11-11-2004 12:19 AM


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9 days of motivation shouldnt be too hard to muster up after all you have been through and all the hard work you have put into your trainng, 9 DAYS IS NOTHING for a year of hard work!

11-11-2004 01:13 AM

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I want you to go and get a cd by a band named "spineshank - The Height of Callousness" If this dosent give you the drive to make it to the end and continue then my friend you need some zoloft!

11-11-2004 03:41 AM

thanks guys. i think a lot of it has to do with the unconstructive criticism some of the guys on this board have offered about any of the pics i post. it's like they've got you when you're down, so now it's time to beat the smack out of you. don't know why they think that is a good idea.

decided to drop the carbs down to about 125. my abs have gotten really flat and dare i say flabby right now. nowhere near where they were a week ago before the last show. morning weight: 196. that's comparable to where i was at 9 days out from the last show. i weighed in the night before the show at 195, but i'd already dropped about 2 lbs of water. figure my evening weight tonight will only be a pound heavier than i was then. ideally, if i can weigh in saturday morning at 190 or so, i'll be happy. but for now until next tuesday i'm doing two-a-day cardios just to get my butt in gear. might burn a little muscle, but in that short amount of time, it'll be mostly fat anyway. should dial me in ok. i do feel flatter than at the last precontest, even if my weight is the same. so dropping the carbs and upping the cardio should be a good thing.

bodybuilding is not a hobby for me. it's about a doctor saying i'll never walk again, and proving him wrong by conquering the physical world. it's more than a stress reliever; it is an answer to my critics who say i can't do it. it's more than a tool of physique; it's a tool of worship. it's more than a sport; it is who i am.

11-11-2004 12:17 PM

holy crap i'm an idiot. i am 8 days out...yes, only 8 days. and i had a get together with my youth group tonight...and every trigger food imaginable was right in front of me. i'm...so weak. first it was just one or two cookies, then it was more cookies, some chips, some chocolate. what was i thinking? i'm so screwed for this show. guess who is now doing minimum 2 hours of cardio for the next 4 days. um. i am. stupid, stupid. i'm so pissed at myself. i'm like eating disorder pissed
11-12-2004 11:48 PM

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Goodluck with your show! Keep up the hard work.
11-13-2004 12:34 AM

aight. 75 minutes of cardio last night = 1100 calories. first thing this morning...another 60 minutes = 900 calories. morning weight today was 197...yesterday was 196.5. though i know it could take a few days for the weight part to catch up...i'm still going balls to the wall until next tuesday. today...2 tans, posing practice, and another cardio tonight. not yet sure about weight workout. i will probably take today off from anything significant so that sun, mon, tues i can make my push.
11-13-2004 10:34 AM

i'm not sure how i'm doing at catching back up to where i need to be for this show after the bad cheat last night. but i do know i've done over 3 hours of cardio since then...4 hours in the last 2 days. tomorrow (today) i'm getting up at 7 and doing another hour before i head to farmville. after church and meal 2, it's off to the gym for chest/back/abs, then 30 minutes of cardio, brief posing practice, youth group, back home for tanning, cardio, and posing practice. it's also my first deplete day, which means 100 carbs. as of now the plan is to carb up on wed, thurs, fri, but b/c of last night, i might delay the carbing up until thursday and possibly even do 2 hours of cardio wednesday. anybody out there have thoughts on that?
Yesterday 12:17 AM

11-15-2004, 09:06 PM
alright. so 5 days out. got some nice sleep last night...didn't have to get up early today. hopefully i'll work tomorrow, though, which means 5.30 wakeup call (the last of its kind for this precontest). tomorrow is the last of many things. the last double cardio (i may get one session in wed morning), the last double tan, the last carb deplete and so on.

today i got around 85 carbs, with 200 or so protein and call it 40 fat. tomorrow i'm dropping the carbs to about 60 and the fat should be around 30. then i carb up. woohoo.

today i trained very quickly on the biceps and triceps. did 45 minutes of cardio first thing in the am, then some later cardio...about 45 minutes of fast treadmill walking while i waited for my buddy. he helped me with my posing. it's all on me now. gotta remember this jank. so many tiny little details to remember. i'll get this, though. so i'm going to bed now. and when i wake, i'll be 4 days out.

11-16-2004, 12:04 PM
"attempting to do something so great that it is destined to fail unless God is in it"

yeah that sounds right. your first season or contest or whatever of bodybuilding is always an exciting time. it's even emotional. but i would like to think that i have an extra edge most bodybuilders don't have. for me, it's closure. for me, i could come in last (though i'd better win!) and the show would be a success. it would be an answer to my critics...of whom not a single one of my friends believed i could do it. of whom i include the doctors at the hospital, who told me i wouldn't survive, or walk, or live a normal life, or lift. yeah. there is a lot of closure involved here. a lot of satisfaction that i have been living that out. "attempting to do something so great that it is destined to fail unless God is in it". that something was what i made up my mind about while in a hospital bed, unable to walk. was that not only would i walk, but i would surpass myself even before. there were moments were i was ready to give up. like a day after open heart surgery when i realized how much pain a person could possibly feel at one moment. but the moment i stepped back in the gym, 4 weeks after being released from the hospital, i was determined to be back and better than ever. and nobody believed me. i struggled to curl a 45-lb olympic bar, with no weight. barely got it for one rep. but i was determined to be back, better than ever. i didn't believe i could ever bench press 500 again. still not sure if my body can even support that much weight. but one thing i do know: on nov 20, 4 days from now, i can say to myself and my critics: mission accomplished. it wasn't enough for me to walk again or get off dialysis or even lift again. i want to be the best. i want to attempt something so great that it is destined to fail unless God is in it. that, my friend, was a successful attempt. and on nov 20, 2004 i will have that closure i was looking for. and i will have accomplished my mission.

chris mason
11-16-2004, 01:35 PM
You are so motivated by wanting to prove others wrong that I hope you don't quit training once you have accomplished your goal. I have seen that sort of thing happen many times. It can make training a very unhealhty pursuit.

Good luck at the show.

11-16-2004, 01:52 PM
Best of luck at the show man. I think Chris has a good point but I think you've also got that under wraps pretty well,I would say you are a driven man.

11-16-2004, 07:22 PM
oh no. i'm not driven to prove anyone wrong really. it's more of a self-motivation. isn't bodybuilding like that in all facets? proving people wrong is a tenet of the motivation, but it is not the motivation itself. if you want to get down to the meet and guts of it, read my last post (#106). and that doesn't go away when the contest season ends.

11-17-2004, 03:11 PM
morning weight: 189. somebody ring a bell. not only have i not been below 200 since 7th grade...i'm not below even 190. theoretically, i should come into the show around 185 by the time i cut water. cut sodium already. putting on 2 coats of bronzer tonight, 2 or 3 tomorrow, and 2 or 3 on friday. it's go time.

11-17-2004, 05:43 PM
well...5 days out. not much feedback over here, so when these shows are done, don't think i'll spend much time on wbb. but for the sake of keeping my records straight, i want to keep the journal on the same board. i doubt i'll update it much after the shows are done anyway. really depends on the nature of the board. but here's an update. actually put these on a different board but decided it was best to keep it all in one place.

well...this board is enough of a home for me now that i'm going to re-start my journal over here, which means i have to move it from another site. so for reference...the site is http://www.wannabebigforums.com/showthread.php?t=54340

Hmmm, I'm actually confused if you are staying on WBB or not after your next show. But it's your choice for sure.

Good luck on the upcoming show.

11-18-2004, 10:03 PM
i'll check in sometimes. just will probably move the journal. aweful quiet over here.

thursday report...2 days out

1) 1 cup oats
8 egg beaters
3 tbsp natty PB
1/4 cup sugar free syrup

2) 1 cup oats
8 oz chicken breast
3 tbsp natty pb
1/4 cup sugar free syrup

3) 6 oz chicken breast
1 1/2 cups brown rice

4) oh crap i forgot what i ate.

5) 2 protein bars (sugar free)

2 more coats of bronzer today. upped the diuretics. took some pics and had my last posing practice today. didn't hold them long. saks was there to help.

itinerary for tomorrow:
630am wake
1 coat of bronzer
8 egg beaters
1 1/2 cups oats
3 pb
sugar free syrup

(sub teach until 2.30)
meal 2: chicken and oatmeal
meal 3: chicken and 1 1/2 cups brown rice
meal 4: 8 egg beaters and more oatmeal
meal 5: steak and baked potato
meal 6: fruit

at 4.30 i'm leaving for the hotel. lie detector at 7, then movie or just chill time. another coat or two of bronzer

Saturday i'm waking at 8 and checking the bronzer and weighing in right at 9. then breakfast...pancakes and maybe a couple eggs. competitor's meeting at 1115, prejudging at 1230 (i'm first), then off to watch the ohio state game and lunch at like 2. then back to the venue by like 6, finals at 7 (should be first again), time with my girlfriend, pigging out, and i'm done. sunday is youth group pizza party, then off to ohio.

11-20-2004, 08:57 PM
1 lb of bodyfat weighs 2 lbs


11-21-2004, 10:54 PM
the show went well i guess. i came in second. i was fine with second until people in the audience said i was robbed, then i saw the pics. you can't really tell that well by the pics of any show, b/c sometimes the pics are taken during a setup for a pose or something and you never know. speaking of the pics...


NGA shows are run very differently from NPC, and the atmosphere was very different, too. i was amazed at some of the freaks, though. sdome of the guys in the open were very big and very defined. they would have done well at NPC shows. another thing i noticed was that there wasn't really a very fine line between the classes. for instance, in NPC, you can pretty much tell by looking who is novice, juniors, open, masters. a lot more difficult to tell in the NGA. the guy who won my weight class won the overall, also, so i feel a little more jipped as though i should have an overall trophy, too. judges made some bad calls in other instances. one guy...looked great. won the master's heavy and overall AND the open heavy and overall, but posing sucked. well, they gave him best poser. was a terrible call. so the judging kind of comes into question in the other classes, too. the show went very quickly. only 41 athletes altogether, but some were onstage 4 or 5 times (no lie).

some quick notes...i liked the weigh the water worked. cut it at 1 the day before and came in a lot dryer than at the other shows. for my next show i will do a 3-day carb up again, but i'll get some more carbs. i got 250, 250, 300 for this show. next time it'll probably be 100 more carbs or so on each day. the night before i had some flat bread, a chicken breast with sauces and whatnot, sweet potato, mashed potatoes, and 2 extra large reese's PB cups. the morning of...had the staple food (pancakes). honey during the pump up, then for the afternoon...sorry DP and Mid...but i had to have my pizza. i drank some, too, and flattened out some by the night show. so i've got to watch for that in the future.

11-21-2004, 10:55 PM
meant to say 1% of BF, not 1 lb

11-22-2004, 12:46 AM
meant to say 1% of BF, not 1 lb


I was just reading through your journal. Inspiring stuff. Congrats on second place.