View Full Version : Holy Crap! Delicious low-carb pancakes!

Big Worm
11-04-2001, 11:07 PM
Ok. As you may know from my "homemade oatmeal protein cookie" thread i have been doing some experimenting with my cooking. Well i just hit paydirt: Being a college student my food reserves consist of oats, protein powder, eggs and Peanut Butter. Thats it, thats all i got. Anyways I was about to make another omellete before i went to bed as a good, no-carb source of protein. Well i was sick of f$#@ing omelletes so after i whisked the eggs I threw in a scoop of protein powder a long with some equal and natty PB. I mixed it all up until it was nice and as smooth as i could get it. I threw onto a skillet and cooked it up like it was an omellete except when it was done it was a nice, big, puffy, sweet, protein pancake. I added some cinammon on top and a packet of equal and enjoyed a nice sweet, low carb treat.

I highly recommend trying this, especially if you're cutting and on a moderate/low carb diet.


11-05-2001, 05:31 AM
Sounds good :thumbup: