View Full Version : Had two cheat meals. Dont feel so hot

10-15-2004, 11:50 PM
Hello all, well I;m fairly new here. I have learned alot from you guys by reading. I started to cut, diet or what ever you call it. I cut out all sugars and have been eating clean since September 2nd. I then weighed 238 , well today I weigh 215; thats 23 pounds. I decided to reward myself and had two cheat meals, arould noon and super time. For lunch I had Rubios, I use to love the cabo coconut burritos there before my cut, I also bought me a nice 32oz of vanilla coke. It didnt go so well, what I onced loved to eat tasted like $&*!, and made me sick, also the soda was too sweet. It feels good when bad foods make you sick and dont taste so hot anymore. However for supper I made some homemade pizza; that was good. Call it a cheat day or refeed.... I am converted to eating clean now... Its much better once you get the sugar out of your system, It was hard to get ride of the cravings but once they were gone I have no desire to return to them, at least not yet. From now on. Cheat days wont be so dirty. Thanks all for the great words..

10-16-2004, 09:14 AM
I can't stand Coke, Pepsi, and those sugar filled sodas anymore. Leaves my teeth feeling dirty after I have one. :alcoholic