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10-18-2004, 12:32 PM
Hey all,

I'm not a big poster, but want to keep a record of this bulk so i can look back at it later, and to get advice on things i could be doing better.

Some info before i start. I'm 7 feet tall, 260-265lbs & 22 years of age. I used to play basketball but it was getting in the way of my weight lifting :-) so this year i've retired. I've used 1AD before and had decent results but nothing like i'm planing on getting this winter bulk. I've spent a lot of time planning this and it is not being rushed into haphazardly. My diet is in check, my training it well laid out and more importantly work, I've been making gains solidly already in this bulk, and this cycle is to top it off and get me up those extra pounds.

Size, i want more mass on my body. I'm a big guy, but over my huge frame it is hard to see. I want to get my weight up to a healthy 280-290. I know that with this my strenght will also shoot up, and i'm unsure on what to say are good strenght goals, other than to say that what ever i get i will always want more.

Milk thisle for 2 weeks 140mg ED

Wk 1&2 ;M1T 10-15mg & 600-900mg 4AD orally ED
Wk 3&4 ;600-900mg 4AD orally ED
Wk 5&6 ;M1T 15-20mg & 600-900mg 4AD orally ED
Wk 7&8 ;Nolva 40mg ED
Wk 9&10 ;Nolva 20mg ED

The way i figure it, i'm in accordance with most of what i've read about M1T, i'm preparing my liver for it with the milk thisle, I'm not staying on for more than 2 weeks at a time, I'm aware it is extremely potent and have Nolva on had if needed. I'm stacking with 4AD to reduce libido loss & lethargy, and to help with some sides.

My bulking has already started, and the cycle is set to commence on the 27th of oct 2004. I expect to make some big gains, off this, as i feel i have everything in order. If anyone has anything to contribute its welcome.

I am writing this as a log for myself, and to help other people research about M1T.

Thank you for you time.

10-18-2004, 01:10 PM
your a really really tall. Our current strengths are pretty similar, so itll be interesting to watch this journal. Best of luck

10-19-2004, 12:57 AM
Good luck on your new journal. Looks like you have everything planned out.

I used M1t a few months back. The ony suggestion I would give is to add Hawthorne Berry to the cycle. When I went to 20 mg doses<every 12 hours>, I could feel my blood pressure rise especially in the gym. The Hawthorne Berry seem to help a lot. I did a cycle of 3 weeks on 2 weeks off 3 weeks on. I will be having blood work done in a few weeks to make sure if everything is Ok.

10-19-2004, 11:42 AM
I'm with BIG C on that.....at your size might not be so obvious but the difference between 10mg/day (felt nothing) and 20mg/day is obvious with the head aches and flush face. Best of luck on this bulk......make sure you eat like an animal!

10-19-2004, 12:26 PM
Thanks for the encouragment, Big C i'm just wondering if you were on 20mg ED or each dose?

Also i'm interested in finding out what the middle two weeks will be like. I'll only be on 4ad, and i'm asking if i should lower the dossage or not, i read somewhere that M1T is still in you system for 8 days if so should i keep the 4AD up during this liver break period?

10-21-2004, 03:26 PM
Thanks for the encouragment, Big C i'm just wondering if you were on 20mg ED or each dose?

Also i'm interested in finding out what the middle two weeks will be like. I'll only be on 4ad, and i'm asking if i should lower the dossage or not, i read somewhere that M1T is still in you system for 8 days if so should i keep the 4AD up during this liver break period?
Yes even went to 25mg the last week. I have everything listed in my journal.

10-23-2004, 05:50 PM
Thanks for the info Big C, I hope I make similar gains as you did, I just gave your journal a read and hope my cycle goes as well.

Only a couple of days till I start this cycle, my bulk has been going well without the M1T. Iíve been making gains no stop since i upped my food intake, but I have been getting fatter than i want to be. I will stick it out for not, but I dont like it. I just want to put in writing some of my starting max weights in some exercises.

I do roughly 3 week cycles on excercises. Like a heavy day, a rep day, and an alternative day. So say for legs the main excercise is heavy squat week 1, rep squat week 2, and lunges weeks 3. the suplemental work varies on a 2 or 3 week cycle.

Ok the big 3 as of Oct 23 04
Bench 275x1
Squat 300x2
Dead 365x5
I want to get over 1000 total for them, so not far off.

Seated Shoulder Press 75lbs DB's x 8
Preacher Curls 115lbs x 8 - the 45's on each side look so cool
Skull chrushers 110lbs x 10
Lat Pulldowns 195lbs x 10 x 4
Bent row 195lbs x 10
Alt DB curls 60's x 9
Weighted Dips +15lbs x 10 x 3
Shrugs 315lbs x 15 x 2 (with straps)

I just want to get these down early in the journal so i can look back in a few months. I also want to get some pics up here too.

10-24-2004, 04:40 AM
good luck hittin 1000, im pretty sure you'll hit it soon, especially whilst taking m1t

10-25-2004, 10:23 PM
Two days till i start my M1T, i'm really excited. My bulk has been going real well so far, and i've been making good gains. I am getting fat tho and i don't like it. Hopefully the accelerated growth from the M1T will slow the fat deposits. I've been eating incessentally and getting bigger and bigger.

Weight as of right now (full of food) = 270lbs

10-25-2004, 11:44 PM
Good luck with your cycle man. And with your journal!

10-27-2004, 03:19 PM
Ok well today was the day. I started today with 10mg of M1T, and 600mg of 4AD (oral). I'm going to stop taking the Milk thisle for two weeks, i'll take it again during my break from M1T.

What is the bigger issue though is that i've given up alcohol. This is a big scarafice for me, i dont know how it will go, but i have to not drink for my liver's sake so i wont.

Well it has begun so i'll keep this updated more often now.

10-27-2004, 09:08 PM
Good luck with your goals Bro!

I gave up the cold beer too. It was a pain at first. :alcoholic

10-27-2004, 10:28 PM
Good luck. I want to see how this goes, how many calories and protien ??

10-28-2004, 12:28 PM
First dose today, another 10mg of M1T, and 600mg or 4AD at 9am, will take another 5mg M1T, and 300mg 4AD around 5pm before i lift.

Thoughts so far: I am trying to not feel anything more than the placibo effect, so i wont be like ohh i can feel it in my muscles already. That said i did feel it last night keeping me awake, it was similar to when i have something on my mind and my mind just races all night stopping me from deep sleep.

Not a big deal yet, i'm sure my body will adjust to it soon enough. Getting up this morning was easy i was already awake. I can see how if this continued how i could get real tired. So i hope i adjust and can sleep.

As for food, i am not keeping full details of what i am eating I am eating all the time though. I dont go for more than 2 hours with out eating something. Not always a full meal, between meals i'll have some fruit or a bagel and peanut butter etc. I'm always full, i'm eating so much i'm sick of eating already. Even from before the M1T my bulk has been working. So with it i'm expecting a nice bump to it.

I will get more details of my diet up here soon, along with my work outs. Today is shoulders so i'll post again after my first workout on this stuff.

10-28-2004, 09:25 PM
Well work out went fine, nothing too super. Was just some shoulders and a make up leg day. Had no problems working out, but i didnt do anything so super challanging. The increase for today was Seated military press with (145)3x8, up on either 135x3x8 or 145x4reps. So solid gains continuing. Had a great dinner after the work out, 1lb of steak + 1/2lb of fish + can of potatoes. Was a great meal. I'm pretty sure that tomorrow i will go the full 20mg of M1T and 900mg of 4AD.

10-29-2004, 10:18 AM
Am dose, 10mg M1T, 600mg 4AD. I feel really alert; i slept better last night but still had that racing feeling in my mind and body. I am pissing like a race horse. Acne is not a problem yet, Iím just taking a bit more care with my skin to prevent it, i donít normally get many spots to begin with so it preventative.

Today is a day off from lifting, so i'll just go do some abs and cardio. I was 271lbs this morning empty. I feel fuller, i know its not muscle that has been added, but i am still fuller looking. I've gotten fat from all the eating, i dont like it. But hey in the end of the day it was my idea to gain this weight, so i know i can lose it if i wish. Next weeks lifts should be fun times.

10-29-2004, 04:20 PM
Damn, 7 feet!

10-30-2004, 11:45 AM
Hows the M1T treating you?

Just started my second cycle yesterday.

10-30-2004, 02:14 PM
So far can't say i notice it that much. Maybe the dosage is too low for my size? My bulk in general is still going well. No super jumps in strength yet, but it has not even been a week yet so Iím not too worried. I'm up to 20mg of M1T, 600mg of 4AD. I dropped the 4AD down to just 2 pills a day because i am not seeing sides from the M1T so i didnít want to waste it now if not needed.

Todayís lift was arms and it went well, still increasing the weights and still feeling strong, no plateauís in sight.

110lb BB curls 3x8
100lb Overhead Tri ext 10,12,12
some DB curls 50lbs, cable curls
some cable Tri ext, dips

Short simple work out. I may have to up the dosage more soon, but dont want to rush into it, it is still early.

Big C did u feel the M1T when u got the dosage up to 25mg?

10-31-2004, 02:36 PM
Afternoon everyone, I took just 10mg M1T and 300mg 4AD this morning, i think i'll go with just the 600mg 4AD each day. I read that you need about 100mg of 4AD for every 5mg of M1T so i'm still well above this. I'm not sure how much bigger i'm getting if i am yet. I feel bigger and fuller but not so much so. Starting tomorrow will be my first full week of lifts while on this stuff, looking foward to it. It is heavy dead week on back day so i'm going for 405 with straps. Might go for a 1rm but dont want to hurt my back so may just stay dafely below a max. That said each eavy day is a new personal best, but i dont believe they are my maxes.

I will continue to suck down food like air, and i will see what way my weight goes this week, i sort of leveled off at 270. So much of my increases is being full of food and bloated on water. This morning empty i was 268.5 so i guess that is pretty accurate for me right now.

As for sides, a couple of more spots than normal, like i have a small one on each bicep, one in my ear (so annoying). My face is as clear as usual, my chest has one or two, nothing so drastic at all. I've adjusted to the wired feeling of the stuff and i'm sleeping fine. Slight back aches, but only noticable because i read it was a side, otherwise i'd write it off as my bed or something.

Workout, was just abs today,
leg raise (12), situps+45lbs (12), side bends+45 (15), twists+45 (30)
/super setted twice
Rode bike for 10min, 4km. 110 cal

10-31-2004, 02:39 PM
you must have to suck food like air at that body weight...

11-01-2004, 09:22 PM
Back again, Monday Chest day, week 9 of my current routine. I've been bulking for about a month and a half, i'm fat. I'm huge and impressive everywhere but my gut. It is really getting to me. I'm going to have to start wearing beaters to show off my upper body without showing off my gut. The bulking is really getting to me tho i feel so fat.

Anyway the lift. it was incline day today so it was all incline.
Incline BP (185)8, (200)2+3*, (185)6 - *spotted
Incline DB (80)10, (85)6,5, (75)8
Incline fly (45)12, 12
Pec Dec (150)8, (165)8, - squeezing at top and holding

I struggled on the incline press at 200, i have a really obvious sticking point where my tri's take over from chest and shoulders. My strenght on the DB's though has shot up. this was my first time with the 85's, and last incline day was my first time with the 80's.

Now to the M1T, same as yesterday = 20mg of M1T, 600mg 4AD split in two doses AM+PM. No major sides, not more spots, slight back ache this morning - passed shortly after breakfast.

Tomorrow is back day, i will go for a 405 dead lift. I have no doubt i'll get it. Will report back with how i do.

11-02-2004, 11:05 AM
Morning all. I'm so sick of eating, i am neve hungry anymore. Any when i am i eat even tho i dont enjoy it. I've had a half and half clean/dirty bulk. Cheese steaks when desireded but nearly always a clean meat and veg dinner.

Here's a good day's eating

Oat meal every morning is doing wonders. It is so convienent to boil some water and mix up some instant oatmeal in a plastic cut. 3 packets quaker instant oatmeal, fill with hot water, and mix that stuff up. I eat it as i walk to class with my trusty spoon. Solid breakfast as i'm struggling to get up to cook eggs.
Then a our or two later i'll eat a pound of turkey form the supermarket, either at work of in class i'll whip it out. People ask ohh are u on that atkins diet because i'm eating straight meat.
So by now its getting near lunch time, i will usually eat from a food cart or something like that, grilled chicken/cheese steak. Off to class each day from 3-4:30 then after that class its time to head to the gym, quick meal of a protien shake 32gm Pro, 270 Cals. and maybe a bagel or something.
Post work out i may go get dinner straight away, or i'll take my shake then. Depends on the day. the Shakes are myoplex standard ones. I got 42 servings for $68, cant go wrong with $1.5 a shake. Soooo goood.
If i have my shake first it will be around 6:30, or so. I'll then wait till around 8:30 for dinner, or the two will be reversed. Dinner is usually 1lb of steak/chicken breast, pan fried/george forman'd. With a can of either green beans/potatoes or a small salad the sell at the store. Decent meal all in all.
Before bed or around 11, i'll have a bowl of cereal or a bagel with smuckers penut butter. yummm tasty.

Damn i eat a lot of food. It never feels like that much, but lets look so 1lb~450g. Steak has 20g Pro per 100g, so that a solid 80g's for dinner, same for the pound of turkey. Myoplex shake ~ 65. Milk and peanut butter say 30g, and the pre workout shake ~32g's, that leaves my lunch because i've no idea what nutritional benifit i get form it.
Totaling it up 80+80+65+32+30~285+
Humm,,,,, didnt think it was low. That's only just 1.25gm per lb LBM if i'm 225LBM

I may mix up a pro shake of my old powder each morning and bring it with me when i walk to class. That'll add in another 50g's for breakfast, yes that's what i'll do. Bring it up to a respectable ~ 335 = 1.5g/lb LBM

Well thanks for reading my stream of consciousness on my diet.

11-03-2004, 11:39 AM
Ok well this is one week into my cycle. a quick recap.
Past week
Wed 10mg M1t 600mg 4AD
Thurs 15mg M1t 900mg 4AD
Fri 15mg M1t 900mg 4AD
Sat 20mg M1t 600mg 4AD
Sun 20mg M1t 600mg 4AD
Mon 20mg M1t 600mg 4AD
Tue 20mg M1t 600mg 4AD

So here i am, I've decided to up the dose again to see where my tollerance is. I too 15mg M1T this morning with 600mg 4AD.

Total for today will be 30mg M1T 900mg 4AD, and will continue to see how i do.

Yesterdays lift
Back day
Deads (275)x8, (315)x8, (365)x8, (405)x4, (455)x1,1 <-- whooping increase
Machine rows 195x10,10,10
Cable rows 180x10, 195x10
Lat pulldowns 195x10, 210x8,10
chin grip Pd 180x10

The deads where the highlight. My goal for heavy dead day was to pick up 405 at least once. Damn i picked that **** up and was stuck i didnt know what to do with it once i finally straightened up. So i stood there and eventually did some reps. When i was done i thought **** i want to go higher and get my 1rm. I put on the 455, the bar looked so awesome. I lift in the open school gym so many people looked and watched me pull this think off the ground, it was awesome. It took soo long to straighten up, man it was work. So glad i got it though. Today my back is so dead, it really got worked yesterday, feels so good.

Today is leg day with squats for reps so i'll see how that goes. I'll be taking my second dose of 15mg of M1T and 300mg 4AD just before i lift.

11-03-2004, 11:42 AM
After just updating my sig for my new dead lift, i realised i got my 1000 total.
275+455+315=1045, God damn awesome.

11-04-2004, 08:51 AM
Took yesterday off legs to rest up fully from the deads. I'll just add legs in today with shoulders. I took a total of 30mg M1T yesterday and will do the same today. I am still doing pretty well with few to no sides. Some more spots than usual, but i thing i remember having more when i did the 1AD esp on my chest. But so far so good. This cycle is so short it seems. I'm aready half way through the first M1T part.

I'm having trouble telling what is the M1T and what is just my bulking over eating. My muscles do look fuller when pumped and i'm sure that is the M1T, so the big question will be what will be left when i am finished.

11-05-2004, 08:24 PM
Ok wow, the lethargy has really hit me. It took me a while to realise it was the M1T, I guess it is because i've upped the M1T to 30mg ED and kept the 4AD at only 600mg, Well i'll up the 4AD to 900mg ED and see how this goes. I've just not wanted to move, not that i was actually tired but i didnt move till told to. I've taken on some caffine so i'm awake now. Going to head out tonight try get myself some ass. I've just not had the motivation to go out without drinking first.

Yesterday i did legs and shoulders
Squats for reps 205x8,8 215x8
Glut ham raises 5,8
Leg press (400-rack)10,10 + calf raises 10,10
Seated DB shoulder press 75x7,7,7
Alt Mil Press 125x10,8,9
Side delt raises 30x10,10,10,10
Rear delt raises 30x10,10,10

Ehh it was mostly a shoulder day, just did some legs to work them. I supersetted it all but the squats, i'm sure i did some leg ext too. I've cut back the eating some i was shooting up so fast it was mostly fat. I've leveled off now at 273. So i'll up it again soon but needed a rest from all the eating.

Today i did abs and played some basketball just for cardio. Well that's it for now.

11-06-2004, 05:57 PM
The damn tiredness is really getting to me at this higher dosage. Iguess it is because of my body weight that it has take 30mg of M1T. Today was arms, i struggled to motivate myself after my first excercise.

Preacher curls 120x6,8,8 - My forearms hurt so bad. So so bad.
Flat skulls 120x6 - hard, 100x12,12 - easy and fast
Hammer curls 65x16,16,16
Pullovers 85x12,12,12
curls dropsets 80,60,40,20

Good day, my Bi's were done after the preacher curls. I have seen significant size increase in my Bi's this fall. They are bigger fuller and stronger, even from before the M1T. Yes the strenght increase has increased faster with the M1T, but i know it was going up regardless. If it drops back significantly after i stop then i'll know there was no real gains from it. So we will see soon enough.

11-08-2004, 07:16 PM
Well i seem to be over the tiredness, i've taken some caffine in either coke or coffee and it has kept me awake. I'm still at 30mg M1T, and 900mg 4AD.

Today was bench max day, i added 10lbs. I'm up to 285, 3 weeks ago i did 275 for the first time. Then i did the 100lb db's for flat presses for the first time too. Big chest day.

I've only got a couple of days left on this two weeks. **** i just realised tomorrow is my last day. So it is just 4AD for a week, then two more weeks of i think 25mg of M1T and 600mg 4AD. At 30mg M1T i am getting too many spots.

11-09-2004, 10:02 AM
Well i was 275 this morning before breakfast. I've put on so much weight. It is good weight too, my bf has gone up but i'm just bigger. I always have people telling me how big i am, but they used to always mean my hieght. Now i'm huge, and i have people who've known me for years and are used to my height telling me how big i've gotten. It's awesome.

The acne from the M1T is getting to me, 30mg is def my limit. I read a review about the VPX brand of M1T and it says that is bypasses the liver and so avoids the toxicity problem. That **** is expensive tho.

Today is my last day with M1T for a week. It will be interesting to see how my body does with out it. will my weight drop? will my lifts suffer? All to be reveled in next weeks thrilling installment of the journal.

Argh i'm starving i wanted to write more but i'm staving, i'll get food and come back.

11-10-2004, 12:21 PM
Didn't weight in this morning forgot. Was 278 before i went to bed last ninght full of food. Yesterday was my last dose of M1T for a week. This morning i only too my multi and my VitC and one 300mg dose of 4AD it seemed so little and insignificant.

I really hope i dont suffer losses too great while just onthe 4AD, but wait am i going to suffer any, my test will still be above normal from just the 600mg ED. Just not as far above normal as with M1T too.

Yea so one week of jus 4AD, i wonder how it will effect me though. My lifts and just reaching the peaks of the past two weeks, i'm stronger than ever before. I've just to keep my weight in check this week and get my ass up over 280 before my next two weeks on.

I've planned that after my cycle ends i'm going to switch to a retaining work out plan. i know there are some great atricles out there describing how to keep muscle once you come off. So i will follow one of those for and after my PCT.

Yesterday was Back day, my favorite day i think.
Pull ups, BWx5,6,8 - These are totally new to me, pulling my weight up is a new phenonenom for me

Deads for reps, 300lbsx8-easy, 8-fast to make harder, 350x8-better weight really felt it. SLDL 285x8 - killed my back, it was shot from the other deads.

Bent rows, 185x10,10,10 used underhand grip for last two sets to mix it up.

Lat Pulldowns 195x10,10,10
Cable rows 195x10 -- i was spent by now, tried to super set, but just left it at that.

I was really happy i am able to get some pull ups, i was spotted for some reps near the end but i'm getting there. Deads are getting easier now, i really feel them working my back. My back development has been one of my main goals for this bulk, its worked.

That'll do for now.

11-10-2004, 01:15 PM
I have a question: when you are taking the m1t, do you just have a feeling that you're "on something", and that the gains you're making are much better than what you could be getting all naturally? I was thinking about doing a cycle (not 30mg though) but I was wondering if the gains you make on it are so pronounced that there's no question it's because of the m1t... hope that question made sense

11-10-2004, 04:56 PM
I have def adjusted to it by now, i'm used to it now. That said i do know that i am on it. I am stronger now than i was before. It is more than just a placibo effect i know that. My lifting partner who jumped on when i started my cycle is not bulking, but has gotten bigger and stronger too. So his gains have to attributed to the M1T.

I do recommend trying a cycle, i am going to stock up on some M1T before the ban. To answer the question are "the gains you make on it are so pronounced that there's no question it's because of the m1t?" I cant say simply yes, because had i not bulked too i would not have made the gains i made. Would i have made gains though? Yes.

If done properly, diet, training, pre-cycle, cycle, post-cycle, then you will make good gains with M1T.

11-10-2004, 05:41 PM
so whats stopping you from actually doing the real deal.

11-10-2004, 06:48 PM
Me, not much i think. I really think i will someday. I'm still young tho and i'm still gaining. So from what i've read i feel i should wait before i make that big move. But i'm not apposed to it at all. It is just not the right time for my yet. Though no doubt once this stuff gets banned i will look into it more.

Ohh and the cost, that's the killer, i havent sourced priced anything but i know its more expensive than what i spend now.

11-11-2004, 02:07 AM
not really.... i can probably get or even make my own cycle for cheaper then the m1t/4ad stack

11-11-2004, 06:45 PM
I'll be honest i'm not far from it, i just know its not the right time for me to start yet. It is not to be jumped into lightly. I just ordered some more M1T today from CNW, so that'll do me for the next year or so. PH and **** are already banned back in Ireland so i can bring it back home with me when i graduate college. My plans for after this bulk is to make it through PCT as best as possibe, and then to move to a cut in or after december. This cut i will do properly and i will watch my gut dissapear hopefully for the summer. During this i'll use some M1T for a cut cycle just to see how it goes. My next eventual bulk will be over 300 so i need to get my body used to carrying this weight first before i try for that one. It'll be way down the line like next fall, no earlier.

Second day on only 600mg of 4AD, acne is annoying me. It is not as bad as it has been, but is just so annoying. No back aches, no lethargy. No sides but the pimples.

11-12-2004, 10:24 AM
Today has been a good enough day. Iíve been getting up just a little bit earlier to fry up some eggs for breakfast along with my oatmeal. It is easier then to make it to lunch without having to go buy something. My eating has dropped off; Iím just not eating nearly as much as I did before. Maybe this is a good idea to take this break week from the eating too, so that when I get back with the M1T I will have more interest in all the eating.

I did read somewhere that M1T reduces apatite but I donít know if it did for me or if I was just sick of all the eating. No new spots this morning hopefully meaning that the M1T has dropped to manageable levels in my body by now. Iím really tempted to get drunk, or at least have a couple of drinks one night this weekend. Itís been so long for me, I donít think Iíve ever gone this long without a drink. Maybe this is just the whole point of me not drinking and I should stick it out. Iím undecided.

I went ahead and ordered more M1T yesterday, 4 bottles of 90pills at10mg each. So that stock will do me for a while. I figure Iíll get 2-3 cycles out of it before I even think of doing another one. So by then itíll be a couple of years from now so I may then be ready for the real deal.

It is so awesome how many of my friends are telling me how big Iíve gotten. Iíve got friends on the football team etc and they were already mad because I was taller than them, now they are getting pissed because Iím getting as big/bigger than them. The 20lbs Iíve gained so far obviously are clear to more than just me. If I can just squeeze on another 10 Iíll be set. Iím not worried about losing too much on PCT I hold weight pretty easily it is losing it that I suck at.

Yesterday was shoulder day, it was a good lift. Still getting stronger. Pr on seated military press 140x8, 150x8, 155x8. Iíve not gotten 155 up before, never tried but def never did 8 reps. I then went and threw the 65lb Dbís around for 8 fast reps x3. After that it was just some rear and lateral work, DB 21ís Ė but didnít do 7 on any of them. More like 3x S10/F6/R10. My shoulders were burning but I pushed out 3sets on a machine for each rear and laterals. Today is my day off lifting, so Iíll go to the gym play some bball and do abs.

11-16-2004, 11:38 AM
I'm still here, its just the week off there was not much to post. I took a sligh break in over eating, and i was on only 300mg of 4AD. My supply of M1T arrieved yesterday and i jumped the gun by a day with getting back on. So today is the start of my second 2 week cycle.

The reason i only did one week off, was because i felt i was on too little at 300mg of 4AD, and wasnt off completely enough to do PCT. So i cut it to a week off, and will continue. Also i am only going to run 20mg of M1T for these two weeks. It was getting a bit absurd going up to 30mg. I do know that at the 30mg ED i was getting too much acne to be worth it for me, so i feel that at 20mg I'll be ok-ish.

Side note i've started eating cottage chese. I tried it once a few weeks ago and it turned my stomach to put it in my mouth. This time i just told myself to get used to the taste and it worked, i removed the negitive thoughs i had had about it and just ate it. I wouldnt say i like it now, but i can eat it. I'm sure i'll get some crazy looks when i pull out a tub and a spoon in class. God i might try avoid that.

Ok i will continue to keep this updated. One a side note my libido dissapeared a while ago. I've started to get it back, i've been getting morning wood again. My balls are still empty though. Its sad, and funny at the same time. Like its sad that it is happenening, but i get a sick sort of interest out of seeing the effects on my body so i can laugh it off.

Ehh i know it will pass so i'm not worried, it is still weird. Luckily or not i've not had any action in a couple of weeks so its not come up (literally) as an issue.

11-17-2004, 11:31 AM
Second day of 20mg M1T and 600mg 4AD. No problems i think my errections are comming back i popped one in class today, was glad to see it. I had one last night too. So i guess they are back but i feel so apathetic about girls. I just dont care right now. I've no desire to go persue any ass. I know it will return, hopefully with the test from the M1T, but at latest next month so i'm not worried. I've gotten my eating much better. I'm actually enjoying my cottage cheese today, i dont know i must be real hungry.

Weight has dropped to 271 first thing in the morning but it could have just been the water weight from the M1T clearing up with the week off. These next two weeks will be fun. I had to take yesterday off because of a paper and my team playing its first game, so today is Heavy Leg day and Back day in one. I will be exhausted by tomorrow. Going to go for 315+ tho today. I'm pretty sure i'll hit it, last time i got 300 for 2. Ok off for lunch.

11-18-2004, 10:00 PM
Weighing in a lil lighter recently, the weight is certainly not shooting up as it did when i first started. I guess that is to be expected. I'm now on a different make of M1T, omega i think, i could look but i'd have to get up. Sticking with 20mg ED, with 600mg 4AD one day 300mg the next repeat. I am unsure of the value of the 4AD, but it is def suggested so i won't go against the norms here. Still ridiculously apathetic, not lathergic like before, i just dont care. (becomming a spelling test)

I squatted 330 yesterday, i was well pleased. It was not too much of a struggle at all. Then today i was thinking about it and i realised what my new goals have to be.
Bench 300 - two weeks
Dead 500 - next tuesday all goes well
Squat 350 - 3 weeks atleast before i try it, maybe 6.

Damn and to think then i started this journal i was aiming to just get over 1000. I know i am limited alot by my size for squat and bench, but i can def keep my deads going up i feel. Squat my long legs are the pain, in bench my long arms are, but i guess they cancel each other out in deadlifts. Haha.

I'm in the middle of writing a philosophy paper on plantinga's free will defense. If anyone knows of it then you know my pain. Nah i've got my head around my points so its just a matter of laying it all out properly. That and that its 12 and i'm only half way done.

Ok back to the paper.

11-22-2004, 11:50 AM
Ok so my body is not feeling the M1T anymore, or atleast i'm not aware of it nearly as much as before exxcept for the acne. And not wanting to go back up to 30mg again to feel it i'm going to call it a day and stop one week earlier than planned. I'm weighing in at 277, so i got damn close to 280. I've gone above my dead lift goal & my squat goal. I'll give it one last shot for 300 today, and then i'll begin PCT wednesday.

So to best do the PCT i'll be changing my routine to one i'll research in greater detail today and tomorrow, but one for keeping gains when comming off. I know there are plenty of articles out there and i'll find the one best for me. I'll go through PCT for the next few weeks and get myself going again, then i'll begin a diet to loose the body fat i aquired.

All in all i'm very glad i tried M1T, and i will use it again. The sides were fine with me, the biggest issue was giving up the drinking. Ohh well thanksgiving will be fine for PCT as i will have plenty of good calories to consume, i'm sure i'll get over 280 with that. Gym access will be limeted for a couple of days too, so i think it is as good to get off now as to stay on for this next week.

11-23-2004, 08:25 AM
I got it, i got 300 BP. F*ckin right doggie. I'm so glad, i got it first try. I think i'd worn my self out the previous times i maxed.

This time did
Push upsx15

Then it was back to regular chest day, of which it was incline day so some incline presses, sone incline db's and fly's Overall a good day.

Yesterday was my last day on. So i'll take my first hit of nolva today. Should be interesting. I'm going to go for my dead lift goal today too. This is the max that was schedueled for this week but i wanted to get bench in too.

I'm so looking forward to starting my diet after thanksgiving, yea i know me and the rest of the country i bet.

11-24-2004, 10:19 PM
Still alive, still doing PCT. I've moved my reps up to 12-15. Next week i will change my routine to 3 full body workouts, with cardio and abs on the other days. I'm really looking forward to the diet, i'm so sick of overeating. As sick as it is, i'm looking forward to being hungry.

I failed yesterday at my 500lb deadlift. It got like 6 inches off the ground and i knew it wasnt comming the rest of the way.

11-27-2004, 01:39 PM
PCT is still going fine, i'm going to do 40mg of nolva ED for 10 days, then drop it to 20mg. Its weird taking it orally and it tastes like crap. But it is easily done. I've been getting laid recently and on that front everything is perfect, my loads are a little on the light side, but still there. I guess i'll know i'm fully up and running when my loads get bigger. No problems with getting it up, or keeping it up.

Weight is still steady at 272 mark. so no real losses there. It will be about keeping the strenght not the weight for me. Though with the new routine then it will be harder to tell. We will see.

11-27-2004, 03:06 PM
Nice M1T bulk, I just finished reading all your posts. Are you going to keep the journal even though you're off of M1T now?

And good luck on the 500lb deadlift, thats an accomplishment. The first time I ever got it it took a good 5-10 seconds to get up. But its awesome cuz the bar's all bent and sh1t!! I'm currently on an M1T/4-AD cycle myself, I think it's my 3rd M1T cycle. Getting awesome results out of it too. I'm using a 4-AD transdermal, 400mg ED for 4 weeks. My M1T I started out at 15mg ED <-week1, 20mgED <-week2, 25mgED<-week3, and 30mgED<-week4. I just finished week 1 and I'm already seeing strength results. I'm DAMN near back to where I was (strength wise) 14 weeks ago when I started cutting, and I'm 15lbs less at the same time. So that's all -n- good. Anyways, good job on the bulk and keep goin.

11-27-2004, 04:23 PM
I dont think i will keep this journal after i finish PCT, i created this to show people my experiences with M1T. So that when people search for M1T, they can use this to see how it went for me.

I will create a regular journal for my cut and i'll put more other details into it like life stuff that i didnt want to include in this one. Thanks for reading it though.

11-28-2004, 11:04 AM
Another day, two papers to write. Ehh. All is still going well, PCT hasnt made me crash like i have read about. But it is still early, plus i do not think i was shut down so long as to make the crash a big one.

Still figuring out what exactly the new work out plan will be. but i'm thinking
Full body lifting Tuesday, Thursday, Saterday
HIIT & Abs Monday Wednesday Friday.
Diet, Possibly jay cutlers carb cycling diet as posted on his site www.jaycutler.com

I'm more worried about the diet, i am sure it will work but i'm not as sure i can handle the low carb days. The HIIT i got from a wannabebig article, i think i'll run line sprints. The lifting will be 12-15 reps 2-3 sets for 2 excercises per body part. I'm assuming that i will still use a progressive load with the weight even if it will be down around my 70%.

All will play out soon enough.

11-29-2004, 11:51 AM
Same old PCT 40mg this morning as usual. Weighted in at 273 this morning, most likely leftovers from thanks giving.

Breakfast was 6 eggs, then lunch was 3 cans of tuna. Next i'll suck down 60gram of protien in a shake, and a little later i'll eat a half tub cottage cheese. Probably another shake after my work out, then dinner consists of a lb of steak. Later night snack will be the rest of my tub of cottage cheese. Damn i was supposed to include 1.5lbs of turkey in my diet today. Humm. Dont know if i will, wait actually the second shake is in as a replacement.

11-30-2004, 07:56 PM
Ok i am going to finish this Journal and move to a new one. This journal was intended to be a walk through of my experiences on my M1T bulk, so that now i am starting my diet i do not think it belongs in here.

I just hope that people who do research for M1T will find and read this and learn. This is by no means a complete guide to M1T but it is worth a read before you jump on M1T.