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11-06-2001, 08:54 AM
What kind of turkey do you guys eat? I wouldnt think turkey cold cuts cuz they are so high in sodium. Do you guys buy like whole turkeys and cook them, and take the skin off or what? Actually, I worked in a deli once, and they had this low-sodium turkey that was mmm mmm good. Im sick of chicken and tuna as is everyone.

11-06-2001, 08:56 AM
<~~~~~ hates turkey, except fresh out the oven on Thanksgiving.

11-06-2001, 09:10 AM
When I'm at home I just grill whole turkey breasts

But since I'm in college and not home all that much, I do eat some lunch meat that is turkey, I make sure that it is some form of low sodium, not that it really helps a whole lot.

Tryska I know your from the south, have you ever had deep fied turkey?

11-06-2001, 09:15 AM

yummm....yes i have. it's a thanksgiving tradition down here. I wanted to fry one last year, but i was scared i'd set my porch on fire.

11-06-2001, 09:30 AM

For the past three years we have been deep frying our turkey. I agree it's to good to go back to the oven cooked stuff. And everyone wonders why I get SO excited about Thanksgiving. As it is I hate caf food, and going home for real home cooked meal is like a dream come true.

11-06-2001, 09:32 AM
i really don't think fried turkeys are that bad either.....they are not as greasy as one would think...(if done correctly), and you can always not eat the skin too.

11-06-2001, 09:53 AM
Ya, my uncle deep friend a HUGE turkey last year. It was delicious, the only bad part is the skin (I think). The meat becomes so tender and juicy too.

11-06-2001, 09:56 AM
i liek fried turkee. it r00lz!

11-06-2001, 10:49 AM
turkey makes me sleepy...

Bullrider Billy
11-06-2001, 11:21 AM
Ah use to knowed a dood fumm nawf calina wut used to deep fy tuhkee. Mmm... dat wuz sum good vittles. Cood nut undustayund him fo shee-it, but he sho' wuhked it!

OK, coming north of the Mason-Dixon again...

He'd fry the turkey in a huge stockpot in peanut oil, outdoors on a camping grill. It really was great.

The first few times I met this guy, I had no idea what language he was speaking. He'd tell his kids "you bahttuh" do "dis" or "you bahttuh" do "dat". Bahttuh? You better do this or that. And he'd order "mixed sahluds" at a restaurant... that meant a green mixed salad.

He was the most generous guy with food and picking up the tab, but my head hurt after a few hours with him. :rolleyes:

11-06-2001, 11:32 AM
hey now!

don't you go discriminatin agin us Suth'nahs. we maght speak a touch different from y'all yankees, but that don't mean we ain't educated.

hee hee. when i first moved down here i had a little problem with the dialect myself. as a matter of fact, i stuttered a lot for my first year here. as for those folks from Carolinas....man...i have to talk to guys from Greenville, South Carolina every once in awhile and i can't even understand them.

Chris Rodgers
11-06-2001, 12:11 PM
Turkey for me, ah turkey for you,
I like to eat the turkey in a big brown shoe.

11-06-2001, 12:13 PM
so the guy says put up your dukes...

and i was thinking.....dude..i'm a goat..i ain't got no fuccin' dukes.

11-06-2001, 02:32 PM
y'all must be southerners. Deep Fried Turkey?????????????????

11-06-2001, 02:43 PM
I'm far from being a southerner, in fact I'm a Michigander LOL Born and raised here. Although my best friend is from the south.

11-06-2001, 03:37 PM
Originally posted by mr_hand
y'all must be southerners. Deep Fried Turkey?????????????????

I live in MN from Jersay I love deep fried turkey you will never get a moister or better tasting turkey:)