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10-25-2004, 07:54 PM
Whats up everyone? My name is John and I'm going to start an online journal myself, it seems to keep everyone on a set schedule with their routine and journey to acheive their goals.

Before I get into detail I'll tell a little about myself, I am from Kentucky, I go to the University of Louisville, other than working out I golf, bowl, and am a huge auto buff.

As of right now, I am trying to find a routine that is good for a beginner and has some descripitions and pictures of the exercise.. When I find it, I plan to Spreadsheet it for simplicity and recording purposes.

Diet? I don't drink any soda, only juices (mainly Gatorade/Power Ade, and some V8 Splash), and water.

I have completely driven candy, fast food, and processed foods out of my life. I am now down to mainly deli meats and Subway Club Samwiches (Ham, Roast Beef / Turkey on Wheat or white bread). On the weekends I enjoy an occasional dinner out.

Anyways goals for next week are to FIND A ROUTINE and to get it on Spreadsheet. I will try to have pictures of me up too, so I can get some opinions.

Feel FREE to post / input your opinions, THEY ARE HIGHLY WANTED / VALUED!!!