View Full Version : Going to the academy...will be strong...like bull!!

10-28-2004, 12:39 PM
Hey guys im going to the police academy in Jan. Ive started on my weight training and running about a month and a half ago. I have been using the workout on this site for about four weeks here's where I started.

Flat bench 100lb bells 2x8
incline 70lb bells2x8

clean(never did before) 140lb bells 2x8
pullups 8 just body weight (240lbs)
dips body weight 2x8

military press 150lbs 2x8
curls 65lb bells 2x8
squat 250lbs 2x8


Run 1.5 miles in 12minutes

Squat 400lbs

clean 500lbs

press 350lbs

get body weight to 200-210 30-40 to go!!

Here's where I'm at now.

Dead lift 315 8x2

Bar bell curl 75 8x2

pullups 8x2 full range at 230 lbs body weight

dips 10x2 full motion

running better 3/4 mile 6.5 minutes

everything else about the same weight i can just do exercises with more control and better form.

10-29-2004, 11:27 AM
did you already have the physical test?

10-30-2004, 08:38 AM
looking good, keep at it.

11-05-2004, 01:34 PM
Thanks for the replys guys. Ive been trying to run everyday and I have finally been able to complete a one mile run. Didnt get a chance to time it yet.

My goal is 13.30 for 1.5 miles so im shooting for an 8 minute mile which will give me 5.30 minutes for the last half mile.

Let me tell you guys I have always been a poor runner even when I was wrestling in high school(195bw).

Today I did a half assed attemt at maxing out my bench and ended up doing one set with just 145, then following with one rep of 245 and finally 275. 305-315 was my previous best when i was 17-18.

The academy test hasnt yet been sceduled but im assuming that it is in the next month or so. The bench press is no problem i weigh 230, and the situps are no problem.

11-05-2004, 02:32 PM
Dont feel bad about your running. It took me ~8months to be able to get the 1.5mile in 12mins, and i almost died during it lol
I have to start back on cardio again *sigh*

11-08-2004, 10:50 AM
All the running has really been paying off. Over the past month I can can already tell the difference that the running is having on my body.

I hope that everone who is reading this will listen to me about running. I might have been the biggest hater of running on this board. I would do anything to avoid running at any cost. Well the benifits of running are amazing for anybody who is trying to lift weights or power lift.

If you hate running as bad as I did then I understand how you feel. When I started to try to run I was not even able to make half of a lap around a 1/4 mile track!! After a little bit over one month I am able to jog 5 complete laps around the same track without stopping.

There have been a few good benifits to all of this running im doing. While I'm doing my work outs my intensity has gone up double or triple and I dont get tired during sets. Before I would have to stop between reps because Id be breathing so heavy. LOL

A tip I have to anybody who hasnt run before is to go to a local track and run the straights and walk the curves. Thats how I built up my distance. It does get easier the more you go because the pain goes away and you only have to work on endurance. Well thats my newest thought on running. I am now a believer in how important it is for weight training.