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10-29-2004, 01:56 AM
I'm trying to find out what the best kind of cardio there is for losing weight. Right now, I'm in Iraq, so I'm limited as far as machines go. We have a Lifefitness bike and of course you can walk or run. Right now we've been running 2 miles M-W-F and M thru Sat. we walk 3-4 miles with a 20lb vest on. It seems to be working good, but I'm just wondering if there's something better. The walking idea came from a personal trainer I met who said that walking will burn more fat than running because of what it works. I dunno if it's true or not. Anyway, any help you can give is good. Please tell me what to do, how far to go, and how long to do it for. Thanks.

10-29-2004, 02:12 AM
Bar none, running is this best way to lose weight. Iím not a big fan of losing weight by walking unless itís the only physical activity you can participate in. I would increase the duration of your runs from 18 to 20 minutes to 40 minutes.

Stay safe.

10-29-2004, 02:17 AM
Anything that gets your heartrate up near 70%-maximum BPM is excellent. Running, riding bike, etc... my favorite by far though is stairs!

10-29-2004, 08:39 AM
the less impact the better IMHO

10-29-2004, 08:48 AM
ive heard a lot of good things about HIIT

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10-29-2004, 12:14 PM
I've heard of something called guerilla cardio which is supposed ot be good.

10-29-2004, 12:20 PM
I've heard of something called guerilla cardio which is supposed ot be good.
can you explain guerilla cardio?

10-29-2004, 12:40 PM
GC is
workout in 12 minutes. The first four are warm-up. The second 4 minutes are all out sprints of 20 seconds followed by 20 seconds of recovery. The last 4 minutes are cool down. It's a program that was created by one of the contributors of Muscle Media Magazine

which is nearly the same as HIIT

10-29-2004, 12:43 PM
i c never heard of it! thanx for the info geoff