View Full Version : different type o'carb load??

10-31-2004, 02:45 PM
OK, well I was wondering if this might work a little better:

Spreading my carb load throughout Thursday night, all Friday, and all Saturday???

IE: Starting with Hi GI carbs up until friday night, then switching over to Low GI carbs until Saturday night, then back on to PSMF Sunday. I would also break down my Power Workout to 2 days instead of a Full Body Power Workout. Possibly, Chest/Shoulders/Tris Saturday, and Sunday would be Legs/Back/Bis.

What kind of impact do you think that would put on a 2 week PSMF cycle-carb load diet?

For the better or for the worse? I'm also going to cut my cardio on workout days seeing how cardio isn't LBM sparing, in which I will only do cardio on the 2 days between my upper/lower 2 day split.

Comments/Suggestions/Flames? anything's appreciated