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11-01-2004, 09:01 PM

OK its really time I got my act together. I would have used a different name other than "someguy" but I guess I got inspired after surfing these forums. Anywho, I first joined the gym mid 2003, but somehow lacked real motivation so I got nowhere. Also got in the habit of not ever finishing a routine and completely neglecting legs. But this yr (2004) has been alot better I gained 4kg(8.8lb) and ppl are starting to notice it. I love it!! I'm still a skinny scrawny guy but that'll change. Ok I've been on WWB #1 for a few weeks..just getting used to the exercises and finding the weight.

Height: about 1.8m (I live in Australia so I don't work in feet and pounds...and btw most Australians don't live in the outback and have pet kangaroos; and most of us don't talk like The Croc Hunter)
Weight: 70kg (154 lb)
BF%: No idea...not much I suspect. My abs are visable and I don't do cardio or ab exercises.

Date: 1/11/04 (and no that isn'y written backwards. 1st Nov 2004)

Flat Dumbell Bench Press: 33lb-10reps; 37.4lb-10; 55lb-8,8;
Incline Dumbell Bench Press: 49.5lb-8,6;
Dips: BW-9,8;
Pulldowns (Chin grip): 148.5lb-8,6; (I seem to lose grip when doing this one. I'm like holding on by my finger tips)
Dumbell Rows: 49.5lb-(8 left, 7 right), (8,7)
Calf Raise Machine: 176lb-15; 220lb-10,10; 242lb - 10;

Skipped Deadlifts tday...Knees have been feeling unusually loose.

ok soo I'm like a hell of a lot weaker than all of u....Anyways I'm signing off and looking forward to my next workout.

11-01-2004, 10:30 PM
Welcome to journalland man. Good luck with your goals. :)

11-05-2004, 05:06 AM
Thanks Shane. Holy crap u squat 315lb!! and I thought ppl in a mental institution were insane. ;)

Ok this is what I have been eating. No idea if it is good or not. Have very little knowledge of diets.


Sleep: 6hrs

Meal 1: Rice + beef, mushroom, potato, carrot stew.

Recreational Muay thai (I say recreational because I only do it for fun not competition. My training goals are not geared at improving my kickboxing performance)

Meal 2: 4 slices of toast with margarine, roast beef. 2 small pieces of sweet potato and 2 small tomatos.

Meal 3: 1/3 of 2.3kg lasagne, plate of veges, snacked on some chocy :S

Date: 4/11/04

Sleep: 7hrs

Meal 1: Rice + chicken, soup (chicken, carrots, potatoes, cauliflower)
Recreational Muay Thai
Meal 2: Hungry Jacks- Regular Whopper Meal
Small Meal: More soup.
Meal 3: Rice + beef, mushroom, potato, carrot stew.
Meal 4: Rice + chicken

11-05-2004, 05:08 AM
Date: 5/11/04

Sleep: 7 hrs

Meal 1: Just Right (cereal)
Meal 2: 4 slices of toast, 3 eggs, fatty shredded cheese, small tomato. And a 23g chocolate barÖoh so healthy.
Meal 3: 2 plates of spaghetti bolognaise. A bit Canned fruit (no added sugar)
Meal 4: dunno..haven't eaten it yet

Workout (12:20pm - 1hr 20 mins)

Weight: 70.5kg

Seated Dumbell Press: 10kg-10; 12.5kg-10; 20kg-8; 22.5kg-6;
Standing Lateral Raises: 7kg-10,9;
Narrow Grip Bench Press: 10kg-10; 12.5kg-10; 22.5kg-8; 25kg-7; (changed technique compared to last week. Felt more in the tris :D )

Guys using all the Ezy-bars so I moved onto the Bis first.

Barbell Curls: 10kg-10,10; 20kg-5,4!!!!
(I changed my form and forced myself to lock my elbows to my sides and also tried to keep minimal shoulder movement but that was hard to do in the final reps. Just changing the form really dropped the amount of weight I can do.)

Hammer Curls: 10kg-(7,7),(6,6);
(Also attempted a more strict formÖ.its even harder than with a barbell to not use the shoulders.)

French Press: 15kg-5; 15kg-6;
(HrrrmmmÖI donít know what happened tday. Performance on tris and bi seem really crap. I managed two sets of 7 last week at the same weight. So Iím putting my money on fatigue from the change in form of the Narrow Grip. But even that doesnít really make much sense since I had a long break before doing CGBP. Oh wellÖJust have to find out next week.)

Squat: 40kg-10; 50kg-8;
(Iím still very scared of injuring myself with this one, always worried about my back and knees. So I know I am capable of lifting more but not confident with going to near fatigue. I donít have a spotter either so bad bad things can happen. Either way I do heavy enuff to get me grunting and ppl staring at me like Iím a weirdo.)

11-08-2004, 01:31 AM
Sleep: 7hrs
Diet: What diet??? Yeh I think I'll just start by trying to eat the 5 meals a day.

Monday Workout: back and chest

Today was good but I was soo friggin exhausted for some reason. Like I was panting for breath after my first warm up set....thats not normal. Its like when I got astma and could only run 20metres b4 getting all puffed out. The weird thing is that I only had it for a few weeks?!??! Whats even weirder is that I got it from playing basket ball with excessive flem from pigging out on chocolate!!! Anyways the workout.

BD Bench:

Incline DB Bench:
22.5kg - 8, 6

BW - 10,8

(I might switch this exercise cos we don't have weight straps and shoulders don't like doing my normal bodywight. I might do flys..dunno yet)

Chin ups:
BW - 8,7

35kg-5 (back not liking this exercise)

DB Rows:
22.5kg - (8,8)
25kg - (6,8)

11-12-2004, 07:54 AM
I finished my exams now. Feeling good..summer holidays here I come!!!

Friday Workout: Shoulder, Tris and Bis

Dumbell Press:

Lateral Raises:

Narrow Grip Bench Press (smith machine):

Something felt wrong. Aftwerwards I figured out it was because that the weight of the bar was a lot lighter in the smith machine.

French Press:
(lighter bar than last time which explains the crap performance last week)

Barbell Curls:

Hammer Curls:

11-15-2004, 03:30 AM
Weight: 70.5kg

Monday Workout: back and chest

BD Bench:

I was really surprised that I managed the 27.5, so I felt adventurous to try out 30kg. Wasnít a good idea, I had no chance.

Incline DB Bench:
22.5kg - 8, 7

BW - 9,7

I have noticed that my dip performance depends a lot on how tired I am from the exercises before. I dunno, but my reps seem fairly variable for this one.

Chin ups:
BW - 9,7

30kg-6, 8

I should have done more than 6 reps in the first, but Iím still not quite used to how strenuous deadlifts are. It was more I donít wanna do another rep instead of I canít do another one. I dread doing them as soon as I hear the word I think PAIN!!!! Also I donít think Iím breathing properly because after each set Iím panting for breath.

DB Rows:
27.5kg - (7,8), (6,6)