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11-06-2004, 08:52 AM
Hi guys. Been lifting about 2 months now. Two weeks ago I got my wife to do measures of various parts of my body (upper arm, forearm, thigh, waist, calves, neck, etc..). Today I did it again, both measures were cold in the morning first thing before any pump or anything. Well, my measures for almost everything went down from 1/8 inch up to 1/2 inch. What gives? Is it because I may be losing fat in those areas? I'm not a really super fat guy. I'm 6'3, 196 lbs. Am I still building muscle in spite of losing size? Someone, please help me. I just started on the WBB workout #1 today. Before that I was doing 2 days per week upper body and 2 days per week lower body. I know I'm getting stronger because I'm able to lift more weight. I'm just super frustrated due to smaller measurements. (The only one I was glad to see go down was my waist) Here's my 2 measures compared.

(2 weeks ago)
Wt. 198
Arms: L: 14 3/4 R: 14 1/2
Forearms: L: 11 1/2 R: 11 2/3
Neck: 14 1/2
Chest: 41 1/3
Waist: 37 1/4
Thighs: L: 23 1/3 R: 23 3/4
Calves: L: 15 R: 14 3/8

(This morning)
Wt. 195.6
Arms: L: 14 3/8 R: 14 7/8
Forearms: L: 11 1/4 R: 11 1/2
Neck: 15 1/4
Chest: 41 1/3
Waist: 36 5/8
Thighs: L: 24 R: 24
Calves: L: 14 3/4 R: 15


11-06-2004, 09:05 AM
How many times a week do you work out? I work out two times a week and I'm working out for almost 8 months. I'm getting some nice results now (did not measure myself but my body starts to look muscular).

So, to reply to your question: I think 2 months is way too soon to see results. Give it (at least) another 2 months. But keep going, in the end, your efforst will pay off.

11-06-2004, 09:11 AM
You do think 2 months is way too soon to see results? I worked out 4 days a week but now I'm doing the WBB workout number 1 and that's 3 days a week. I'm going to stick with it because if nothing else it makes me feel good. And I get stoked when I lift more weight than I did the last week. I can tell strength-wise that I'm improving, just can't see the results as easily. I probably have more fat than I know to lose. Thanks for your comments.

Canadian Crippler
11-06-2004, 09:25 AM
Don't measure every 2 weeks... even for those who do make great gains, they'll see practically nothing in that time. Try every 3 months min.

11-06-2004, 11:51 AM
Asylum i would not worry about it yet, you know your strengh is increasing, you feel better, and i assume look better (it will be minor after 2 months).

It is possible that you are finally working off that extra fat that you where not aware you had in those locations.

There is always the possiblity that it was not you, but the variations in the way you where measured. (how tight you are measured makes a big difference)... for example when i first started i weighted 140lbs and 3 months later i remeasured (@ 160lbs) and my arms had "staid" the same size. The differnce was this drastic because I was measured by 2 different people.

Continue to lift big, eat big and sleep lots and you will grow... its that simple.

11-06-2004, 01:08 PM
So much as a little difference in diet could affect #'s to that little. We're talking about 8ths of an inch. If you took in 200g more carbs 2 weeks ago rather than today then of course they would be filled more then. Water retention has alot to do with it too. And you could just be less fat than you were before. Alot of possibilities.

I would suggest measuring every 3-4 months. Yearly quarters or such.

11-07-2004, 09:36 PM
Continue to lift big, eat big and sleep lots and you will grow... its that simple.
:withstupi If your strength is increasing, you stick to the routine, and eat (and sleep) enough, you will add muscle/size.

11-07-2004, 09:46 PM
takes time, dont worry, if in 6months u dont see any results, come back for advice :)

11-07-2004, 09:48 PM
Remember that muscle is around 8 times as dense as fat. Few people will gain muscle as fast or faster than they lose fat, so you will generally see a weight loss as well as a size loss in the initial stages.
As time goes on and you near an idea (or minimal) level of bodyfat, your muscle development will expand beyond, first, your starting weight, and finally, your starting measurements.