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11-08-2001, 04:21 PM
Health Benefits from cardio/weight training

Building your cardiovascular system is important, by exercising on a daily basis 4x a week or even 2x a week you are stressing the ability to pump blood and your lung's ability to provide oxygen with exercise that get you phsycially and emotionally fit.
To get the best out of your cardiovascular workout experts suggest you should exercise enough to raise your pulse rate to 70-85 percent of your maximum. Cardio isn't the only factor, weight lifting also plays a role. Weight Lifting burns fat ,lowers blood pressure and controls cholesterol and blood sugar levels,it will also keep your body young if you have a good diet.

Eating for power

For most people looking to gain mass, you need to eat, shifting to a more powerful diet is a matter of fine-tuning rather than a total overhaul. Food is the building material and energy providing that will help you grow and go intense in your lifting. Manage your meals if you want allday energy, the best time to stoke your personal furnace is first thing in the morning with a nice breakfast, dont skip breakfast because your most likely to binge during lunch, eat 6small clean meals and have yourself a cheat day once in a while when you feel its needed .

Achieving Power

You want to be Built? Than you need a total body training routine to meet those goals, When you put strength training and aerobic training together you get a powerful combination of fitness benefits that both burn fat.Cardio by directly burning fat and weight lifting by raising the metabolism long term. To Acheive Power you must eat and train right....
You dont want to waste any time or energy on inefficient exercises for the best muscle building effects,fitness experts suggest weight lifting 2-3 times a week with atleast a days rest between sessions, Lift the most weight you can handle in the 8-12 rep

Staying Motivated

Make your goals explicit ,be realistic and reward yourself once in a while and avoid excuses why you didn't train or had that cheat day if you knew you weren't suppose to until a certain day.
Avoid Excuses like -No Time ,if you have no time than weight lifting is not for you many of us put so much effort into it and if you arent the type of person than its not for you, and dont think 1day a month is going to make you buff..
No Energy.. Eat if your goin to train ,dont cry cause you didn't have energy dont rely on supplements to do you baby work, eat for power
No Place to Work Out, dont be scared of huge guys they dont bite , just wait for a equipement to be free and workout.

Okay this is just general stuff ,hope it helps a little:)

11-08-2001, 06:48 PM
Originally posted by reso
No Place to Work Out, dont be scared of huge guys they dont bite , just wait for a equipement to be free and workout.

hahaha...i remember the first time i walked into the tiny school weight room...packed with the entire football team...music blasting...i think i did one set and got the hell out.

that was a long time ago though :) and the thing about the time and effort...thats so true. it really takes a certain kind of person to like this stuff

Chris Rodgers
11-08-2001, 08:56 PM
I guarantee every guy in there jumped on a bench or started curling to impress you Jane.

Jane= cutie ;)

11-09-2001, 02:22 AM
Your title suite you Latty !!!! ;)

11-09-2001, 09:50 AM
MY 1st day in the gym was jumping around from machine to machine to machine......HAHAHAH THAN CARDIO for 100000000000000000000000mins :P :P

11-09-2001, 09:53 AM
heh. my first day at this new gym i wound up getting a dinnerdate for that saturday night. *lol*

he wound up being a dork, though. had nice arms, but no wheels.

11-09-2001, 11:56 AM
Well,when I first started weightlifting each training session was lasting up to two hours :eek: and I was following a high carb/low fat/don't know how much protein diet...

11-09-2001, 01:05 PM

yech high carb/low fat diets make me mad. my friend, who was born with a slower metabolism has been following it religiously for years. she refuses to eat meat and her meals consists of mostly processed carb with as little fat as possible. Example: lunch: small cinnamon raisin bagel, nutrigrain bar, grapes, 1 piece string cheese. ridiculous. not only is she in starvation mode because she doesnt eat enough but she wont eat protein or fat. (no breakfast either) buts its perfectly ok to have a tastykake cupcake as a snack as long as its fatfree. grrrrr. of course, i have no right to tell her anything, since i screwed myself up, but i hate watching her go hungry, have malnutrition, still gain weight, and be miserable. high carb/low fat diets are killer for some people.

11-09-2001, 01:26 PM
High carb diets work better for active persons(especially the ones who are performing anaerobic activities).
Sedentary persons have to follow a diet with less carbs.

11-09-2001, 01:40 PM
yup, and shes definitely sedentary. and dehydrated too, i think. she goes from 7:00am-2:30 with one of those TINY little bottles of water. A cup worth I think.

11-09-2001, 02:10 PM
Miserable... :(