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11-16-2004, 05:33 AM
The plan is to Bulk to late Feb early March then start working on definition after through my diet, hopefully in time for the summer.
This sound like a reasonable time period for both phases?

11-16-2004, 07:07 AM
Yeah i reckon thats a good plan. Id do it untill early March and then youll have about 3 months to get cut up.

11-16-2004, 08:21 AM
Keep bulking for sure, doesnt look like you carry much fat on you. You may not even need to cut too hard at the end :)

11-16-2004, 10:02 AM
Thanx fellas, never done a bulk before though ive gained about 8lbs in 2 weeks from eating like a starved animal, taking on protein and working on my legs.
Left the gym today and could barely walk up the steps, much have been doing something right.

Btw Im 5'11 and 180lbs

11-16-2004, 10:49 AM
Left the gym today and could barely walk up the steps, much have been doing something right.
Thats when you know youve had a good work out!

11-16-2004, 02:17 PM
keep bulking till at least 200...more power to you if you could get up to 225 in the long run..pound the compound exercises and pound the food and you'll blow up

11-16-2004, 02:19 PM
I agree with everyone, bulk bulk bulk, dont stop till your about 215

11-16-2004, 02:49 PM
Nice one lads, Ill def stay on the bulk and keep hitting the weights hard, is twice a week sound ok for each muscle group? And would cardio slow bulking or is it advisable to stick to some sort of cardio program?

11-16-2004, 03:26 PM
Another thing, when I eventually reach the end of my bulk say in march then I start to cut i'm guessing im going to lose quite a bit of weight but how would I go about keeping the muscle? Just keep firing in the protein?

11-16-2004, 06:03 PM
well, cardio is good for your heart, but I personally dislike cardio...I don't like the twice a week idea, but building muscls is a trial and error process, you have to figure out what works best for you...you could keep muscle in your future cut by working out really hard and losing no more than 2 lbs a week..hope I helped

11-17-2004, 08:15 AM
Another thing, when I eventually reach the end of my bulk say in march then I start to cut i'm guessing im going to lose quite a bit of weight but how would I go about keeping the muscle? Just keep firing in the protein?

Keep training hard & heavy, keep your protein up, and try not to lose more than 1-2lbs/week.

11-17-2004, 08:47 AM
Its good to get some advice on these topics, I only ever did weights for waterpolo, so looking good wasn't an issue, just strength. I'll take this all into consideration when i eventually become a fatboy in march. thanks again folks

11-22-2004, 04:19 PM
Just a few new pics about 2 weeks into bulking, already gained quite a bit of weight, though going from 2-3 hours of cardio and cardio based sports a day to basically none or not a lot might have speeded this process up.

11-22-2004, 04:35 PM
Wow, looks like you're making great progress already. It appears you've already added some decent size.

11-22-2004, 05:50 PM
Thanx man, first wow i've had in a long time haha
Def added some decent size to the belly mate, kinda feel that jiggle on the bus now, but all part of the scheme i guess.
Feel bigger in the shoulders and traps, biceps never seem to respond well, might just take more time, will keep plugging away.

11-22-2004, 06:00 PM
If that's fat, I might as well just end it now. :)

Looking good. :D

11-22-2004, 08:58 PM
Thanx mate, not too bad but this is as heavy as i've ever been so feeling the effects, not enormous gains in strength, might hit the creatine next month, just on protein at the moment, about 3 shakes a day.

11-22-2004, 09:40 PM
You're looking good there. You look so much like my brother it's crazy, you're just smaller with better genetics.

11-22-2004, 09:52 PM
Seriously bro ... you are looking good . Nice start , keep going .

11-22-2004, 10:07 PM
damn..great improvement for such a short period of time...you have a lot of potentia..how much weight have you gained so far?

11-22-2004, 10:19 PM
you have the abercrombie look... maybe a little bigger though. how are the legs?

11-23-2004, 11:42 AM
Thanx people good to hear from yous. Was working out today with my brother down at the gym, pretty good workout, though not feeling the chest workouts like i used to.

The legs i've really only started working but they've never been in too bad of shape just nothing too pleasing to the eye, ill get some pics of those up later.

Gained about 13lbs in around 2 weeks, seems quite a lot to me, doesnt feel too bad, though def feel quite bulky compared to ususal. I think I'm adding quite a lot to my legs as they've never been worked before so the potential to build on them is quite high.

BCC ben keeping an eye on you and yer pics here and on pro muscle, amazing progress over the years, I like yer current shape, something that shape smaller size would be a good marker for me, though prob gonna go natural for quite a while to see how things pan out, ya never know after that.

Thanx again all of ya and i'll keep this up to date for yous.

11-23-2004, 11:43 AM
btw, whats the abercrombie look? being from Belfast only thing i know is there's a clothing line named after it?

11-23-2004, 11:48 AM
good symmetry and development.

keep up the good work.

they probably meant
Ambercrombie look = model look = lean muscular build

11-23-2004, 02:11 PM
ah right I hear ya, shouldnt be too long before I start spilling over my trousers and have a nice little belly for xmas, in time to go back and see the girlfriend, I know she'll be 'real' proud.

11-23-2004, 06:04 PM
abercrombie models kinda look like you only a little smaller. i think you look pretty good, especially if you want to model.

muscle chic
11-23-2004, 06:45 PM
Keep it up!! Lookin good!!

11-23-2004, 09:15 PM
I don't think the world of modelling would appreciate the extra 2 chins I have miraculously gained but then again ya never know, ty for saying so anyhow security and ty muscle chic.
Day off tomorrow and then back on thursday for a pulling session, pushing session friday followed by another rest day and repeating, this is the routine i've been foloowing for the last 2 weeks,before that full body workout every other day but to be honest it just took too much energy and felt like I was sacraficing strength and effort.

11-23-2004, 10:22 PM
That last pic, the most muscular looks awesome man. Good work.

11-23-2004, 11:13 PM
Definitely a good, symmetrical frame and muscles. Looking good man.

11-24-2004, 11:16 AM
thanx fellas, much appreciated.

11-24-2004, 02:43 PM
Just took 2 more pics there, dunno what angle that first one is and here's one of my hairy little legs, just started working on them though I feel like I could pack quite a bit on there. Stomach quite bloated at the moment, you think that might be the protein shakes or just eating too much lol?

11-26-2004, 11:33 AM
A most muscular from 3 months ago though I think it's a bit ironic to call this a MM.

12-12-2004, 03:22 PM
Hi guys, been on this bulk for about 5 weeks now, hitting the gym regular and with intensity. On a push pull program at the minute but thinking of moving to a more suitable spilt.
weight has gone from approx 76kg to 85 kg about 167-187 lbs.
I've found noticeable strength gains in my biceps ( odd for me ) shoulders and legs with not so noticeable gains in my chest which i am most surprised about.
Anyhow here are a few updated pics

12-12-2004, 03:28 PM
arms look nice and thick keep up the good work!

12-12-2004, 03:34 PM
definite improvement, great job.

12-12-2004, 03:37 PM
Thank you for the positive comments folks

12-12-2004, 06:07 PM
Noticeable improvement - keep it up man.