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11-16-2004, 03:48 PM
hi guys please rate

11-16-2004, 03:52 PM
what's up with the pics? i'm getting the nothing clear

Canadian Crippler
11-16-2004, 03:54 PM
What the heck did you do?

11-16-2004, 04:04 PM
the thing is if i dont have it like that it says its to large to post.
any suggestions?

11-16-2004, 04:27 PM
ya make reduce your image size.

11-16-2004, 05:00 PM
Reduce the jpeg quality (not the number of colors) before you upload it here.
If you dont already have a tool, a good free one is Irfanview - you can download it here: http://irfanview.com/
Load your original image into Irfanview and then goto Save As, jpeg, adjust the quality to get a 100k file size .. you'll have to monitor the file size separately.

11-16-2004, 05:27 PM
ok this should be better

11-16-2004, 05:50 PM
Lookin good .. Hoooyge arms!

11-16-2004, 06:10 PM
yeah your arms look enormous... probably want to get everything else bigger to balance it out :D

11-16-2004, 07:07 PM
Arms > All ;)

11-16-2004, 07:29 PM
everything looks alright.. dont get to much postive ness to ur arms, there not big yet! keep training, i wanna see better pics in 6 months! how bout those wheels?

11-16-2004, 07:45 PM
I rate you an 8.3/10

J/K man... lookin' good, nice arms

11-17-2004, 12:19 PM
can't tell with the shirt on.... you might have man boobs and a flabby belly underneath the shirt.

your upper arm & forearm development is decent. Keep working out. Looks like the chest is weak, but its hard to tell with the pose and shirt.

11-17-2004, 12:55 PM
thanks for your feedback everyone

11-20-2004, 06:01 AM
It's damn near impossible to critique you because of the shirt, but it looks like your arms blow everything else on you out of the water. You don't appear to have a well developed chest or traps and your arms definitely over power your delts which imo is something you should work to reverse.

11-20-2004, 10:28 AM
Yeah, that's a really bad picture to try to judge your physique on. Your arms look almost ape-like in that your tris/bis/forearms overwhelm your delts, there is little chest development as well as traps. Post a better one with your shirt off, and let's see some legs.

11-20-2004, 10:51 AM
not sure how old you are, your arms may be big for your age.........but in all essence they are nothing yet in the bodybuilding world. But keep up the hard work!!!!!

11-20-2004, 12:15 PM
you have some guns there. need to fix that eye problem though :D