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11-20-2004, 01:55 PM
Hey Guys...

Well, i have this question in mind...

i was reading the recipes on this community about chicken and stuff and all required an oven and unfortunately for me i dont know how to turn my oven on or i dont know if it even works...

so what i thought of doing which would i guess help me gain weight; MEAL WISE, ... was to do fajitas... so i went and bought 2 pieces of green and red pepper, 2 lbs of boneless stripped breast chicken and added about a lb of Cajun, an onion, a tomato and mixed them all together and ate em ... it made alot ... like a serving for 2 or 3 ppl but i ate it all with an approximate amount of 1 lb lite Yogurt on top, spices added, a little bit of veggie oil... so i guess all together it would be a weight of a 4 lb meal lol... i guess i weight 4 xtra lbs now since i didnt visit the bathroom yet lol... i just wanna know if thats a good enough meal, im gonna be starting a cycle soon... well sunday... but im getting my eating habits on track, and to be honest im eating alot more double the amount i used to eat for 2 months now... im 177 lbs, 5'10, ive worked out on n off for 3 years and ive been steady for 6 months now working out, but my travelling cut me off, now im settled, im drinking more water... i donno the exact info about the cycle im getting or gonna be having, but once i get the info i will post it here... so you guys could help me with advice... or tell me if its a good enough cycle... or if its too much, and ask me anything and i will answer, im still new to this... so it's why im askin professionals,

my whole point of asking about the meal is to know if its low fat high protein meal.

PS: i dont know if this thread is supposed to be posted here, but if its in the wrong place, you guys know how to move it i guess and put it in its right curriculum.

And thank you :shoot:

11-22-2004, 02:27 AM
First off, if you're starting a cycle on Sunday you should probably know what you're going to be running...

The meal looks good, but it's totally unnecessary to eat that much at one sitting.

11-22-2004, 07:15 AM
hey thanks for the reply... what if i kinda divided that meal to 3 for one day? like between breakfast and lunch and between lunch and dinner and one at the end of the night?