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11-26-2004, 03:07 PM
I was inspired by other log's so I decided to create one.

Age: 31
Weight: 168
Ectomorph/Hardgainer type (if you believe in this and I do feel that understanding your body type helps)
Measurements: I need to get a measuring tape this week

Around 175
16 inch arms
42 inch chest
16 inch neck
32 inch waist
These are inspired by the early drug free physical culturalists.

Workout Plan:
-Lift 3 days a week on a push/pull/legs split.
-I also enjoy playing tennis, basketball, surfing, and just about any sport and will sacrifice some muscle to enjoy these sports. I believe life is short and people should be well rounded and enjoy themselves.

I look foward to posting more, reading input, and sharing with others.

Played tennis for about 30 minutes just to get outside and enjoy the great weather here in Los Angeles. I will be lifting tomorrow (pull day) and I will post a log.

I love to read anything about health and fitness. Here are some of the sites I frequent.


11-26-2004, 03:15 PM
congrats on the new journal.. and the goals you have stated deffinately do not seem hard pressed to achieve.. good luck

11-27-2004, 04:38 PM
Worked out a little early today. I normally like to lift after 4pm. Today was chest/shoulder/triceps. I dread this day now because of my shoulder that likes to flare up only when I due pushing exercises. I am going to try and do some rotator work on my off days to strenghten the area. I am going to test out a couple of different chest presses today.

Warm up 8 min on treadmill

Pullover and press
I got this lift from Vince Gironda. I take an ez bar and do 8 pullovers then 8 close grip presses. I went light and concentrated on the muscles being worked. I love this lift.
35x8/8 45x8/8 55x8/8

Incline chest press/flye
I went light on these and focused on keeping my shoulders down and back. Since I was going light I decided to add a flye twist towards the end of each press. Did not feel any shoulder irritation. :clap:
3 sets of 8 35 lbs

Incline hammer press
Decided to give these a shot for my chest and see if my shoulder gets irritated. I went light and felt no irritation. Once again I worked on concentrating and squeezing the chest as I lifted. No irritation.
1 plate each side 12 reps

Cable crossovers
Experimented and looked for shoulder irritation. I felt a slight irritation on these. Maybe I was bringing the cables back to far.
45 lbs each side 2 sets of 12
I don't know if I will do these again. I should not of even tried these but was inspired by reading an article by Paul Chek.

Bent over laterals
I went light and concentrated on the muscle.
3x8 10lbs

Body Masters Lateral Machine
This machine along with the nautilus version really helps me to focus on the side delts. I am trying to look a little wider.
2 sets of 12 55 lbs

Stretched afterwords for 10 minutes.

Workout was ok. Damn paronoia over shoulder flareups. I hope I wake up tomorrow with no pain. I hope in the future I could go back to heavier presses and overhead presses. I need to focus on rotators and keep up with my pulling work to ensure this.

11-28-2004, 07:26 PM
Played tennis for about 45 minutes today.

Triceps are sore from yesterday's workout but unfortunately so is my right shoulder. I believe these might of been from the :shoot: cable crossovers.
I will drop these from my next chest session. My upper pecs are mildly sore which pleases me since I really concentrated when doing my incline presses.

When lifting weights I now try to follow the philosophy in the answer found below that I found on another site:

(not my question just came across this one day)

I've been lifting weights for several years. I made pretty good progress for first year or so and continued to lift heavier weights to build muscle but stopped making gains. My joints were chronically sore even though I was using good form on exercises. I even took more rest days upon advice of guys at the gym. What else can I do ? I'm ready to quit working out all together. Maybe I just don't have genetics to build muscle after all ?

This dilemma creates a "pit-fall" for many and unnecessarily so. We must redefine what our purpose is in the first place. We purpose to stimulate lean muscle tissue to promote muscle growth. In order to accomplish this, we must provide a "reason" for the muscles to adapt. We want to create just enough INTRA-MUSCULAR TENSION to cause muscles to come to a point a ENERVATION (where muscles temporarily lose vitality). We are to learn to FLEX the targeted muscles throughout range of motion along with the external source of resistance (i.e. weights). This is what ends the "signal" neuromuscularly (brain to muscles) to activate. When we get identified with just "how much I can lift" we are actually concerned primarily with going from point A to point B. This is where we go wrong when it comes to altering size and shape of muscles in safest and most-efficient manner. The body is an amazing organism that God created to "survive" even the toughest tasks. When we employ momentum to overcome the resistance we are actually TAKING AWAY stress from targeted muscles via inertia. Thus, the muscles become acclimated regardless of "how heavy" you are going. So, as you have experienced, you must forever continue to add weight to "make progress". However, it's not necessarily the targeted muscles that are taking the load (in fact, rarely is) so the connective tissues take-on the "added weight" as well as "neighboring" muscles that are more than happy to oblige to satisfy the ego. And, muscles progress far more quickly than tendons, ligaments, etc. so our purpose is to get the MOST out of a give external resistance before increasing. Use the weight as a "tool" that is a means to the goal. Not the goal in and of itself. The obvious exception is in case of weight-lifting and/or powerlifting where our Objective IS to move a heavier weight from A to B.

11-28-2004, 07:28 PM
Happy about the Chargers win :clap:

Gates has been a great find. Next comes the Broncos.