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11-29-2004, 07:52 AM
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***********NEWS FLASH*****************

So I'm back to working out hard again. Praise me. The biggest reason is that while the corporate life is good money, I want to work on the health of people. I'm training for my CFT (Certified Fitness Trainer), then my SSC (Specialist in Sports Conditioning), and SMAC (Specialist in Martial Arts Conditioning). I'm doing all with ISSA and will see where I go from there. I hope to have my CFT before I meet up with everyone at the Arnold. So considering that I want to do that and work in the health care world in this area, I need to look the part as well as talk the talk. I still see so many Fresh-off-the-Block trainers that dont even practice what they preach and I refuse to be like that. I'm going to be setting up a website on my entire journey with pictures and such. In the end I'm opening a gym that's 3 sectioned, one is your normal gym with cardio, the next door is the hardcore gym, hardcore metal, rock, and punk music with multiple racks and benches including kettleballs and tires/sledges, sandbags, etc, and finally the 3rd is an MMA gym with bags and a full ring. I'm working with various investors but I have obligations to deal with first before I take the step, first step is getting myself on track.

I was having issues with energy since I started my new job back in June. I gained basically a freshman 15 or more. Consulting seems to do a good job of that. So I started HIIT training and almost immediately I have more energy, now I've started weights again. Due to the area being **** for gyms I only can work out on the weekends when I'm at home. If soreness doesnt get in the way I work out 4 days a week, 2 cardio, 2 weights.

June 06 - 238lbs
Sept 06 - 256lbs
Dec 06 - 243lbs

Since I hurt my back my lifts have all gone to hell, especially my bench. So I'll be starting over basically.


Well, our hero finally decides to make a journal, mainly because he has absolutely nothing to do at work and feels like wasting time getting paid for making this journal. a few stats

Height: 6'3
March 05: 250lbs
June 05: 248lbs
Sept 05: 239lbs

BF%: ~17%
Years Lifting: 2
Status: Single

The Story:
I was one of the fat kids in middle and high school. funny since when I was younger I was really active and a scrawny little rodent no matter how much I ate, but following my father's genes, I became a fat ass. My mother and grandfather are marathon runners and my g-pa did the Hawian Iron Man triathalon at 48 so I have good genes right? Bah, I, the tubby one, never followed suit. I'd run a few months here or there but then got bored and quit, I've always needed a strong incentive. When I ran with the Raven in Miami the 8 miles, I got paid 250$ to do it. Anyways, When I hit my senior year of HS, I decided to build, I couldnt curl 20lb dbs.
Finally when I moved to D.C. I bought a Crossbow thinking I could build like the guys in the video, naive me. I told my buddy who runs a motorcycle shop and he told me I was a little girl and real men go to the gym (he's someone built huge up top but with chicken legs underneath). So I joined a gym and he taught me what he knew. That was Oct 1, 2003.

Beginning stats (Oct 1, 2003):
Weight: 225lbs
BF%: 33%
DB Curl: 25lbs
BP: 115lbs
Squat: (remember chicken legs, never did it)
DLs: Never did them

Current Stats (Jan 19 2004)
1/30/05 - 252lbs
2/21/05 - 243lbs
5/18/05 - 250lbs :(
9/20/05 - 239lbs
BF%: ~17
DB Curl: 55lbs
BP: 245lbs (100lb DBs)
Squat: 225lbs
Deadlifts: 325lbs

- BF%: ~10% (the ladies love a little cushion)
- BP: 315lbs
- Curl: 75lbs
- Make the ladies want to rape me

One of the big things I neglected until about mid Nov 04. I cleaned up my diet a lot, before it was whatever I wanted, sandwiches all on potato bread or lots of dip and fatty foods, pizza and such. Never one for fast food but I also laid off the soda completely and cut back on the alcohol. Also, I've thrown in some cardio 2-3 times a week. Since this is all better than before I expect to lose a bit before I plateau on it.

0900 - Oatmeal mixed with protein powder, water, fish oils and multi vit
1100 - Sandwich, tuna or ham/cheese on 7 grain bread, water
1300 - Sandwich, tuna or ham/cheese on 7 grain bread, water, protein powder, can of soup (the microwave new stuff good for filler only ~140 cals)
1500 - Sandwich, tuna or ham/cheese on 7 grain bread, water
Dinner when I get out of class or get home - This is where I sometimes dont eat or dont feel like cooking.

My diet isnt great, I'm not getting the 400 cals a meal I need but I dont like cooking. Its not bad just gets old. Unless you guys have alternatives..I'm just going on like this. I've already seen better def in my arms so I guess its all good.

Green Tea extract
Fish Oils
Protein Powder (technically not supplements right?)

Will post pictures in a few months, I have some before's but you get nothing until I have something worth the afters. another month or two and I should be good.

12-09-2004, 10:59 AM
OK, my exercises are as follows.

Shoulder Press
Lateral Raises
Cable Rear Delt Row

DB Flat Bench
BB Incline
DB Decline Fly

BB Preacher Curl
BB Reverse Preacher Curl
Cable Curl

Cable Pull Down Palm Down
Cable Pull Down Palm Up
BB French Press

Cable Seated Row
Weighted Supine Row

Calf Raises
Leg Press (wide)
Leg Press (narrow)

I've been checking out Anthonys tire and sandbag bit and working on setting up a routine to add to the fun

12-09-2004, 11:01 AM
The actual journeys to the gym involve 2 muscle groups, then every other day 2 more that arent sore. this usually causes chest and bi's to get worked out twice a week and everything else once or twice depending. All done in style of HIT training.

12-09-2004, 11:03 AM
good luck with your goals wombat

12-09-2004, 04:56 PM
Teheheh he posted he was single, any takers? :D

12-10-2004, 06:06 AM
worked out yesterday,

DB Flat Bench - 3 45x8, 65x8, 90x6 (failure)
DB Incline - 3 45x8, 55x8, 55x12 (failure)
DB Decline Fly - 2 35x8, 45x6, 50x2

Chins - 3 sets - 5, 3, 1.5
Supinated Weighted - 3 - BWx 8, BWx8, BWx6.5
Cable Row - 3 - 95x8, 140x8, 160x8

The new routine kicked my ass and I tend to just hold the furtherest point if I cant get it all the way up. On my Supinated weighted I spent a lot of time hanging on the last reps, as well as on chins. The workout was good, I was burned up, damned gym was crowded so it took a little longer than it should have

I want 100lbs db bp and 5 95s
I want to rep the full 8 chins
Rep the full sets of supinated weight (need to buy a weighted jacket to add weight to it once I master the bw bit
drink more water. i average 3 liters day, aim for 5. more carbs preworkout.

hahah pizdoff, after tomorrow, I may have to change that, asking the lady tomorrow for exclusivness...

12-10-2004, 06:40 AM
You lost 33lbs of fat and gained 60lbs of LBM in 2 months? Or is that a typo?

12-10-2004, 07:04 AM
oops it was a typo... i did add a bunch of weight and packed on the muscle during the first 2 months but it was just beginner muscle... Sadly I've leveled off my weight at 252. Now that I'm adding more emphasis on my lower body I hope to pack on another 8 lbs over the next 6 months of lbm

12-12-2004, 06:42 PM
Todays work out:

Didnt feel like going to the gym today, just a little stressed on the finals that started today and go through tuesday. So I stayed home and played with my new sandbags...still looking for a tire...no junkyards nearby.

Sandbags = 50lbs which is good since I just started building the legs...

Squat - 4 - 50x8
Bearhug Jump - 3 - 50x8
Lunges - 50' x3 with 50lb
3 Story stairclimb - x10 with 50lb

I am beat now... legs are really weak. Only ate 3 times today..nothing bad, but not totally clean. next to no water...

Working out tomorrow after the exam, hopefully not as lazy

12-14-2004, 10:01 AM
Monday - Had a final exam and then hit the gym for a quickie afterwards

EZ Bar Preacher Curl - 3 - 55x8, 75x8, 95x6
Reverse Preacher - 3 - 45x10, 45x8, 55x8, 55x6
Chins - 3 - 4, 2, .5 <-- with bi's totaled lats were on their own
Supinated Weighted - 3 - BWx8, BWx7, BWx4 (held)
DB Static Hold - 3 - 75, 75, 65

A smaller workout but I was mentally out of it because of school. I ate good and drank 3 liters of water...so at least I'm keeping a clean diet. Weds will be Chest/Shoulders

12-14-2004, 10:18 AM
nice start to a journal bro.. its about time you got one of these going.. and nice progress thus far

12-14-2004, 10:32 AM
lilmase, thanks. I figure the more I track what I do the more likely I'll keep hitting the gym.

NEW GOAL:: DEADLIFT a Saturn Coup....its all plastic anyways...

The reason my work outs seem so small is because they are. I dumb 50-90% of what I can lift. every couple of times I'll go for a new max. Whenever I cant get that last one I just hold and burn and I dont give up until my face turns that perfect shade of red. Bi's for example I work until they are so tight I cant straighten them all the way back out. The soreness usually lasts 2-3 days and I'm back at it.

12-23-2004, 03:37 PM
Ok, got back from Florida and finally got back into the gym too. No gym down there and I didnt eat like I should have but stuck with a whole lot of meat. Anyways Chest and Tri day.

Cable Pull Down Palm Down - 3 - 40x8, 60x8, 80x6
Cable Pull Down Palm Up - 3 - 30x8, 50x8, 60x3

DB Flat Bench - 3 - 65x8, 80x8, 100x2
DB Incline - 3 - 45x8, 50x8, 55x6

Deadlift Machine Shrug - 3 - 90x12, 180x12, 180x10

A smaller workout but I always go hard and heavy that and after my new max I was worn out a bit. Even though I skipped a week in Florida the last 2 days I've been eating good. So today I was like wtf, why not? My last max was 95lbsx1.5, today 100x2 and a SOLID 2, I kept form solid, didnt want to get hurt. I felt really good about it, but tri's were all warmed up and a bit out. Tried my new Ipod today but couldnt find the damned volume so it was low and the music didnt drown out the little kids off the to side giggling about the 15lb dbs.

EDIT* I'm down at mother's house and she measured up my arms. They're at 16.25 inches...thats good? what you people think? whats the average?

12-29-2004, 07:33 PM
ah man it feels good to work out again.

DB Press: - 3 - 35x8, 45x8, 55x6
Lat Raises - 3 - 17.5x8, 25x8, 30x4
Cable Reverse Pull - 4 - 30x8, 40x8, 50x8, 40x6

Pull Ups: - 2 - 4.5, 3.25
Weighted Supinated - 3 - 8, 6, 3 hang
Seated Cable Row - 3 - 100x8, 140x8, 160x8
Shrugs - 90x15, 180x13

My shoulders are probably the weakest part of my body...so I have to keep dropping the ego like a gymp. Back is probably the second weakest part on me. I found that the shoulder, back combo works really well. So it'll probably be together from now on. I've done the noob thing and focused too long on my bi's and chest so, gotta round it all out now. yippity. Spent too much time playing Halo2 and Fable. Fridays will be bi's and tri's.

12-29-2004, 07:54 PM
Workouts lookin good man. So does the diet. Good luck with ya goals...

12-31-2004, 07:47 AM
great job crazed, put down the controller and stop playing too much halo :)

01-01-2005, 09:32 PM
heheh I beat fable so thats done. stupid gym was closed, but 4 hours of basketball worked me over pretty good, tomorrow I'll try out Anthony's GPP program, finally got all the required equipment aka got my tire finally. the only problem is I jammed my pinky playing basketball and while thats not much, its the same pinky I dislocated white water rafting and it had just gotten so it doesnt bother me working out so its all swelled up and useless, hopefully it doesnt mess me up too much

01-03-2005, 08:19 AM
EDIT* I'm down at mother's house and she measured up my arms.
you're so lucky your mom measures your arms! my mom would be like "are you crazy?! go measure them yourself#%()@%!"

01-03-2005, 03:56 PM
crazed ignore ryu you can never play enough halo2 :-) so when are we gonna play again huh? anyways nice couple of sessions and yes that is cool how your mom will measure your arms you are lucky bro..

01-03-2005, 07:40 PM
Today the way my muscles were acting I went for the GPP since football kept me from it over the weekend.

50 Jumping jacks
Tire Pull forward - ~150'
Tire Pull backward - ~150'
Sledge from shoulder - x20 Each side
100lb shoulder bag carry - 150' (2 50 lb sandbags)
Deadlift and throw - 150'
50lb Lean - x20 (hold sandbag on head and lean back then straighten, ab work)
50lb Swivel - x20 (hold sandbag on head and twist, oblique work)
Golf Swing Sledge - x25 each side

That was it, the tire drag wore me out and I couldnt get my breath back for most of the time, almost threw up every second. I need to get back to cardio but I refuse until I start cutting. so I'll survive it.

01-05-2005, 05:07 AM
gpp workout looks intense thats cardio enough

01-06-2005, 06:02 AM
So I worked out last night. I figured I was a weak little girl for not working out chest in over a week. I was right. Plus I had another energy drain. well i didnt but they felt pretty weak.

DB BP - 3 - 65x8, 75x8, 95x5.5 & Hold

Incline DB BP - 3 - 50x8, 55x8, 60x7

DB Tricep Extension - 3 - 50x8, 60x8, 70x8

Cable Tricep Pull Down - 3 - 40x8, 60x8, 70x8

Cable Tricep Pull Down Palms up - 3 - 30x8, 40x8, 50x6 (going for the tricep horseshoe)

Shrug Machine - 2 - 90x19, 180x17

Ok, now my story for the night. My gym has an upstairs, that's where all the equipment is. You have to be in your teens to be allowed up there. I happened to be wearing my "shut the F*** up and train". the F*** was written out. Some lady came up to me in the middle of a set conversation as follows
Soccer Mom: Do you think it's appropriate to wear that kind of shirt in the gym? My 14 yr old daughter might see that.
Me: yes, if you're old enough to be up here, then you know what the word means.
Soccer Mom: Well maybe she hasnt yet <insert my look of "your full of sh!t">
Soccer Mom: I'm offended by that shirt, you can wear it at home or in a bar but not here at the gym
Me: Or I could wear it here at the gym.
Soccer Mom: I'm going to go tell the staff.

Another set later...

The PT manager strolled over and was very tactful trying to make it look like he happened to come across me by chance. I told him I was expecting him because some lady was telling on me. He feigned ignorance and was like oh really, who? I said , some soccer mom. he laughed and said well just dont wear it again. yada yada.

Yea so I get now that I shouldnt wear the shirt. However that was the 4th time I wore the shirt and it was some resolutioner soccer mom that gave me crap for it. her pudgey ass should have been on a treadmill instead of running her mouth.

The good news:

I draw a lot of my energy and strength from anger. I get myself all pissed off and throw it into the weights. by the time tubby showed up I was trying to keep my anger alive because I was seriously running out of energy. So by the time she left I was nice and po'd, so I finished strong. On the way out she was sitting uselessly on a machine and gave me a smug look so I saluted her fingers to forehead but only the middle finger was up. Did I ever mention my distaste for soccer moms?

Overall, a good workout

Canadian Crippler
01-06-2005, 11:39 AM
You better wear it again...

01-07-2005, 07:05 AM
Skipping workout today (Friday). A bit too sore from weds :whiner: but my next GPP session is tomorrow. My ducttape isnt hold so I'm going to try crazy electrical tape or something like that. I probably got the wrong ducttape knowing my skills. I will go to the gym today, but only to get waxed. I all hairy and shizzle.

Canadian, bah, I'm going to get a shirt made says "Shut up and help me lift my meat".

01-09-2005, 10:19 AM
your gym does waxing ??? whoa... haha

Den Fisher
01-09-2005, 11:20 AM
Your shirts are just too cool wombat.. you need to hook me up with that "train and shut the f*** up" and your dude military pressing with the chicks bowing down.

01-10-2005, 05:59 AM
Ryu - my gym does everything, its got it's own beauty salon built into it which I think subcontracts to someone else. we've got at least 30 PTs but only 3 or 4 I trust because I see them on their off days working out themselves and they actually follow what they preach. Plus we have tanning. This place has it all but you pay for it trust me. $55 a month and it cost me 225$ to join up. But its worth it. your card acts as your lock and they provide towels and sweat rags and they have the best equip.

Den - the train and shut the F*** up is from Animal, I got a link from it posted somewhere on here but they sell it on their site. and it'd be cool if wbb took my tshirt design :)

Today is another day at the gym, school starts up too *sigh* 2 more terms...2 more...

01-11-2005, 05:58 AM
So, nothing exciting at the gym tonight. but soooo many resolutioners with their cards. They didnt get in my way tonight. whew.

Bi's and Tri's tonight

BB Preacher - 3 - 65x8, 75x8, 95x6.5
BB Reverse Preacher - 3 - 45x8, 55x8, 65x7
Machine Hammer - I dont remember the weights, but in the end I stack the machine + 5lbs.
Hydrolic Curl - 1 - 45x3 then increase and held 115 for 15sec. - this is my burnout bi machine. I add weight until it slowly starts dragging me down then I lessen it until I can lift it again. Then repeat until bi's are dead.

Cable Pulldown - 3 - 50x8, 60x8, 70x8 (I dont really know the weight I never pay attention, I just add until I struggle and shake.)
Cable Pulldown palm up - 3 - 40x8, 50x8, 60x8 (same deal.)

I didnt do much for Tri's since I worked them Weds and they were sore up until yesterday, they werent 100%. Plus, I'm trying to get on schedule now.

01-11-2005, 06:20 AM
dude is the gym your talking about lifetime fitness? cause that sounds exactly like the one by me.... anyways nice bri and tri session mang those preachers are lookin strong bro keep it up crazed.. and get on live sometime man so we can tear ish up

01-11-2005, 07:52 AM
luckily for me I either hit the gym when noone thinks of going or the resolutioners havent hit the gym up :)

01-12-2005, 06:13 AM
Lilmase, yup its Lifetime Fitness. I love it and am owned by it.

ryu, I dont have a choice. I have to go right after work or I'll never get there. Lucky for me though I get out at 1600 every day so I get there before the storm of resolutioners get there and am finishing up when they do get there.

Shoulder and back day today...

01-15-2005, 11:00 AM
yea so, the resolutioners were out in FULL force today. Some asian dude was making me laugh. Obviously a successful guy, early/mid 40s. Easiest resolutioner to tell today. He had WOOD splitting work gloves for gloves, his bb curl was just rocking his arms back and forth and on his bench once he was done, he just laid on it until the next set. there were a WHOLE load of women today though and man a few made me almost need some alone time...in fact...they'll be IN my alone time later. But for workout today


Shoulder DB Press - 3 - 40x8, 50x8, 65x7
BB Upright Row - 3 - 50x8, 70x8, 90x8
DB Raises - 2 - 17.5x8, 25x7 held - they were done, still the weakest muscle it appears

Hanging weighted supinated (sp) - 3 - 8,8,8 (time to add weight)
Cable Row - 3 - 70x8, 130x8, 190x8
Deadlifts - 3 - 135x8, 155x8, 185x3

So today I was all excited to try deadlifting for the first time. I didnt go very heavy because I wanted to get the form right. That was my main concentration. I'm probably going to have heavy gains in this for awhile until I find my max but 185 was pretty easy. I could add another 50 lbs or more easy but the mass of people there kinda took up too much room and people were getting ansty. I'm excite to where this will take me on gains. Once I master this I'll start adding squats. I'm going to leave dls on my back days so my legs get the extra workout...they need it.

01-19-2005, 04:23 PM
yea so the stretch between workouts is not good. however I have been pretty stressed with the start of school last week, I'm going more than full time so I can grad. plus if you read the thread with the b!tch that couldnt decide on 'us', that didnt help. But I told myself I'm a weak little girl and no one likes weak little girls...so stfu and get to work. Almost didnt go today because my car doesnt like snow and I fishtailed my way all the way there.


DB Shoulder Press - 3 - 45x8, 55x8, 65x8

Upright BB row - 3 - 50x8, 70x8, 90x8

Weighted hanging - 3 - 8,8,8

Cable Straight arm Pull Down - 3 - 60x8, 100x8, 160x6 hold

Forgot regular pulldowns damnit!

Deadlifts - 3 - 135x8, 205x8, 225x8 (new max)

Yea so on my second set of shoulder press I did a nice bad form thing and hurt my shoulder, it's not bad but it messed up most of my workout. I stayed strong especially when I ended with dls. max is jumping everytime, could have gone more weight but I think jumping 45lbs a visit is good enough. Better luck Friday, my chest and tri day.

01-19-2005, 04:30 PM
awesome work crazed those DLs are starting to get crazy.. but be careful bro you can really hurt yourself on those db shoulder press if you dont do it right...

01-23-2005, 08:14 AM
So I worked out with my dad on sat. mainly because he has a huge 4x4 truck and it was snowing like hell freezing over. So the work out was good but not great.


BB BP - 3 - 135x8, 185x8, 225x3, 185x8

BB Incline - 3 - 145x8, 145x8

DB Tricep Extensions - 3 - 45x8, 55x8, 75x8

Tricep Cable Pulldown - 3- 40x8, 80x8, 70x8

Chinups - 2 - 4.5,3

Shrugs - 2 - 135x20, 225x16

Bicep machine - stack - x8 (ego stroke)

No stories, nothing exciting. Just a decent workout :)

01-24-2005, 03:12 AM
damn crazed a decent w/o indeed.. some good strength on your chest bro.. but why so light on incline you should be banging out reps with 185 at least

01-24-2005, 06:59 AM
ah lilmase...so light on my incline because I hate the barbell...heh. I usually do db inclines but pops was training with me and the snow didnt keep out many people so it was a little crowded. Bicep/Tricep later today...

This is officially my 1000 post. WOOT!

01-24-2005, 08:08 AM
Nice lookin' workout bro. I think I've got ya with my back strength, but you killin' me on bench and deadlifts. Oh and yea, we have the same first name.

01-24-2005, 12:28 PM
heh, That makes us special. and everyone else should bow down to us. yea my back and shoulders were ignored for the longest time, now i'm shanking them.

01-24-2005, 12:31 PM
Ha! You guys got all the snow? We got MAYBE 8" if anything....but it was a blizzard and colder than a witch's tit down here (still is) So take your workouts when you can get them and be glad your dad's got a decent rig! Benching looks good!

01-26-2005, 04:51 PM

DB Shoulder Press - 3 - 45x8, 55x8, 75x8

BB Upright Row - 3 - 50x8, 80x8, 110x8

Weighted Hang Row - 3 - 8,8,8

Deadlifts - 4 - 135x8, 205x6, 245x3, 275x2

Good Mornings - 2 - 115x8, 115x8

Yea another new max and surpassed my bench. I can do more I'm sure but only so much each time. Good Mornings are a good burn out for my back. Overall I'm impressed with my DL progress.

01-27-2005, 06:49 AM
Ok, I have a gym story. Not great but it made me chuckle. There was this guy there, came in the same time I did and about the same height (6'3) carrying a belt. I was like ok, this guy seems pretty big I'm sure I'll have to fight for my deadlift bar. well I get up to the room and start working out and about 10 min later he shows up with his belt. We were both doing press. Now this guy is stronger than me I guess, and has decent development but not a whole lot. He starts with shoulder press. I usually end on 75, so he started with 70 but he put on his belt for the seated shoulder press..I'm like, er..ok... Then as I'm working out I see him on ocasion with his little fairy belt on but doesnt do anything that would require a belt...so I'm near the end of my workout and on deads now and up to 205 and I see him finally stroll over to the rack/deadlift side of the gym. this section is usually the most empty so PTs take the weak kids and have them do endurance crap there. So instead of doing some free weight goodness the cracker uses the deadlift machine and maxes 225...which is like 185 for free weight.

I dont mind that this guy is weaker...or whatever but he didnt need a belt...it did him no good the entire time. In fact, all people that wear belts but lift light weights. and DEFINITELY think they're p*ssies for using the belt when they dont need to. in all his exercises his ROM wasnt even full. they were half assed. on DB shoulder press he started low then went up to about 3/4 then went half down and 3/4 up again. I wanted to slap him. He didnt look like a resolutioner but he needs to come to the board a little more I think...this guy made me glad that I dont look stupid (aside from facial expressions) by doing high weights....wrong.

Isaac Wilkins
01-27-2005, 06:56 AM
Keep up the deadlifting. We'll be doing some in Columbus in five weeks.

01-27-2005, 07:40 AM
Deads? Damn, I guess that means I better start doing some deadlifts again. Else it'll be another Bangor lift for me. :(

Gym stories are funny. Nice session yesterday.

01-30-2005, 09:22 PM
Hey, so today I'm officially starting my cut. Seems early since it's winter but I've bulk too much. which means, 1 muscle group a session and 5 days cardio and strict diet but it'll be worth it..plus now I have to pay more attention to the abs...damn.

tonight though was just cardio

Elyp 40min

Shrug - 2 - 90x10, 180x15

On a side note, I have officially starting dating a Paki woman who is beyond gorgeous, tall, and slender, but works out for definition...She's peachy.

01-30-2005, 09:41 PM
Nice journal CW! Your lifts are looking very good indeed. And congrats on the new girlfriend :thumbup:

01-31-2005, 06:10 AM
hey thanks man, I'm glad that other one turned me down, this one out shines her by far!

02-01-2005, 06:52 AM
Worked out again yesterday. Since I'm cutting I am now cardioing 5 days a week and lifting 3 days a week. However when I lift I just do 1 muscle group and then cardio. thats all that time allows for me, so I'll be rotating what gets worked.

DB Concentration curls - 3 - 30x8, 40x8, 45x6

DB Hammer Curls - 3 - 30x8, 35x8, 40x5

Cable bar Curls - 3 - 40x8, 100x8, 140x6

Stairmaster - 10min
Ely - 6min

Stairmaster kicked my ass. I'm going to focus on it, It made me realize how weak my calfs and quads are.

Today I'm taking off..mainly because I dont have time but also to rest up before the next 3 days of gyming it.

02-01-2005, 01:02 PM
damn ive missed a lot in here.. but ace sessions crazed and way to go on the LADY....

02-02-2005, 06:03 AM
lil- thanks the cut is crazy from 3800 maintain to 2700-3000 a day and I'm eating every 2 hours...if I dont I get really really hungry..so my metabolism is shooting through the roof and cardio helps, it's chest and cardio today

02-07-2005, 06:23 PM
I'm working on getting to the gym more, Since the hardcore cut I started last week my energy has been nonexistent, I broke down and whipped out the green tea supplements and MAN what a difference.

DB BP - 3 - 65x8, 85x8, 100x5
Cable cross over fly - didnt check out the weights but 3 sets

tri pull rope pull down - 3 sets
single hand cable pull down - 3

20 min cardio

02-08-2005, 04:53 AM
damn nice db pressing crazed and yeah cutting sucks i just wish i didnt care what i looked like or else id be a 5'2 240lbs dwarf :-)

02-08-2005, 09:23 AM
hahah yea, if only the ladies liked the cushion I'd just work on getting bigger but beach muscles gotta pop out like a mofo so I gotta start early since cutting is hard for me.

02-22-2005, 09:08 AM
Gym'd it up yesterday. My eye seems better but the veins are there now permantently as most veins are. hopefully they'll fade out. I replaced my contacts with fresh ones so hopefully that helps too. My work outs are being redoubled. I got world of warcraft sunday and I am blown away by it and am pwnd by it. It took a great deal of energy and will power to go yesterday but the deciding factor was that wimmens prefer a guy with a great body over a guy with a lvl 60 paladin warrior in WoW.

All back yesterday.
Pre workout supplements
Creatine - 2 caps
Green Tea - 3 caps 325 mg

Chip Ups: 5, 3.5

Cable row - 3 - 90x8, 130x8, 160x5

Lat pull down - 50x8, 100x8, 150x6

straightarm standing cable pulldown - 3 - machine, dont know weights

Deadlifts - 135x8, 225x6, 275x2

my 275's suck but it was after attempting a 315. The jump was a lot and I hadnt done them in 2 weeks but I was like, meh. My grip held out which I'm glad for even though they're sore today. my back probably could have been able to do it but I could only lift it two inches. My legs just arent strong enough so weds, I start focusing on legs. Honestly, I havent been doing as I should with legs and so I'm going to set up a routine and master squatting and shizzle.

On a plus side, even though I didnt work out last week at all, I stayed true to my diet except for fri-sun. I'm down to 243lbs, although I'm sure some of it was lack of water weight I'll have to weigh again on weds to make sure its not a fluke. considering I weighed 256 on 1/30/05

03-03-2005, 09:35 AM
WoW is a great game but the software build is pretty crappy (half their patches require extensive maintenance and Blizzard's customer service is teh crappiness), not to mention crashes happen all too frequently.

Last night, I was on a griffon flying from Ironforge to Refuge Pointe and the game crashes due to an Error 131. So of course, I can't load my main but all of my alts load. It means I have to roll back the game to version 1.01 using their repair utility and then repatch. Of course this means that if the files get corrupted again, I have to uninstall and reinstall and then repatch. This is the only game that decompresses and simulataneously installs files from the CDs to your hard drive...no wonder files are corrupted all the f***ing time!!!


03-07-2005, 06:15 AM
Well the Arnold Classic ruled! And of course the people that showed up from here were cool ass mofos. I am going to add the lifts from the work out we all did on Sat. Usually I work out alone and focus so my lifts will be crap since there was no focus...and um... dehydration from the night before of drinking and lack of sleep.

DB BP - 65x8, 75x6, 85x2

Cable Flys - 3 sets

DL - 135x8, 275x8, 315x3 new PR thanks to Borris' and george' help with my form.

Shoulder DB Press - 65x8, 65x3

BB Curl - 55x8, 75x8, 100x2

That was it. I felt pretty weak compared to the massive lifts of the others so now I have a goal of making sure next year I'm not a little b!tch.

Stash - WoW is hardcore. I would sometimes freeze on the griffins during peak hours. I only play my rogue before afternoon. I never log in high pop servers during peak hours, I just use fall back chars and they work well enough not to crash my game.

A bit more on the Arnold and on the people. I hit the prejudging with Stash and Zack. It was well worth the money and even though we were late it was very cool to see the size on the people. I thought gustavus would take it but Dextor was just better overall. afterwards I slipped into the martial arts area and snuck behind the crowd control guys so I ended up getting ringside for most everything. I was able to slip up to coaches and judges and eavesdrop on most everything. Watched some Muay Thai, weapons, forms, and the Gracie Jujistsu academy was there and I watched them for awhile. Near the end I got a piece of the WPO deadlifting where they were going crazy on 800+ lbs. Freaking amazing.

Myself: Amazed that we all got along and hit it off. you can never be too sure.

Amy (Will's GF): very cool and fun and made sure Homeyield behaved himself. They look great together.

Isaac (Borris): cool guy, helped me with my form on DL so I was able to achieve the PR

Audrey (Isaac’s girl): Incredibly nice. Didnt get to talk to her much

Peter (ElPietro): Hilarious. Stronger than I thought and he's got GF around his finger ;) or was it the other way around?

Sylvia (getfit): Helped me out a bit in the gym. Fun to watch petey try to get some ass shots. I hope he got some heh. she was very conversational and fun to hang around.

Steven (ryuage): Very cool guy. But I knew he would be through here. Also fun to hang around.

Mark (Brawl): He def fit what I was thinking. Very big and strong. shame I didnt get to talk to him as much as I'd hoped since I'm sure he's got some good stories.

Carrie (Mark’s girl): she was very very hot. Mark is freakin lucky as hell.

Zack (Blood&Iron): Modest but hilarious. someone who could keep a conversation going and turn it goofy easily.

Will (Homeyield): Very cut. Probably the most cut of all of us. And huge, the squats were crazy that he was doing. polite and gentleman like towards his lady.

Stash (sobaaddict): Dude is polite and cool. Fellow WoW player (when it workds) hope to see him at the next event.

Conor (cphafner): my roommate for the weekend. he was cut and did some excellent DLing. Hopefully my snoring didnt keep him awake although I might have caught him at it once or twice :)

Casey (Teuflhound): Holy Hell, he was probably the biggest (sharing first with Shawn). Looking at him got me to subscribe to his journal. I am most impressed.

Shawn (Xand): He's huge. simple as that. Plus a very cool person, and got us some free goods. Was glad to see him around.

Josh (Nevermore): cool guy, big guy, lots of energy. Matched much of what I knew of him from here.

Chase (BCC): quiet and humble but carried a big schtick...or maybe just popped up 495 like it was paper. Insanity in his strength. Aspiring too.

Jeff (rookiebldr): set everything up, went through a lot of stress to make this weekend happen. Thanks for everything. had a great time. He carried his own in everything and being the oldest there, kept up longer than most all the youngins...now thats skill!

03-07-2005, 08:15 PM
Andrew: nice meeting you this weekend. Snoring didn't bother me, I was out cold the whole time. Sorry about the lack of sleep Saturday night, I hope you weren't too tired on sunday. I appreciate you letting everyone hang out in the room.

03-14-2005, 08:15 PM
leeeeeg day. Today and sad as it is, is my first official Leg Day. *sigh* I reevaluated my sh!te routine and decided to change it all around. Still working on it but its something like:

Mon - Leg
Wed - chest
Fri - back/shoulder

No direct arm work, we'll see what happens, in about a month I'll incorporate it back in but right now, my legs need the most work and well everything BUT my arms need work, so I'll focus more on them for this next month.

Squat - 4 - 45 (bar)x8, 105x8, 135x8, 155x6

Goodmornings - 3 - 105x8, 135x8, 135x8

Leg extension - 3 - machine weight. 1/4 stack, 1/2 stack, 3/4 stack

sitting calf raises - 3 - 90x10, 140x10, 140x8

So like deadlifts I wanted to start small and gain a solid foundation. I started small to get great form. Plus I decided why not start at the hardest and do full squats instead of parrallel (sp?). I could have gone more but since I want to start small and build up, we'll see. This totally hurt but mainly because I'm a fat, weak little girl. Plus, I didnt warm up properly. i was going to hit the bike for 5 min as a warm up for the legs but it was monday night and that means everyone was out tonight and hogged the machines. So I bailed and my left knee really really bothered me tonight. I'm sure its just weak from lack of use. by the end of the third set it actually felt a little better. There was a really hot older chick there with a tank and very very fit doing hanging leg curls and I just wanted to strip her down in front of everyone and make my own workout. However I instead put my sexual lust into the bar and well...it and I bonded in ways people that go camping do but never tell you about. Not a bad start, Next monday I'll be back at it, muay thai on sunday...but just checking **** out. I was going to go on sunday but I thought the mark on my neck from my lady might show a little disrespect to them. Guess I cant let that happen anymore. :)

Officially my diet is doing well. I was 256 Jan 30, and now am 245 today. not a huge loss but most of it being fat, I am good. Diet is flawless during the week and sunday is my refill..but saturdays are refill too...need to get more strict.

03-14-2005, 08:22 PM
You can still squat more than me, cabron. Even though you claim to be a w3ak little girl.

Routine looks killer. No ham work though?


03-14-2005, 08:38 PM
screw tha man, tell her to go stuff a twinkie in her mouth. DB bench is looking great. 16+ is great. I only measure around 15.5 inches.

03-15-2005, 06:04 AM
soba - the hammy work was in the good mornings...Hopefully next time I can do a little more on the squat, I'm hoping for newbie gains of 5-10 lbs for the next month or so as an increase

cphafner - I focused on my arms and chest in the beginning and working hard for about 4 months to get my arms up..however I was only doing bi work and indirect work on my tri through chest exercises. I realize now that if I would have worked the tris as well i could have gotten more. in a month I'll throw it all back in and start focusing again once I get a solid routine.

This school term is about over and its the main reason I slacked this term that and jan-feb are my 2 weak months where I lose all motivation, so i had to really get at myself and now that my fav month is in swing, I'm back full force for summer, the gut has gotta go.

03-21-2005, 06:57 AM
Ok, this is my work out from Saturday. Today will be legs.

DB Bench - 3 - 60x8, 70x8, 80x8 (it's been 2 weeks since I worked them so I was easy on them)

Hammerstrength Incline - 3 - 2 45sx8, 2 45s + 2 25s x 8 , 2 45s + 2 35s x 8

Close grip BP - 4 - 45x8, 95x8, 115x8, 135x6

overhead cable rope pull? - 3 - 1/4 stackx8, 1/2 stackx8, 1/2+2 x6

Hammerstrength bicep - 3 - 1 platex8, 2 platex8, 3 plate x5

Hammer curl nautilis - 3 - 1/4 stackx8, 3/4 stackx8, full stack x7

That was it. finals are this week but I'm still going to increase my gym time. once school is done I'll be able to put more into my workouts since I wont have school to deal with. I legs just stopped being sore yesterday, so a week of soreness...i guess another week of it is about to happen. but only way to get stronger :)

03-22-2005, 06:14 AM
So last night was leg day. Some goods and bads out of it.

5 min bike ride warmup - helped a lot with the knees in warming up.

Squat - 4 - 115x8, 135x8, 185x8, 215x6

Leg Extension - 3 - 1/4 stackx8, 1/2 stackx8, 3/4 stackx8

Good mornings - 2 - 115x8, 115x3

Calf raises - 3 - 140x12, 140x10, 140x8

My good mornings must be being done horribly, I get some out of them but at the expense greatly on my back, so I'm going to have to find something else to work hammies, any suggestions? Also, I only do full squats, ATF squats are just full squats with the correct name...right? if not, where am I wrong?

It was a good workout, when I jumped in the shower both my legs are twitching uncontrollably and I was only standing by hanging onto the railing. I was able to dress and hobble to the car somewhat successfully, as long as I kept moving I was alright, but I know I looked like I took it in the ass....without lube.

03-22-2005, 06:31 AM
You gotta love how your legs almost come out from under you. You've been having some great workouts man. Very nice.

04-01-2005, 07:48 PM
yea so on tuesday I worked out and just now recording it.


Pull ups : 5,4,3

Pull down: 1/4 stackx8, 1/2 stackx8, 3/4 stackx8

Deadlift : 135x8, 185x8, 225x6, 275x4, 315x3

22 min treadmill

Thursday and today I've been food poisioned, so no good for me. But tomorrow it's lower body.

04-02-2005, 06:33 PM
nice deads!

04-04-2005, 07:01 AM
cphafner - thanks, working on it. hopefully this week I can up it again.

Yesterday's workout:

DB shoulder press - 3 - 45x8, 55x8, 60x6

upright Row - 3 - 55x8, 75x8, 100x4.5

lever mil press - 3 - 1/2 stackx8, 3/4 stackx8, 3/4 stack + 4 x 4

lever trap - 2 - 90x17 +hold, 180x12 + hold.

22 min on elyptical

I am really out of shape lungwise. noticed it yesterday a lot. my job is 2.13 miles from my house so I'm thinking of riding my bike to and from work and getting 5 miles of bike a day in. only problem is that it's a busy section of road with lots of cars trucks, and off ramps/on ramps. But I'll figure it out because it would get rid of more cals.

04-07-2005, 08:47 PM
first night of muay thai. Im going to start planning my gym around it so my muscles that i need most will be available for the nights I have it. Tues and Thurs I have it. I would go sunday too but I have class...stupid school. heh. last term so stfu wombat. Anyways, I'm used to TKD which is like 45 min a class.... noooooo 1.5 hours of nothing but MT. I'm not in as bad of shape as I thought I was so thats a plus. I picked up quite a few tricks already and took quite few shots to the face as well...the jaw will thank me tomorrow I'm sure. I sweated more than I would in a sauna. It was fun though, THATS the way cardio should be done. THAT will be my weekly cardio. diet will be good and I'll be doubling or tripling up on muscle groups so MT wont be so damned tiring. bed time.

04-18-2005, 05:59 AM
Muay Thai last thursday and another body rapage. I have decided that leaning out is most important to me right now. no point in building muscle if no one can see it. Once my body can handle the load of muay thai twice a week with better recovery I'll hit the gym again. however, it will mostly be only major compound movements. Such as bench, DL, and squats. that will probably be it until i drop around 10% body fat. I will also be buying a weight vest, weigthed ankel and wrist wraps to add to the speed and strength of my striking. I'm guessing it will be around 2 months before I start going to the gym to do more than the big 3.

muscle chic
04-18-2005, 02:12 PM
Just found your journal!! hehe I'll be peeking

04-18-2005, 04:20 PM
hi Wombie.

missed you....don't go away now or I'll be forced to spam your journal with food pr0n, lol.


04-19-2005, 05:57 AM
woohooo food pr0n. I'm still going to go to the gym, but i'm all focusing on leaning out now. the belly that plagues me must go and I think while I've been eating badly lately, the amount of exercise I get is countering that.

MC - just now found it huh? my massively THICK journal of 3 pages :)

mauy thai tonight if all goes well...running out of free classes though.

muscle chic
04-19-2005, 08:07 AM
I see you said you're out of shape for cardio. That's something that comes in time. Do a little every day and you'll see your breathing gets better and the cardio gets easier!!Also Don't think since you worked out that you can eat what you want. You'll see no results. Stick to the diet and give yourself cheats once or twice a week!! Cravings are all in your mind!! Stay Focused!!!! Walking to work is a great idea!!! I walk a few nights a week down to the center of my town instead of driving. It's a Great Idea!!!

04-20-2005, 05:54 AM
yea, I've looked at my diet and it has disintegrated. not going to be much better this weekend since i'll be seeing the lady down in tech and va tech has the best food! however, I'm refocusing and slowly turning myself around. i've found that I'm recovering much quicker now already. I guess its memory, my lungs are in good shape and remember. I used to run 1-3 miles a day back in the day and i could hold my breath for almost 2 min underwater. my biggest want is to have the ability to hit mauy thai 3 days a week and the gym 3 days a week, so I'm going to work up to it. until school is done i can only max my MT 2 days a week since i have class on one of them. part of the reason my diet has crumbled is stress. in the next 2 weeks i have 5 midterms and 2 finals, once i get past the next 2 weeks things will greatly lighten up and i can focus more on what needs to be focused on...making this body to drool over :) I dont have time in the morning to really walk to work, but I'm on my way today to buy a tube for my bike and I'm going to ride rain or shine everyday...will be posting that as well, days I'm not MTing or gyming, I'll probably hit a light MT shadowbox workout for a good 30 min...I've decided that in a few years I want to compete so the next 2 years is MT and in the second year I'm going to start BJJ, dont know how serious I get but I have a feeling it will get addicting...the woman wont like it because she's scared it'll ruin my pretty face :) heheh

muscle chic
04-20-2005, 07:21 AM
As for the stress "crazed" we all have it. You need to teach yourself to stay focused and not use food as a "getaway" I know it's easier said than done!!! You'll tighten down when you're ready!! and just think once all the bodyfat is off it's easier to maintain and then you can have your cheats a couple times a week and it won't affect you!! Stay Motivated!!! It's just way to easy to be lazy!! Challenge yourself!!

04-21-2005, 05:55 AM
heh, you sound exactly like that little voice in my head, and you're completely right. diet yesterday was flawless. I got my bike tube and fixed my bike up. Tomorrow I start riding. I was going to wait until monday but everyday helps. My problem is motivation, I know it's everyones problem but for me, if I dont have a goal I'm useless, and not in the sense of I want to reach a certain weight, while thats a goal, its not strong enough sadly. Now though, I am focusing because on July4th is a giant game/picnic with people I grew up with who only see me as a fat ass because that's all I used to be. I have just over 2 months and some days to drop it. It's odd, it'll be the first time since 3rd grade that I wont be overweight. how sad is that? I have mauy Thai tonight...:)

04-25-2005, 06:03 AM
150 jumping jacks
30 min of shadowboxing

This was done last thursday. so today is the start of refocusing. I have my fridge stocked and today after work i'm going to get a tube for my tire and get the bike together. I'm also going to trial run it to my work so I can see if the dangerous spots on my route hurt or not .

04-25-2005, 05:54 PM
today, scouted the trip to work for my bike, 2.5 miles there, 2.5 miles back.

took 16 min there and 15 min back. not so out of shape musclewise however my lungs were burning

tomorrow morning will be the start, its a little dangerous but i need the extra calorie burnage

05-09-2005, 07:39 AM
so last week i did about 10 miles on the bike. nothing special, i had 2 finals and 3 midterms last week so exercise didnt own all. now i only have 3 classes left for my degree. PLUS the classes are fairly easy so i can concentrate again on building.

gym yesterday,

db bench: 3 - 55x8, 75x8, 85x6

assisted dips: 3 - 8,8,7

ez bb - 3 - 45x8, 55x8, 75x5

db curl - 2 - 25lbs x8, x4

machine curl - 3 - 1/4 stackx8, 3/4 stackx6, stackx4

My bi's were my pride and joy for a long time and they're the ones that have been set aside the longest so it was very depressing losing so much strength. I'm incredibly worried about losing everything especially when i read on here everyones progress. so i'm trying to get back, i need to drop 10% bf by july 4, highly unlikely but its a goal. it feels good to be sore again and i find waking up in the mornings and overall energy is always higher when i lift. tomorrow is legs and shoulders.

05-18-2005, 06:00 AM
ok, so i've noticed that my journal sucks ass. and instead of bitching about how i'm going to do better, i'll just show it by the posts that will be coming in.

Oh and current supplements I'm taking:
1.5g green tea extract
megamen mutli vit
833mg ephedra
fish oils
protein powder

I worked out on monday and was going to do back and shoulders but after deadlifting, i just left it at back.

Deadlifts - 135x8, 185x8, 225x6, 270x6, 315x4

lat pull down - 1/4stackx8, 1/2 stackx8, 1/2stack+4x8

cable row - 1/4stackx8, 1/4+4x8, 1/4+6x5

I'd glad after 3 weeks i could still do my max in DL but i'm paying for it now. I just discovered the joys of ETS so hopefully i'll get it soon *hint hint atlarge ;)* and recover faster. I get really really sore with squats and DLs and it takes about a week to recover. thats not good enough for me. Everything hurts the last 2 days with unbelievable pain, almost full body too. I know i went too hard but I needed the kick in the butt.

My diet went to hell yesterday. it was Shashi's birthday and we went to the Melting Pot. It's a fondue place...yea...a good 2000 cals i probably brought in in the space of 3 hours. not good for a cut.

My split that i feel pretty strong about is here:

Mon - Back
Tues - HIIT
Weds - Chest/Arms
Thurs - HIIT
Fri - Legs/Shoulders

i think thats everything. Abs will be done probably on cardio days.

thats it for now. chest/arms tonight will update later

05-25-2005, 07:13 AM
so apparently I'm trying some new cardio thing, I had to wear a mask and check my absolute threshold the exact heart rate I'll have that i can still burn fat. its at 153, however I'm way out of shape, I'm burning 1 fat calorie for every 11 cals i burn. by the end of this program (runs 6 weeks) i should be at about 4 for every 12 and then in 12 weeks it'll be the good 50/50 carb/fat burn. this program is interesting and easy its 60 min where every 2 min the incline increased, every 10 min it drops back down then climbs again.

I did it yesterday and enjoyed it but 60 min is a little boring. my hr ranged from 108-153. the program is twice a week and one day on your own. we get a little chart and ****. I'm going to do it 3-4 times a week and 2 days strength training.

I think I'm going to do the following

Mon - chest, arms, shoulders - 60 min cardio program
tues - 60 min cardio
thurs - 60 min cardio
sat - DL/back 60 min slow fatburn cardio

i paid money for this program and hopefully it'll get me on the right track but since i forked out money i'm also thinking it'll help me show up

we'll see

05-27-2005, 05:57 AM
So yesterday was test day, they measure your time to do 3 miles at your peak of your AT. I did it in 53:43 min. The suck ass part was the ephedra choked up my shin from min 10-30. But at about 35 min the ephedra kicked in and i was moving like a beast. I'll be taking the test on week 6 and seeing what it will be then. At min40 I wanted to haul ass but couldnt because of my AT which is at 153 right now. I found out how bad of shape I am in.

They also timed how much my HR dropped in 1 min. It only dropped 12 beats...that is bad...

Tomorrow I'll be DL'ing before hand, that should prove an interesting cardio after I can barely move but I dont want to lose strength in this hard cut. I'm also increasing my cal intake from 2700 to 3000 for a bit more energy. my maintain is at 3400 so I'm still slightly short but it's cool.

As of monday I was 250. As of today, taking into account dropped water weight and not including the drop I'm at 247.

05-28-2005, 06:48 PM
good to see some posts, keep up the good work!

05-29-2005, 08:19 AM
I used to be there at one point in time then I dropped my 4 mile to 24 minutes.... now I probably could barely hit that seeing as how I havent ran in awhile.

05-31-2005, 05:45 AM
yea, since the o2 training only lasts 6 weeks, I dont think it's possible to get my body to burn fat like its supposed to in 6 weeks, the trainer said 12-16, that seems more reasonable. he also said it depends on how often i go. well I plan on going 4 times a week, we'll see how that works out. Tonight is session 3, I think its either interval or strength.

05-31-2005, 09:15 PM
tonight was strength training. I'm finding my ephedra doesnt kick in until the 40 min marker so I need to take it earlier for sure. Each session is 60 min so wth I could use it. My shins get cramped really bad for the first half and sometimes my calves do too. Tonight was strength so it worked something like this
Time - Incline - Speed
3 min - 2 - 2.3
5 min - 2 - 2.5
7 min - 5 - 2.6
9 - 6 - 2.8
11 - 7 - 3.0
13 - 8 - 3.1
15 - 9 - 3.0
repeat all that 4 times
then 5 min cool down.
Total time - 60 min

bare in mind I have to keep my heartrate between 138.5-153. All in all it was good, thursday is next. Would go tomorrow, but I have to work on the new jeep. gotta make it decent.

05-31-2005, 09:59 PM
put some bigass tires on it...that is SOOOO not D.C.

06-01-2005, 06:04 AM
hahah i am. jacking it up, but it wont just be for looks, I'll be mud bogging i have friends that have huge acreage I'm going to shank. also, gotta look cool when i show up your way for the upper gully in september

06-01-2005, 05:05 PM
On a side note, I have officially starting dating a Paki woman...
Please tell me that this is a misprint.!?***??????
You also referred to some guy at your gym as a "Cracker"...

*picturing Crazedwombat as one of those guys who drives around in his car with the Confederate flag in the rear windshield.*

06-02-2005, 05:51 AM
hahah NOOOOOO not a misprint but DEF not a redneck. if i was a redneck I'd probably not be dating a paki girl. I say paki because she doesnt get offended when I say it so I assume it's safe. I was a redneck in 8th grade when my sis was dating one. Since then I've stayed straight. I guess I'm more outdoorsy by day and nerd by night...other than that i dont fit into a group.

i call every race a cracker if they irk me. i figure since black people have their word i thought, hmmm why not use the word whitey's have. plus i think black people hate being called a cracker by a whitey more than the n word from a whitey, but since its not officially offensive i can get away with it without drinking blood.

06-02-2005, 12:17 PM
Oh, in that case, don't forget Honkey or Hillbilly-Boy or Mungacaker.
okay crazed-honkey?

06-02-2005, 01:41 PM
heheh aight cracker...mungacaker?? havent heard that one *adds to ebonics database*

06-02-2005, 07:38 PM
yes, a very important entry; pronounced "mun-ja-caker". The g really sounds like a j, if your gonna do it, do it right. hahaha; right...get it?

06-02-2005, 07:40 PM
I was a redneck in 8th grade when my sis was dating one. Since then I've stayed straight.
Yeah, as we all know all rednecks are gay.
Was it hard to make the trasition from men to women...crazed-honky?

06-02-2005, 09:04 PM
i'm bout 2 hours from the upper gauley by interstate. that is the most sick-ass river i've ever laid eyes on. you're nuts..nay..."crazed," if you raft or kayak on it.

06-02-2005, 10:29 PM
i'm bout 2 hours from the upper gauley by interstate. that is the most sick-ass river i've ever laid eyes on. you're nuts..nay..."crazed," if you raft or kayak on it.
I believe he also baths in it too.

06-03-2005, 05:51 AM
bath? pish pah bathing is for unmanlymen i dance in the rain with pineapples in each hand and hope that does it. now THAT is manly.

hey, rednecks ARE gay, they um...regress their homosexuality through shooting small animals, wearing costumes that look like trees and hide their balding phallus shaped heads under a serious bend in their hats...thats just SCREAMING "i'm gay...poke me".

60 min cardio last night, feeling a lot better, going to go again today with the 'homework' workout he gave us...going to step it up a bit plus throwing down chest and arms today as well. I love fridays and getting out of work early.

mrel - you should have seen me last year, we went the day hurricane ivan hit that was insane. our first guide backed out because she was afraid so we got some hardcore guy to do it. he was cool. the river limit is 4500 cps (cubic feet second), the river was running at 5400 cps. that was a wild ride. several class 5's were a class 6, i mean i was watching boats flip and the entire CREW caught air, not just one or two. I paddled for my life and man the rush was intense. where the 2 rivers meet, you could see one river literally stop the other river and you could see the line where it connected. it was cool and as soon as we hit it the speed just picked up. at lunch our guide was chain smoking and didnt eat at all. he was stressed. and then he looked at me all odd when I said i hoped it got worse and started to rain. then he said...no... heh cant wait for this year.

06-03-2005, 11:27 PM
A hog-pog of indoor lifting and outdoor madness, good job crazed-honky.
I can relate to that as I like to jog and hike.
Post your daily meals....even if it's pretty sketchy.
Sometimes you must be critized harshly to fully understand the ills of your ways. :)

06-04-2005, 12:40 PM
just got back from the gym, the cardio was hard on me because I lifted first.

my meals though during the week mon-fri its normally

8am - fish oil, megamen vitamins, green tea extract, 2 packets of oatmeal and a applecranberry (220cal) drink that is my sugar to start the day.

10am - ham and cheese sandwich, maybe a beef jerky strip

12pm - 1 gatorade 20oz, ham and cheese sandwich

2pm - ham and cheese sandwich

4-6 pm depending on when i eat its kinda a scrap meal but sometimes its my personally made shake

1 cup Ice
2 scoops nitrean protein (chocolate)
1/2 cup milk 2%
2 tbsp of java mocha for flavoring, its 80 cals for 2 tbsp

weekends are my refills but i dont go horrible except for one meal usually ends up being pizza

ok todays workout:

DB BP: 55x8, 65x8, 75x8, 85x4

Cable flys: 1/4 stackx8, 1/4stack+3x8, 1/2 stackx5

Deadlift: 135x8, 185x8, 225x8, 275x5, 315x2

Then it was an easy cardio day. since my AT is 153, I burn more fat cals in zone 2 so it went

All incline 2
5 min warmup HR 108-115
10 min walk HR 120-125
20 min walk HR 125-133
10 min walk HR 120-125
5 min cooldown

I'm noticing I'm getting trimmer and 60 min of cardio gets boring quick, well the easy one anyways, besides that I'm trying to get myself lifting before hand which is hard because DLing then walking for 60 is rough on the lower back. but there s no point to leaning up if I have no muscle underneath by losing it all. So I'm going to stick to the basics of lifting while concentrating on cardio.

So, Bench, Deadlifting, Pullups, tris and bis.

Once I drop maybe 5% bf i'll start working abs more but at 18% I'm ugh

Oh btw I started 2 weeks ago at 250 and beginning of last week I was at 247 and today I weight at 246. my goal I guess is just to drop BF but I wouldnt mind getting to 225/230. I was 225 when I started lifting but I put on a lot of LBM quickly from my newbie gains and shot to 243 and then last fall I made it to 260. I want to be between 220-235. or I can weight 260 with 9% bf :)

06-04-2005, 12:49 PM
Oh btw I started 2 weeks ago at 250 and beginning of last week I was at 147 and today I weight at 146.

You lost 103 lbs. in two weeks? erk?

Nice lifting, f00. How's Wombie hanging? lol.


06-04-2005, 02:03 PM
my meals though during the week mon-fri its normally
8am - fish oil, megamen vitamins, green tea extract, 2 packets of oatmeal and a applecranberry (220cal) drink that is my sugar to start the day.
10am - ham and cheese sandwich, maybe a beef jerky strip
12pm - 1 gatorade 20oz, ham and cheese sandwich
2pm - ham and cheese sandwich
4-6 pm depending on when i eat its kinda a scrap meal but sometimes its my personally made shake
1 cup Ice
2 scoops nitrean protein (chocolate)
1/2 cup milk 2%
2 tbsp of java mocha for flavoring, its 80 cals for 2 tbsp

weekends are my refills but i dont go horrible except for one meal usually ends up being pizza.

C-honky, you seem to be missing a whole food group;
----fruits and vegetables---
you realize that if you keep eating this way, you will have to get your a** flushed professionally. Add a celery stick or something in there.
Otherwise it's a very nutritious diet, which coincidently can be completely purchased at your local 7-11. :rolleyes:
A better diet = better gains.

06-05-2005, 07:06 AM
yea, soba i dont know how to type, i was still dizzy from the workout, otherwise I'm doing well.

large legs, my sandwiches are all meat and cheese from the deli. I let me other nutritional veggies from my multivitamin :). If i had more time in my day I would maybe break down and cook decent meals but its the quickest and cleanest i can do. oh and sometimes i eat tuna in place of my sammiches. about once a week i DO get my veggies but i know thats not enough and some more chicken would be nice...or buffalo...but theyre endangered arent they?

06-05-2005, 09:19 AM
... i know thats not enough and some more chicken would be nice...or buffalo...but theyre endangered arent they?

the chicken is an animal that has been wiped out for many decades. I suggest switching to a plentiful animal, like Wooly-Mammoth or Dodo bird.

keep up the fine workouts. :)

06-05-2005, 11:54 AM
Homer: Are you saying you're never going to eat any animal again? What about bacon?
Lisa: No.
Homer: Ham?
Lisa: No.
Homer: Pork chops?
Lisa: Dad, those all come from the same animal.
Homer: Heh heh heh. Ooh, yeah, right, Lisa. A wonderful, magical animal.

06-06-2005, 05:55 AM
hahah soba...a magical animal indeed. shame the woman has to be all muslim and not eat it...so I'm a closet piggychomper when she's not around...

Things are not so good right now. Besides ripping the back of my left hand to pieces and I mean...all of the back of it, like backhanding a girl with braces scratched up, my computer went down, and it went down hard. about once a day it the graphics freeze and i do a restart but last night when I did it it just loads up the windows screen and freezes 3/4 of the way. I = not happy. I was so put out about my computer that I didnt know what to do yesterday so i wen tot bed at like 930. I need other hobbies but I need my comp too...

06-06-2005, 08:30 AM
man, i'd be devi-stat-id if that happened to me. computer=very important.
how are you gonna write your essay's? if i were you, i wouldn't leave bed until a working computer magically appeared. :(

06-07-2005, 08:02 AM
it was odd, yesterday I worked over my computer and restarted from last known good restart and its the second time i tried it but this time it worked and all is happy in Andrewland. I have O2 training and arms tonight...going to be fun. I am sad at the squishyness of my arms lately...my chest and hammys are still sore from sat despite ETS but they're not nearly as bad as without ETS so I'm not moaning...

06-08-2005, 05:54 AM
Great workout yesterday. I had more to say but it previewed and I lost it all so I'm not repeating.


Alt DB curl: 25x8, 35x8, 40x5

Reverse DB curl: 25x8, 25x8

Machine Curl: 1/4stackx8, 1/2stackx8, fullstackx6

Machine Hammrs: 1/4stackx8, 3/4stackx4 about here is when my arm just gave out.

rope pulldown: 1/4 stackx8, 1/4stack+2 x8, 1/2 stackx5

reverse pulldown single arm: 1/4 stackx8, 1/4stack+1x4

Shrug: 135x15, 225x12

60 min cardio, this was strength training yesterday and my calves agree this morning.

5 min - warmup
2 min - incline 5
2 min - 6
2 min - 7
2 min - 8
2 min - 9
Repeat until min 55
5 min cool down.

I felt great yesterday, just one of those days. I'm saddened by my crappy arms. I havent given them much love in the past few months and they show it. I use to curl 50x5 but noooooo. So i'm glad I'm back in it but it just sucks knowing I've slacked and lost strength

06-08-2005, 10:58 PM
Great workout yesterday. I had more to say but it previewed and I lost it all so I'm not repeating.

hahahaha, that happens to me all the time, oh wombie-honkey-man.
They will provide yo arms with much needed love as well.
So long as your legs are strong, don't be blue.

06-08-2005, 11:43 PM
andrew..check yo processor fan..it causes teh freeze every time, if it's not running.

06-09-2005, 05:55 AM
veggiewhat? that's crazy talk...but ok maybe I will. I'm going to the store this weekend to buy food, maybe I'll buymore than jsut sandwich supplies...like DIGORNO PIZZA....I wish *sniff*.

mrel - yea my fan is good, but I think its because my comp overheated and it shut down. That was a suckfest but I let it sit throughout the night to cool down and it still didnt start...but I'm glad I fixed it so it's all good now. I run my comp pretty hard... and I had no AC on in the house. I have that now and when I'm actually on the computer I have a fan blowing on me and the comp..with the side panel off. I rarely shut my computer down so it gets a tasty workout.

Cardio tonight, I was going to lift too but my arms are very very sore even with the help of ETS. Although, nothing else is sore...so maybe I'll toss in a chest or 2, we'll see.

06-09-2005, 03:33 PM
aren't deli meats processed?
what type of bread do you use for your "samiches"?

06-10-2005, 05:52 AM
deli meats are processed? then if the deli doesnt have fresh meat, where would one get fresh meat?

I eat either 12 grain or 7 grain bread. I gave up the white and actually like the 12 grain better. Whats the best bread to eat?

06-12-2005, 02:57 AM
Andy, make sure the bread is ALL whole grain, even though it says whole grain as the first ingredient. Alot of grain breads will say whole grain flour AND enriched "wheat flour" which is the fancy term for whit flour.
I believe Dempsters has a whol grain series of breads.

Yes, deli meats are processed, full of water, nitrates, plastic and snow tires.
You would actually have to cook your own meat and slice it up so that would get expensive. 100% meat will not keep as long as deli meat would, plus it's expensive, that's why they "is" processed. Unless it's something like beef jerky, but that has lots of chemicals, salt...that's expensive too.

I don't think a few sandies with processed meats will hurt you, but it's not all that great. At least use real cheese and WHOLE grain bread.....this is why some veggies would be great in your diet, then you wouldn't have to worry about your deli meats so much.

06-12-2005, 10:03 PM
just eat honey wheat or something. the difference isn't something you're gona notice by going to breads that taste like ass.

06-12-2005, 11:00 PM
Seven/twelve grain doesn't taste like ass, ass tastes like ass.

06-12-2005, 11:12 PM
yes it does. honey wheat is much better, and there's not a noticeable difference nutritionally, unles you're a pro bodybuilder or something.

06-12-2005, 11:20 PM
I do believe honey wheat comes in the whole grain line, it's called honey oat n wheat in canada.

06-13-2005, 06:04 AM
ok, I'll check the bread bag when i get home. Yea, all my foods are expensive, but the problem is, I need something I can prepare within 15 min in the mornings for 3 meals. Those are the meals I eat at work and need something fast. thats why sandwiches win. I can try and get the veggies at night when i have more time for meal 5. 12 grain is an acquired taste, I actually like it now. OK worked out yesterday it was a back day and cardio.


Pullups: 4,3,2.5

Cable pullover: 1/4 stackx8, 1/2stackx8, 1/4stackx5

lat pulldown: 1/4stackx8, 1/2stackx8, 1/2stack+4x3

DL: 135x8, 185x8, 225x8, 275x4, 315x3

Cardio: aerobic 20min

I got bored with my cardio, the others usually go quick because you have to pay attention and change the speed every 2 min, this one is pretty much walk for 50 min. I didnt have anything to read so i quit at 20min. plus i was wearing the wrong shorts. The shorts I wore yesterday were rubbing against the thighs and friction starting getting to me. On my DL, I'm getting better, another rep and today I'm not nearly as sore as usual. So next back day I'm going to add another 10 lbs. The guy next to me was DLing too, he had his son there who was probably around 14. It was pretty cool the guy wasnt uber jacked or anything but he was DLing 405 with straps and belt. his son was going strapping and getting 245 which i guess is a decent start for a 14 yr old. I dont know about strapping and such, I know I will be at a higher level but I just dont feel its necessary until the high 300s or 4to5 plates. I dont know about the dad's form though. It looked like his upper back was rounded but I cant say for sure so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. He had to be 50 though and DLing 405+ at 50 is impressive enough for me.

06-13-2005, 01:22 PM
My boyfriend is a big giant man like you....it's really fun teasing him about the size of his giant shoes.

06-13-2005, 01:42 PM
yea i get teased by my 'boats' as well considering I wear 15s...some people want to be like brad pitt from Troy..I say screw that, I want to be the guy that fights him 1v1 in the beginning that guy was huge

My soreness kicked in. Luckily my lower back isnt totalled but my lats and traps and rhoms are screaming..it feels really good. tomorrow is another strong lift day, going to hit chest and shoulders. then the 60 min cardio

EDIT: just looked up that guy. His name was Nathan Jones. he was a strong man competitor.

06-13-2005, 04:32 PM
eewww! I once dated a very nice man who was big like that but not quite as tall. Anytime he tapped me on the shoulder or went to grab something at the same time as me, I always got bruised up. He use to bear hug me all the time and it honestly felt like he was trying to remove all the air from my lungs-just too aggressive I guess. He was so big, I was really scared of him when I told him I didn't want to see him anymore. He wasn't violent or anything. But yeah, when we went somewhere, other guys always looked him up and down because he looked like a good scraper-which is another bad thing about looking too strong. I use to think "wow, I want to date someone big and strong" because I'm all into fitness. I still want someone big and strong-so long as they're tall and lean too. I like how my man is now. The built but not too built look is for me.

06-13-2005, 05:30 PM
It'll be a long ass while before I get to 3 pps. :cry:



06-14-2005, 05:55 AM
Soba, you're almost there man. At the arnold you werent too far off. I bet by next arnold you'll be hanging with the rest of us :)

Legs: Yea I'm big like that and even though I date a really tiny girl, she doesnt get bruised too often. I know a lot of muscular or big guys sometimes dont know their strength and so are like your ex was. I'm used to being big and on top of that I have martial arts so I understand the amount of pressure that I apply and that one thing my lady loves about me, Even though I'm big, I control my strength and weight. So she feels protected instead of smothered. Which is cool by me because her last guy she briefly dated was stronger and leaner than me, some wrestler, but he was too aggressive and couldnt control his strength. My only hope is that as I get stronger I can learn my strength at the same time so that I dont crush her...heh, she couldnt handle too much pressure..unfortunately...waaay too skinny

06-14-2005, 06:26 AM
dang you make your girl sound realllllllll tiny, how tiny is she

06-14-2005, 01:44 PM
My only hope is that as I get stronger I can learn my strength at the same time so that I dont crush her...heh, she couldnt handle too much pressure..unfortunately...waaay too skinny

Ha, put a wedding ring on her finger....LOL!

It's definately intimidating dating a man who is very built. That last guy pretty much cleared any fascination I'd ever have of someone very built.
Like every week somthing sore....don't even get me started on when he stepped on my toes, and I have really small feet, it felt like a boulder fell off a cliff onto my foot!

...maybe he was always standing too close or something but he could definately take some lessons in pressure control. That experience has never made me feel the same. My boyfriend now is very tall and has a large muscular build like a swimmer and not a body builder-but he is very heavy too. Since he has those long feet, I always have to make sure they don't collide with mine!

06-15-2005, 07:48 AM
She's 5'9, 105 lbs...all the weight is in her chest. She can handle me though.

Workout yesterday:

Didnt lift. Taking the woman to Berkeley Springs for some spa goodness and it'll be lots of action. I didnt want to be sore. Tomorrow I'm going heavy on chest and arms.
I did do cardio though and up'd the incline too.

5 min warmup
2 min 5
2 min 6
2 min 7
2 min 8
2 min 9

half way through I up'd it

2 min 6
2 min 7
2 min 8
2 min 9
2 min 10

It was too easy so next week I'm going up to 11 or 12. 2 more weeks in the program after this week so I'll just get my AT test done again and make my own charts, not worth the 370$ for a 6 week course. I can just pay 70$ to get my AT test and do the math myself. I'm going ot continue it and throw in a lot more weights. I have a goal and it is pushing me so all is good.

Sorry about that ex bf, sadly a lot of big guys are like that. Takes great control so it doesnt and only every once in awhile i screw up and she grunts but I think she gets turned on a lot by losing control to someone as big as me. Its great

06-16-2005, 12:10 AM
She's 5'9, 105 lbs...all the weight is in her chest. She can handle me though.

Is she wearing a training bra? "...all the weight"? At 5'9 and 105, well she's 10 pounds lighter then any 5'9 chainsmoking scrawny fashion model.

06-16-2005, 12:12 AM
Takes great control so it doesnt and only every once in awhile i screw up and she grunts but I think she gets turned on a lot by losing control to someone as big as me. Its great
Ha, so Muslim honey's are just like Catholic girls huh? hahaha

06-17-2005, 05:49 AM
lol legs. I know, like i said, she's too skinny, needs to eat a lot more and I'm trying to get her on weightgainers. She has a couple of medical problems which help get her that skinny and her immune system is weaker than most so when she gets sick she drops anything she had gained. As for the muslim bit..worse than catholic girls. Most all muslims are raised to take care of their man in every way possible...I just happened to get one that does just that AND cant get enough...I must be doing somethign right...

06-17-2005, 04:20 PM
Unless she comes from a modern Muslim family, I would be very careful about letting her parents think anything is up between ya 2.

06-18-2005, 11:27 AM
if they found out they would make us break up. they are sligthly modern in the sense that if i converted and agreed to marry her i could..but that is something for YEARS down the road..if ever.

06-18-2005, 03:38 PM
if they found out they would make us break up. they are sligthly modern in the sense that if i converted and agreed to marry her i could..but that is something for YEARS down the road..if ever.

Yeah, I have Muslim friends and they're still climbing through windows and asking their friends to lie to their parents just so they can live like everyone else. It's tough.

06-20-2005, 08:33 PM
I guess an update is in due. Sunday's workout

DB BP: 55x8, 65x8, 75x8, 85x5

cable Chest flys: 1/4stackx8, 1/2 stackx8, 1/2 stack+2 x4

upright row: 50x8, 70x8, 90x6

bi curl: 25x8, 30x8, 35x4

curl machine: 1/4stackx8, 1/2stackx8, stackx4

hammer machine: 1/4 stackx8, 1/2 stackx8, full stackx3

60min cardio

it was 5 min warmup
Interval training:

3 min on
1 min off
incline climbing 5,6, and 7
5 min cool down

workout tomorrow...

06-20-2005, 10:20 PM
Nice workout man, good DB Bench

06-22-2005, 07:40 PM
Sorry for the delayed update on the workout on tuesday...i've been stuckin bed like a ****ing cripple. I am so pissed off at myself. I have a good day on tuesday, it all started good. making it a back and tri day. I had good music playing, good energy levels. I get throuhg most of my back workout and felt awesome so I jumped into deadlift...here comes to good stuff.

cable row - 3 sets increasing weight
lat pulldown - same
cable pullover - same

deadlifts - 135x8, 185x8 *snap*

I was in a rush to get to heavier weights, I was feeling super pumped, hot ladies all around I was going for a new max Tuesday. On the second rep on 185 I was an 2 inches off the floor setting it down when I felt something give out in my back, It didnt hurt so I didnt stop and repped out. As soon as I set it down I got really dizzy and I could feel the pain just flooding into my back, I almost threw up and passed out. I had to get a small ass PT to lift my puny weights off the floor.

I learned a big lesson Tuesday. Big ego and sloppy form = fuked up back...I just dont know how much it is...I'm so pissed at my stupidity. It wasnt even on a heavy weight..oh man I hate myself right now.

06-22-2005, 08:00 PM
That sucks man, makes me scared of deadlifts... but i do love em. Take it easy and lay off em for a while, maybe even see a doctor if it keeps buggin ya

06-22-2005, 08:34 PM
Wombat! :(

Now you know why I didn't start deadlifting until late last year.

Hope you get better soon d00d.


06-22-2005, 08:43 PM
Damn that sucks. I hope your feeling better. Do you have access to a hottub, that always loosens my back when I over do it.

06-22-2005, 08:44 PM
That sucks man. Hope all is well soon enough. I tend to screw up my back on squats. It crazy how tight it can get when it flares up like that, no?

06-22-2005, 11:49 PM
That sucks man hope all is well soon enough.

06-23-2005, 07:37 AM
man my back sucks. Today was supposed to be a gym day and even if its all better by tomorrow, I have to go to f-burg for the weekend. Family is all coming up from miami to celebrate my graduation. I'd rather work out :) anyways, my back is feeling much better but dont take too much in that. Much better meaning I can sit, and lie down without problems. Standing for more than 10 min sucks ass and of course I cant bend down to pick up anything. The pain is more pinpointed now and i'm scared that it's my spine...we'll see

07-11-2005, 08:42 PM
ahhhh finally. I'm back.

xrays came back fine, ends out at a herniated disc. so I'm on powerful antiinflammation and muscle relaxer. I have also been stretching my hammys calves, glutes and lower back since friday of last week. I have nearly all my range of motion for everyday life back. Since I found out that its just spasming muscles on my lumbar disc I torture the shiit out of it to loosen up. Today was the first day back to the gym. I didnt lift but I did manage 60 min of cardio. it was the easy day one but I'm just damned glad to be back in the gym. the result is that its a little tender but i'll sleep it off.

Also on a side note, I was down to 243 on june 21 and while I lost so many weeks from the back my weight is currently at 244. surprisingly thats it because I have eaten almost like crap...and very little at that. so I dont know why. anyways, I also picked up my diet again and have increased the amount of times i eat everyday.

Glad to be back and hopefully I can make up the time a bit by adding an extra day a week. I want to lift and cardio 4 days a week once i'm 100%. right now I'm only 75%. So I can do cardio and on weds I'm going to work my arms a little...but i'll be keeping to the machines for the most part. we'll see what happens.

07-11-2005, 08:51 PM
Good to hear your back man, good luck bro :thumbup:

08-01-2005, 12:38 AM
Ok, I'm not completely wasted fat and lazy anymore. My back is doing well and on the plus plus side, I'm more flexible now than before. Also, I did end up working out twice last week, I started out on just machine and hammerstrength weights for chest and bi. Worked them to soreness so I'm glad I got something out of it. Then on Friday, I did my 60min strength training cardio workout. Tomorrow I'm going to go for shoulder/tri workout with my 60 min interval training. I got a buddy in town and I'm dragging his ass in so we'll see how it works out and how my back holds up.

08-10-2005, 07:36 AM
Problems. The back is still bothering me but I'm dealing with it and i can work out now if i'm careful. but lack of time is really pushing in on me and i am having problems making time. at the end of the month my schedule will become better and i'll be able to toss in a regular schedule but right now i'm working 4 days a week at 12 hours a day, then the days i'm off i'm working on building a kennel and running errands. the woman and I are not doing so well and i feel tired, lazy, and fat. i know the gym would fix everything as it always does but it's hard. have no fear i will be around again the wombat doesnt give up, I'm trying to find a day where i can get away to the gym. On the plus side of things my diet is good and my bike is getting the miles on it. i'll post my bike now.

08-10-2005, 07:37 AM
It didnt load...hmmm, oh they're too big. son of a...well will fix later

08-12-2005, 12:13 AM
the woman and I are not doing so well and i feel tired, lazy, and fat. i know the gym would fix everything as it always does but it's hard.
:confused: ...young love, pay careful attention wombie, these years & relationships could very well shape the future love-machine you will become.
meh, it took me 23 years...I would be so suprised if it carries on this good.
Hope your schedule clears up and your back to feeling proper again.

08-13-2005, 06:09 PM
my back has been the trigger for alot of my failed going to workouts...but i realized as much as i hated myself to admit it, that i was just using that as an excuse. since i decided to move forward with building this kennel, i've found all kinds of motivation... i got off work yesterday after 12 hours and went straight to the gym. wore my ass out but also made me want to cry because i'm not nearly as strong as i was, i think those muscle relaxers helped destroy my muscles...so i'm off those. plus back into cardio.


upright row : 50x8, 70x8, 90x8

shoulder press : 50x8, 50x8, 55x4

rear delt machine: 1/4 stack machinex8, 1/4stack+4x8, 1/4stack+6x5

db bi curl: 30x12, 30x6, 25x4

machine curl : 1/4 stack x8, 1/2stackx8, 3/4stack x4

machine hammer curl : 3/4 stackx4

Interval Cardio Training, see my past posts on what it is exactly

60 min.

Did some major stretching and I found a way to record steaming radio for free and have it tag all the song correctly as well. As far as I know its legal. just like back in the day when we'd record cassette tapes while the radio was playing. anyways, i recorded a days worth of heavy metal and that helped with the energy...ephedra didnt hurt either.

08-29-2005, 08:18 PM
whats up bitches? So you can tell by my workouts that they've been few and far between, july/aug usually are slow for me and on top of that, still working out the back, its actually really strong now and I can almost touch my toes again while standing...

I did strength training today for cardio and thats all I did. Trying to get regular again.

Mon/Wed/Fri routine. 1 hours lift, 1 hour cardio. That's the plan. My schedule has worked itself out. So today I did 60 min cardio.

Now to the more important stuff, the reason I"ve been away the last few months is because I'm opening a business. I found land last weekend and I'm going to make an offer by the end of next week, its been in the market over 900 days so I think I can get a good deal on it. My business plan is done, but my main investor who was going to invest all the money I needed (About 500k) couldnt get the loan...they were wrong about a military loan they thought they could get. Typical hidden **** with the mil. Anyways, Any of you have some extra cash, Anything over 100k I'm giving up a certain % of the business depending on how much is invested. otherwise I'm offering a good interest on loans. Here is the rate at which it will succeed and these are real numbers...details on a PM. 5% fail, 60% success, 35% crazy money in the first year. sounds to good to be true for an investor? pssshhh...I'll be working my ass off for the first year 6-7 days a week but it'll be worth it AND it will have an employee gym...I need to work out for that energy. anyways, That's what I've been up to, that and my 4 12 hour days a week in a row, but thats not all that bad considering I'm running 2 facilities right out of university. workouts to come.

08-29-2005, 10:15 PM
what kind of business?

not that i have any money...

and, not to be an ass, but what crazy man would drop 500k on a kid straight out of college?????

08-30-2005, 06:23 PM
hah cant say what business yet. however they would drop 500k because its what i've spent the last 4 years outside of school studying and of course the people guiding me are very experienced and several are millionaires and they're grooming me for business ownership :) so i'm excited. i got an investor today, the amount I believe will be over 100k but not sure how much yet.

09-01-2005, 02:40 PM
ok, so far so good, my next workout today was:

DB bench: 50x8, 60x8, 70x8, 80x8

Cable fly: 1/4 stackx8, 1/2stackx6, 1/2stackx5.5

assisted dips: 8,7,6

skullcrushers: 1/2 stack machine x8, 3/4stackx7, 3/4stackx5 that last set, the muscles just failed...dont know why..just wouldnt go anymore.

shrug machine: 90x10, 140x8

cardio: 60 min.

09-01-2005, 09:24 PM
my muscles like to give up when i'm over-stressed. for me, it's a concentration thing.

good luck with the business, man..

09-01-2005, 09:30 PM
Nice one man, way to crush those 80s on your DB press (I am assuming it was 80s?). And 60 mins of cardio is ****ing crazy! Great job.

09-02-2005, 07:41 AM
heh today theres another part of my body (chest) that hurts more than my back so its a relief that the pain dominates elsewhere. heh. yea it was 80s, whats depressing is before my back hurt in june i was maxing 100s. however yesterday i didnt go for max so i probably could have maxed at least 90s. cardio i picked up because ive dropped to 241 now from 260 in jan, but i want to get down to 215 or 220, or basically 10% bf where I'm 17% now. most of its in the gut and love handles.

09-02-2005, 03:51 PM
Good luck with the business. Sorry to hear about the back, hope that's back to 100% soon.
You're one big boy :)

09-05-2005, 07:57 PM
tonight was the refiring of my nervous system to fix the back.

Leg press machine: 1/4stackx8, 1/2stackx8, 3/4stackx8

goodmornings: 75x8, 95x8, 115x8. After the first set I felt it. The deep core of my hammys woke up. Immediately my back loosened up and i could touch my toes again. Now they'll be very very sore tomorrow but screw that, its the first step to fixing the back.

DB curls: 30x8, 30x8, 35x6

reverse ezbar curls: 35x8, 45x8, 45x7

shrugs: 90x15, 180x12

No cardio today, it was a sh*tty day. My ex whom was supposed to 'love' me and we dated for 8 months (a record for me, so stfu). we've been broken up for 2 weeks, apparentally after the first week of us breaking up she went out on a date and is now his girlfriend. supposedly she was talking to him the last month we were together. the guy is a decent guy but her true character has come out and I'm glad that I'm not with her. i do believe she's scared me back to white girls...or asian...or black...or anyone not middle eastern, but hey...i dont know if it's pathetic or not, but instead of feeling sad, I'm eerily indifferent and feel nothing for her. victory is mine.

09-05-2005, 09:10 PM
Hang in there man, you'll be back to the old you in no time at all! Keep hittin the gym hard and those are some damn fine GMs you did. Sorry to hear about the gf, I'm sure all of us here at WBB are there for yah...even though we don't put out :D

09-16-2005, 07:13 AM
Ok, so my right glute and hip flexers are still sore from refiring my back, but I've decided to ignore the pain and hope it just goes away as I keep working out, I cant keeping staying away from the gym because of stupid injuries....so I'm not.


DB Bench: 50x8, 60x8, 75x8, 90x3 - The last push took about 20 seconds to get up and only the right side made it up, couldnt get the left side past the sticking point. It feels great though because after my initial push and it stopped, I was like "HELL NO" and found strength somewhere to keep pushing, it was slow but I am very sore today...good.

Hammerstrength Decline: 100x8, 100x8, 120x6 chest was pretty burned out.

Rope pulldown: 1/4 stackx8, 1/2 stackx8, 3/4stackx4

skullcrusher machine: 1/4stackx8, 1/2stackx8, 3/4stackx3 it just stopped working again. It's sad because I used to stack this machine for 2 reps...

60 min cardio.

I was just turning minute 40 when some fag swaggered by my machine and kicked the plug on the floor and turned it off. I was pissed, it messed up my whole workout and it was hard to get myself back on to finish the last 20 min. But I couldnt track my distance or calorie bit, I wanted to hunt him down and destroy him....good thing I was on that treadmill...

I havent been on a lot like I used to. I would always sign on at work, well the work I'm at now only has dial up and my laptop doesnt like that. I was talking to one of the managers/part owner and we're looking at getting wifi or something put in. if we do...I'll be on this site all freakin day, I'll have a count like tryska.

09-16-2005, 07:49 AM
Hi, Wombat.

Nice to see you. ;)

09-16-2005, 02:21 PM
what's up, man, welcome back...again :D

09-17-2005, 08:17 AM
hahah Kiaran...I know, I'm such a slacker. does riding a bike count as cardio? it should...especially dodging mack trucks...

09-19-2005, 08:04 PM
tonight was operation rehab back turned operation kill legs.

leg press - 1/4stackx8, 1/2stackx8, 3/4stack+3x8

GMs - 65x8, 95x8, 135x8 then immediately into squatsx8

squat - 135x8, 185x8, 135x8

pullups - 4.75 continue reading for why it only got one set

Then I was called into operation Turn-Off-Jeep-Lights in the parking lot

lat pulldown - 100x8, 140x8, 180x5

machine row - 1/2stackx8, 3/4stackx8, 3/4stack+4x7

No cardio tonight, by the time I finished my legs I had decided that. I forgot my PR in squats is 235 but I havent worked legs since the beginning of June before I hurt my back so going 185 so quick wasnt great but after a little wobbly, I was good, it just burned. back burned a little but not really so we'll see the soreness. but not more back pain is what i'm working on...since i started lifting heavy again, I've gained 2 lbs...back to 240 but I was holding some water too.

09-22-2005, 07:05 AM
Workouts look awesome, man...

I've always been envious of your dumbbell bench. I remember fighting with 70's before switching to barbell. I can't imagine 90's. Your barbell number is probably way up there. I had a couple good chuckles reading those last few posts as well..that's always a journal bonus!

09-22-2005, 09:24 PM
Turn your damn lights off next time! :p So ah...why did you not continue your pullups once you got back from the parking lot? hmmm? Lat pull machine was calling your name I guess? No lats for you!! *Sienfeld Soup Nazi* :windup:

09-24-2005, 08:23 PM
I can not work out in the morning, There is just no energy even with my heavy dose of ephedra.


DB Press: 45x8, 45x8, 55x8, 65x6

Lat raise: 20x8, 20x8, 25x4 Energy runs out here...

Upright row: 40x8, 60x8, 80x8

Bi curl: 30x8, 30x8

Hammer curl machine: 1/4stackx8, 1/2stackx8, 3/4stack+4x6

Here is where it's gone, plus I was worried my MP3 player battery would die..so I jumped on cardio

60 min cardio fat burn....

Weight was back up to 243 last week its now down to 239 again. Makes me happy.Although working out today has kept the pain in my glute down from my back injury so hopefully it'll just keep getting better, work and football tomorrow..good thing I can do both at once...I love my job :)

09-26-2005, 09:41 PM
Good stuff, man..

Work and football at the same time??

09-27-2005, 07:22 AM
of course, my job has a lot of downtime. yay for being management. so we have a tv and i can watch the games...MIAMI 3-0!!

09-28-2005, 08:48 PM
Leg workouts and back stuff too

Leg press machine : 1/2 stack x8, 3/4stackx8, 3/4stack+4x8

GMs: 45x8, 105x8, 135x8 immediately into squats

Squats: 135x8, 155x8, 185x6

Lat pulldown: 1/4stackx8, 1/2stackx8, 3/4stack+3x6

one arm db row: 50x8, 60x8, 70x8, 80x6, 90x2

30min cardio...

I thought since my legs didnt cry too much I'd try some cardio...yea that didnt last long...legs started failing on me. I'm feeling it today.

10-02-2005, 11:36 PM
lol..never do teh cardion after teh squats..never works out.

Good lookin db rows, man...

10-06-2005, 07:10 PM
Time for the reason I havent been working out. I had my wisdom teeth taken out this morning. 3 of them. one had grown all the way in and was cutting my cheek, the other was halfway in and the last was imbedded. I didnt have the fourth grow in. I was put down for it and that means I am giving up control. I dont like to do that because my body slips into a primal rage. Which is why I'm so careful every single day.

As a result, I'm all giggling as I'm put down. laughing gas is teh coolest. I've never been put down before and was very very nervous.

The Result?

I was flopping around a little so they take my arms and strap me down with padded leather 4 inches wide. Whatever was in me didnt like that and literally ripped the straps off my biceps. Next thing I'm told is that everyone in the office ran into the room to restrap me with new straps and hold me down. They finally got it all done and they are awesome people, I got them straight out the phone book but i have almost no swelling and no pain. the lack of pain probably comes from the Vicadin, no swelling but still a little bleeding. The skin on the inside of my right biceps is shredded, I'll try and take a picture of it, doesnt look as bad as this morning though.

I didnt think I was all that strong, especially with my mind not willing it to do anything.

But I'll take the bragging rights..almost like frankenstein after he awakens, he rips out of the straps...best be aware of wombats damnit!!!

EDIT: I called the next day to thank them for the job they did. Almost no swelling and abs no pain. She remembered me as 'the fighter'. They had my arm strapped to a steel splint to keep my arm straight. Apparentally I bent the **** out of it and ripped the straps...hells yes. I took a pic of the bicep, its 2 days later but still pretty nifty. I'll post later.

10-19-2005, 05:28 AM
Monday the 17th, I did 40 min cardio in the form of suicides. I work at a storage place so theres a lot of running space and i just run to each hallway door and there's about 13 of them. Also, It's not about lifting anymore for awhile, I've decided to do MMA and train for actual fighting so for awhile it'll all be technique and conditioning. so the fat will fall off but muscle will be slow to come on. Monday's and Weds will be BJJ, Tuesdays will be Judo, and thurs and sat will be muay thai. found a school that does it all and late enough i can still work.

10-19-2005, 01:04 PM
Glad to have the Wombat back, dude. Wisdom teeth removal sucks a big one. I hated that. Now it's time for you to get busy.

10-20-2005, 07:16 PM
So now that you've been "the fighter," you wanna be "a fighter?"

10-20-2005, 08:41 PM
well....yea. Heh. I need something to do beyond games in my evenings so i figure a little self torture beyond the gym should be good.

10-24-2005, 09:01 AM
45 min of suicides yesterday

It was much easier this time, my muscles bailed on me last week but yesterday they were strong until near the end, and it was just my endurance that sucked and that is what I'm working on.

I got my halloween costume finally, I'm going as Wong Fei Hung the kung fu legend. So I'll pwn any of your costumes...bitches... sadly I'm working before and during and after halloween so the next morning is going to be rough...soooo rough...but it'll be worth it, i'll go kung fu fighting on all the others and go booty bandit on the females...

10-24-2005, 03:21 PM
I just watched Doom.

aw man its for the hardcore and nothing beats a nice little first person goodness for a good rampage. Plus the Rock is in it. And ladies with almost no support and nipples popping through.

11-05-2005, 07:49 AM
I have had a problem lately getting to the gym. In my mind, I'm all set to go and a few hours later I'm like "oh, I'll just work out here". Yea, that lasts 15 min and hardly anything gets done...

I dont know whats been wrong with me lately, just the thought of going to the gym was making me immediately dismiss it out of my mind. I think part was that I felt weak and that I was going to have a crappy workout so it wasnt worth going. Well finally yesterday I did, it took 1600mg of ephedra to make myself believe I'd have the energy and holy sh!t, I had the energy.

Bi's and Back

Lat pull down : 100x8, 150x8, 180x5

cable row: 100x8, 130x8, 160x8

one arm row: 25x8, 35x8, 55x8

ez curl : 45x8, 65x8, 75x4

then immediately into db curls

db curls: 30x4, 25x3, 15x6 (I did them right after each other, no rest)

machine curl: half stackx8, 3/4 stackx6, stackx2.5

shrug: 90x15+hold, 140x12+hold

my muscles still have no endurance, they just give out when they're done...I dont like that. On the plus side, my diet while not great, my calorie intake is good so I'm down to ~234 for doing next to nothing... Hopefully I'll go more now. I have no excuse so I need to get to stepping...I'm about to smack myself like a red headed step child who dirtied her sunday dress.

11-05-2005, 07:22 PM
My lat pulls suck..

11-05-2005, 07:34 PM
That's some heavy azz cable rowing!

11-07-2005, 04:30 PM
I would imagine that cutting is difficult and is not as exciting as bulking. However, you need to stick with it man! The quicker you cut the sooner you will be able to bulk :D Looking good, man, keep hauling your ass into the gym and stay on that diet :)

11-14-2005, 06:17 PM
As you all know I've been slacking by my lack of journal entries and I'm crying how I cant find motivation. Well the truth is, I work 12 hours a day, 2 of those hours are really just me sitting around until I'm allowed to go home. Then when I can go home, it's on the other side of town. So I've broken down. There's a huge studio style apartment where managers used to live on premise but its nearly empty with just some boxes. I'm going to buy db free weights the good old adjustable size for maybe 150$. A friend is going through a divorce and is giving me 300lb free weights an olympic bar and a bench press bench that adjusts to act as a squat rack. Hopefully I'll get all those soon but until then I'm going to work the dumbbells and buy a flat bench. Since I'm waiting an hour and a half after the office closes, I can spend it constructively instead of watching the simpsons playing old school games like worms armeggedon..man I love that game. Updates coming soon, will probably buy once I get back from chicago.

12-05-2005, 06:03 PM
well i finally set up the weight set, i have a few more things to buy but the weights and dumbells are finally up. I tested them tonight with biceps

Curl : 10x8, 15x8, 20x8, 25x8, 30x8, 35x7

Hammer : 30x6, 25x4+ hold 15seconds

That was it , just burned them out real good for a start, I work at that location sun, mon and weds so those are my workout days with weights. I also bought some guys DVDs he's an ex UFC champion, he retired undefeated in the UFC, I forget his name but his nick name is 'lil evil' his upper and lower body plyometrics are really good, so I'm going to do some of that on my off days. It's time to kick back in.

oh and on a side note, I just wrapped up a good 18 acres for 200k and the business **** is moving forward...pwnd

12-12-2005, 06:18 PM
Worked out again tonight, starting to get into a schedule, basically i work at that location I lift iron. it's starting out pretty weak I cant believe how much I suck, well here's what was done tonight.

Shoulders and half a tri:

Shoulder press: 40x10, 45x10, 50x8

upright row: 65x10, 85x8, 95x8

lat raise burn out: 20x10, 20x8, 20x7

and here is half the tricep attempt.

french bb press: 65x10, 75x8, 75x8

Not much, bare in mind I'm taking extra efforts to raise and lower controled when done because its a tileish flooring and I cant crack any of them or the bossat work will be unhappy, I'm buying the nice rubber matting next week probably so I can be more abusive and go closer to failure, I also need to build up some endurance in the body, this passed weekend a lady friend showed up and i was worn out pretty quickly, i was only up for 5 times in a day as opposed to the usual 7 or 8 that's unlike me. and doesnt make me happy. moving onward...i also started the riftwar saga and wanted to get back to it, I have less dicipline when I have a good book lying around. went out and found some more of other series that have new ones out, I have a good 2 weeks worth of reading and since i'm pulling 60+ hours this week, what better way to spend it...

on a side note, I got picked up tonight in the bookstore by a cute woman...that helps the ol' ego.

12-12-2005, 07:12 PM
good job on getting picked up, and nice shoulder effort as well.

12-18-2006, 01:52 PM
See the first page on an update of whats going on.

My maintanence is around 2800-3000 cals, I usually eat around 2500-2800, I found that if I want to drop weight I can but working out is out, so I decided to eat just below maintanence and include more carbs so I have the energy to lift.



Squat -

BWx10, 45x10, 135x10, 155x10, 185x8

Good Mornings + Squat + Overhead press (In that order per lift; superset?)

45x10, 65x10, 95x8

Calf Machine (didnt look at weights)

1/4 rack x 10, 1/2 rack x 10, 3/4 rack x 10, 3/4 rack + 3 x 10

Overhand pull ups

BWx5, BWx4, BWx3

Hanging leg curl (abs)


I've changed the way I lift, I now do all lifts up and down slowly to get the most out of it. It hurts losing all my strength from 2 years ago but I'm determined to get back into it.


During the week is HIIT training at the moment I'm working on increasing my speed.

I go 30 min.

5 min warmup walk/light jog

1-1:30 min run 7.5-7.8 mph
2-3 min slow down

I sweat something good and the energy I get from HIIT is amazing. I messed up this week and did legs on sunday instead of Friday before this week so I cant do any training today or tomorrow I'm sure, I'm really sore, sore like being in prison and dropping the soap. But usually it'll be legs and shoulders on Friday and rest of the body on Sunday then HIIT on Mon and Weds, that'll give me 3 days rest and maybe I'll eventually get up to 3 days HIIT as the body adapts.

12-24-2006, 10:31 AM
Todays work out... well it almost sucked, half the equipment was under wraps because they're expanding the golds where I am. It's cool as hell, going to get a sauna and they're adding more REAL equipment like racks and such. Although they're going a little fruity by introducing a cardio cenima, basically they have a room where they will play movies or something by projection and have cardio machines..however most of the movies will have to suck and not be 'pumpin me up' because they'll have to be G rated. any gym that will play disney sh it does not belong. Anyways, WORKOUT!

LEGS again, plus filler

2 min bike warmup


BWx10, 165x10, 185x10, 195x8


45x10, 65x10, 95x6, 115x10 (last set was just Good mornings)

overhand Pull ups - struggled for 5

Hanging ab curls - getting better with 15. I noticed a huge improvement and in feeling stronger after just doing it the last time. I expect it to get much better going on.

I couldnt do calves, the gym has about 4 different types of calf machines but they were all under wraps..they didnt want to give up any more of their precious cardio space. Thats it for today, tomorrow is xmas and I'm not at home but tuesday is chest and arms day..plus more shoulders.

12-29-2006, 12:42 PM
Wednesday Workout

Finally upper body:

DB Bench (Listing DB used, not combined total): 50x10, 60x10, 70x8

DB Incline: 30x10, 35x10, 45x8

DB Curl: 20x12, 25x10, 30x10, 35x6

Overhead DB Triceps: 30x10, 40x10, 45x8

20 min Shadow Thai Boxing

I've noticed that I've always done my bench wrong. I guess ego had me from the beginning. I always flexed my shoulders first then my chest, which is why it never developed like it should have. So I have to start from the beginning again and do it right. I flex the chest until its tight and then the shoulders assist. I'll see how much better my gains will be.

12-29-2006, 12:48 PM
Friday, Legs again. I'm raping my legs as much as I can. and its showing.

Bike warmup 2 min fast

Squat: 45x10, 135x10, 185x6, 205x3, 225x3(New old PR)


45x10, 95x10 (shoulder pressed at end of squat), 115x7

Hanging Ab curl: BWx10, BWx8

The gym is still under construction so calves were out again today..grrrrr. I was limited but with one squat rack I took it for most my workout...good thing its the middle of the day. Also, 225 is my old PR before I hurt my back... it may have been 235 but if so I'll have it next time. That wasnt even my 1RM. Although it wasnt too far, I could probably have gotten 240 but I'm not rushing it. So for all of you who read this (1 or 2) here we are. I'm going to minnesota this weekend to see the lady I may be starting something with (we met on vacation in the carribean). I'll be in Indy the next 2 weeks since I'm not coming back next weekend. That'll give me solid time to scope out the Y thats about 7 blocks away and put in some good gym time. I've gotten sloppy with my diet, I need to put that in check. Of course carb loading (pizza yesterday) has helped with energy levels but I've gotten past keeping it moderate. I'm pulling that in check starting now. RAWR, it's good to be back.

01-08-2007, 03:55 PM
So I stayed in Indy this weekend and checked out a gym, mapquested it, it's officially .86 miles away. About 7 city blocks, which is cool with me. Bigger yet, on my way there I found a shoe store and since I was in GREAT need of new shoes I strolled in. I expected the "here's 2 models to choose from, the rest we dont carry in that size.' Yea well she leads me over to new balance and says that in all their shoes they carry sizes 14-16. I nearly wet myself. I have issues just trying to find one pair my size (14/15) without ordering them online. So I picked up a pair, reenforced running shoes, apparentally a lot of tech went into them. They're made for guys that weigh over 190+ lbs. Which I do. They're hot looking too. So, anyways, I make it to the gym after that and pay my 8$ for the day. Its in an old ass building. Only 1 squat rack but 2 smiths :(. The weights are in the basement and the cardio is on the main floor in some dusty ass room. The locker rooms are also in the basement with an open 'dark prison' style shower room. They have some machines that arent very common though, such as a cybex Tbar row.


WARMUP - 2 min on bike (already walked almost a mile for warmup.)


BWx10, 135x10, 185x8, 225x5

(back was a little sore from squats...I think my form is slightly off, leaning a little too far forward)

45x10, 95x10, 115x8

CALF RAISES: (Done on a step up machine where you hold the handles. I didnt have anything else so I threw on weight and worked the hell out of my calves.)

1/4stackx10, 1/2stackx10, 3/4+3stackx6 with 2-3 second squeezes at top of rep.

This also worked my grip strength having to hold onto the handles. Good pump on it.

Lat Pull Downs: 60x10, 80x10, 120x7 (As with chest, I've realized I've been doing them wrong and was involving the shoulders too much)

TBAR ROW: (By this point my lower back is crying and I couldnt do much more. I dont know how much the actual lever weights so I'll just put on weights.)

25x10, 45x10, 80x8

So walking back to my hotel I realized I wasnt wearing my watch. I can barely move my legs and I'm halfway back so I struggle to hurry back to the gym and run/collapse downstairs to see if anyone took my watch I must have left in my locker. I get there and it's not there. I was pissed. So I'm digging through my back just to be sure. It's not there. Then I remember that I put them in my old pair of shoes so I wouldnt forget them and have to walk back. Saddness. I still had .8 mile to get back to the hotel. I had to get food on the way back too. It was sad and pathetic watching me hobble back but I'm damned sore on back and legs so I'm happy too.

01-16-2007, 10:00 AM
So every friday night I'm in town I play 2 solid hours of wallyball. For those that dont know what it is, it's volleyball in a raquet ball court. It's a blast and you get to use the walls to angle change their asses. Plus the ball is lighter so you can hit it harder. Well anyways, I injured my toe somehow. I hairline factured it YEARS ago maybe 10 years ago and that's it, well now its giving me the same pain but I dont think it's broken as I can still move it and such. But I cant put a lot of weight or pressure on it. As such I'm stuck not working out for the week. I'm still going to try and play this Friday and see how it does. If it does well then squat will be on saturday. I'm also going to work in a plyometric routine in. Here it is.

Plyometrics Routine

Platform Jumps – 30 sec - http://www.exrx.net/Plyometrics/PlatformDepthJump.html
Platform Vertical – 30 sec - http://www.exrx.net/Plyometrics/VerticalDepthJump.html
Platform Long – 30 sec - http://www.exrx.net/Plyometrics/LongDepthJump.html
Box Jumps – 30 sec - http://www.exrx.net/Plyometrics/BoxJumps.html
Break – 60 sec
Long Jumps – 30 sec - http://www.exrx.net/Plyometrics/LongJumps.html
Vertical Jump – 30 sec - http://www.exrx.net/Plyometrics/VerticalJumps.html
Box Jump March – 30 sec - http://www.exrx.net/Plyometrics/BoxJumpMarch.html
Box March (High) -30 sec - http://www.exrx.net/Plyometrics/BoxMarchHigh.html
Box Match (Low) – 30 sec - http://www.exrx.net/Plyometrics/BoxMarchLow.html
Break – 60 sec
Barrier Lateral Jump- 30 sec - http://www.exrx.net/Plyometrics/BarrierLateralJump.html
Box Lateral Jump – 30 sec - http://www.exrx.net/Plyometrics/BoxLateralJump.html
Box Lateral Shuffle – 30 sec - http://www.exrx.net/Plyometrics/BoxLateralShuffle.html
Break – 60 sec

Total Work Time – 360 sec (6 min)
Total Rest Time – 180 sec (3 min)
Total Time – 540 sec (9min)

Med Ball Seated Twist – 60 sec - http://www.exrx.net/Plyometrics/MBSeatedTwist.html
Med Ball Stand Twist – 60 sec - http://www.exrx.net/Plyometrics/MBStandingTwist.html
Break – 90 sec
Med Ball Seated Throw – 60 sec - http://www.exrx.net/Plyometrics/MBSeatedSideThrow.html
Med Ball Sit-up – 30 sec - http://www.exrx.net/Plyometrics/MBSitUp.html
Break – 90 sec
Depth Push-ups – 30 sec - http://www.exrx.net/Plyometrics/DepthPushUp.html
Break – 60 sec
Push-ups Failure
Break – 120 sec

Total Work Time – 270 sec (4.50 min)
Total Rest Time – 360 sec (6 min)
Total Time – 630 sec (10.50 min)

Grand Total Time:
Work – 630 sec (10.50 min)
Rest – 540 sec (9 min)
Total – 1170 sec (19.50 min)

Repeat it twice and BOOM. done. 40 min of good workout. I am somewhat proud of it so rip it apart!
Total Workout Time = 2340 sec (39 min)

01-28-2007, 02:42 PM
I didnt post an upper body workout and I forgot what I did...so thats skipped on posting here but that's ok, I'll post yesterdays crap workout and todays gloriousness.

Yesterday Chest/Arms

DB Bench:

40x10, 60x8, 80x4, 90x3 - I'm sore today. My 1RM from before I hurt my back was 105, 15 short...mmmm muscle memory.

Standing DB Curl - 30x10, 30x6, 40x4 They're a little sore but not by much.

Told you that workout sucked.

I did do 15min stretching and 20 min Thai Boxing

Todays Workout

2 min Bike warmup


BWx10, 135x8, 185x8, 225x6, 245x4 NEW PR!! I'm now squatting my weight, that's a goal reached! PLUS my form was good but setting the bar high on my shoulders made me need to use my back more at the end of the lift, not that that's fixed, form is great from what I can tell and I feel it good too.

Goodmornings (knees bent first time doing so)

45x10, 95x8, 115x4

RACKPULLS (First time trying them)

135x8, 185x8, 225x6, 275x4 I could have done more but my grip gave out, I used to DL 335 and my grip was strong...I hate it that its weak..oh well something to work out.

BB ROW: (First time on these too)

95x6, 135x8, 155x8 I started them too soon and my grip still sucked.


1/2stackx8, 3/4stackx8, Full stackx8 all had 1 second squeezes at the top and I finished out with a hold to near failure.

Lat pulldowns:

1/4stackx8, 1/2stackx6, 3/4stackx5

Well, that's it, it felt really good, plus some new PRs and lifts that are making me feel strong again, I have straps, I might use those for the future heavier lifts and then farmer walk at the end to burn out my forearms. Some standard lifts that I'm doing for the first time, but I've been reading and learning and pulling together some solid workouts. I'll stick with this one for awhile.

Oh while I didnt rip any during working out, I was all gasy, but not the nice gasey, I mean the silent but pure death...like rotting tuna and a used necropheliacs victim. pure death.

04-15-2007, 08:05 PM
http://www.wannabebigforums.com/showthread.php?t=93363&page=1 is where I'm at