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11-30-2004, 10:13 PM
This is my new journal, i'm enbarking on a new diet. This will be my first attempt are a proper diet. It has really taking me a long time to get my diet into order. I am just now off a bulk with went really well, it is all documented in my old journal called "My M1T bulk" So go have a wander if your interested.

The over-eating really helped me be smarter and stricter with my eating. It was alot easier for me to control my over eating than it had been before to control dieting. I've played around with trying to diet before and with moderate sucess. This time i think i have all my ducks in order and I am ready to do it properly.

This diet will consist of carb cycling, that i borrow from Jay Cutlers website. And HIIT training 3 days a week, with weight lifting the other 3 days a week.

I will also be keeping track of my diet on fitday.com Past 2 days are up already. http://www.fitday.com/WebFit/PublicJournals.html?Owner=ConorT

Damn i'll tell you keeping your carbs down is damn hard. Right now i'm getting ~3500cals.

Low carb days, 100grams carbs, 400grams Pro, 100grams Fat,
Really low carb, 50grams carbs, 500grams Pro, 150grams Fat,
Carb Days ~350grams carbs 300grams Pro 80grams Fat

The week will rotate, Low, Low, Really Low, High, Low, High, off As the website. Hopefully this will go well for me.

11-30-2004, 11:00 PM
Coolness, good luck.

12-01-2004, 12:18 PM
Today was Carb Day!!! Got to eat oatmeal again or breakfast, got to taste OJ again. Had a Turkey subway for lunch and a small bag of Doritos. Yum Yum

Rest of my meals for the day are already on fitday. And will look like it that mostly. I'm trying to keep my calories under control even though it is carb day. Will be doing HIIT later today and then dinner, then off to watch my old teammates beat Bucknell, and then out for a moderate night of drinking and trying to get some ass.

Should be a Good day, i can feel the carbs giving me energy already.

12-03-2004, 10:13 AM
Well wednesdays carb day could not have gone better. Ate carbs smartly, only 4K cals (450g carbs) i believe, my team won, was a good game, got drunk, got laid. Was a good day by my standards. Thursday was less good, hard to follow up i know, but was pretty good with carbs, but did need cals late and made them up with cards but still only 250g Carbs for the day, 3500 cals. Today i'll be tighter again on carbs and keep it to 100, and them tomorrow its really low day and all the way down to 50g.

I have to totally change my diet to get only 50g's. Like for examople i cant take my myoplex shakes because one they have 16g's carbs, and two it needs so much milk not to be thick that i get more carbs from the milk too. Luckily i have some whey pure that is 2 scoops = 52g Pro, 4g Carb + less milk because its a finer powder. Like 1 cup Vs 2.5 cups.