View Full Version : Looking for PL gym in Toronto

Colin Marlow
12-04-2004, 04:15 AM
hey everyone, I'm new to this forum and to powerlifting; just started in september. Have been focusing on deadlift and have raised it from 315 to 425 for a tripple a few days ago, so it's going well.

Anyhow, I'll be moving to Toronto next year and was wondering if anyone knows of PL gym in the city? Thanks.


Paul Stagg
12-07-2004, 08:33 AM

Can anyone help Colin out?

12-07-2004, 08:42 AM
Hey Colin, have you competed before? I don't recognize your name, so I'm not sure if you've been to the canadian powerlifting forums or not.

One gym is Monster gym, or now it's called Fitness 365, at Islington and the 401. Unfortunately, there really isn't anyone that regularly trains there these days.

There is a gym called Fitness Connection at Don Mill road in between Lawrence and Eglington, it isn't a powerlifting gym per se, but I train there, and they let me use chalk so it's workable. Not sure where you'll be living since the GTA is quite large, but if you end up there I'd be happy to help you out.

Otherwise, I'd suggest going to www.powerlifting.ca and make a similar post using your full name, and there will probably be quite a few responses. I don't think there are any gyms in Toronto that actually host a bunch of regular powerlifters. Generally they will train on their own, or with one or two other guys tops, but then every month or so there might be a clinic or meet up at one gym in the surrounding area where they go for a session and work on something specific, like shirted bench or whatever. I know there's a group of metal militia guys that do this regularly I think in kitchener.

I have a membership at Monster but don't really go there anymore, it's probably almost expired now anyway. But if you decide to go there, I can put you in touch with Harnek Rai, he's the VP of ontario powerlifting. He also competes, and runs the Toronto Open ever year.

Feel free to ask any other questions here or PM me if you want.