View Full Version : Hey SMART GUYS... what yall think of my TKD diet

12-05-2004, 07:44 PM
Its a TKD style diet but i just wanted to know if it will work the way I laid it out so...... The main idea is to stay in keto the whole time except around the time revolving around the workout which to me would be a little before pre, pre during and post. Since this will be the the only time throughout the day to get most nutrients into the muscles i will only use very high GI carbs also to get a good level of anabolism going. Since keto promotes the breakdown of body tissues I will up the amount of creatine im taking by 20 grams.

Calorie intake daily will be 3100
180g of carbs on workout days(720 cal)
150g of carbs on cardio days(500 cal)
280g of protein daily(1120 cal)
140g of fat on workout day(1260 cal)
165g of fat on cardio day(1480 cal)

One adjustment I am going to make is take my pre shake 1 hour before my workout and my post during my workout as to not have any leftover glucose.
I am assuming that since i am depriving my body of carbs creatine absorbtion wont be that great and anabolic levels will be low so to give my cells a boost im going to take Creatine Ethyl Ester after my whole workout.

Well there it is comment and critique if yall dont mind :thumbup:

12-05-2004, 07:46 PM
Oh yea there was one question i had left in my mind. Will my body go back to ketosis after all the carbs.... kinda worried that all of it wont get used