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12-16-2004, 03:39 PM
Hey, ive decided im going to try and track my bulk.

I emphasise the word try, itll probably get as boring as tuna and bread but i will at least try to make sure that it has a beginning and end at least.

I see so may ppl working out everything to the exact calorie, and listing every metre they walked and breath they took during the day but im keeping this lean and refereble.
I hope this makes it easy for anyone who wishes to follow my progress.
Its just a no frills, diary but this intro will cover my basic diet and program.

Ok this is my 2nd bulk, my 1st was short lived back in jan-feb 2004, i moved out amongst other things so now i have my own place, and all my equipment and kitchen can be used any time of the day without any tv slob, telling me its too late to cook or too late to use their room.

Any im a 23 year old male, ectomorph who originally weighed 112lbs, despite this shockingly low weight i was healthy and actually looked much heavier.
I have broad shoulders and chest a narrow waist and im 5'11''.

This is now near the end of week 5 for me but as of last saturday i weighed in @ 120lbs, which was roughly what i got to on my last bulk, so now that ive caught back up (and in better shape than last time) im happy to 'carry on' where i left off.

I took pictures on monday which i havent loaded up yet, im thinking of not posting them till last since i want to distance myself as much as i can from them, but in the meantime ill try and post a pic of me (clothed) so you can know who you are reading about.


my bodyweight(120lbs) x 25 = 3200cals
im shooting for 3500 simply to make sure i get 3200, i dont want to underhit now do i?

I eat 5 meals a day, in no particular order, from this list.

- mackeral/salmon/tuna+mayo, 2 bread+spread, banana + hashbrowns/mixed nuts
- 4 toast + 400g tin of baked beans (big lunch or 6 O' clock snack)
- 200g beef/turkey breast + carrots,green beans,broccoli,leafy grean veg (big plate full)

i eat approx 100-200g of mixed nuts a day and usually 4-5 bananas - i basically bolt these to meals or have them post workout.

i drink 3 litres of water which im hoping to boost to 4, and supplement with :-multi vit and min
2g of vit C (2x1000mg tablets)
6g of cod liver oil (12 caps)

1 warm up set for main lift
3 main sets of, 8 6 4 reps increasing weight each time.


Flat bench press
barbell bicep curl
standing shoulder press


Bent over rows


Lateral raises
Seated shoulder press



Why do i do this???

Because i hit each bodypart twice a week at different angles, using slightly different muscles and lifts.
It therefore gives my muscles 2 chances to grow and recover each week since they get 3-4 days recovery.

So anyway!

120lbs as of last saturday @ 7 O'clock before a meal.
8lbs gained!

about to go train soon so ill post todays lifts and begin monitering progress and responding to comments,

see you all later and hope u enjoy my journal!

12-17-2004, 07:28 AM
good luck with your goals 2x a week is the least amount I would hit a bp once a week for optimal growth so you got that going for ya.