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02-19-2001, 09:46 PM
Alrighty, I'm going to give this a shot.
145 lbs
33 inch waist, 13 inch biceps,40 inches around chest(lats and pecs flexed)
22 inch thighs, 44 inch shoulders

new workout schedule
monday-chest and tris
flat barbell bench 1 warmup- 1x6, 1x12
cable crossovers 1 warmup- 1x8, 1x15

Dips- 50 unweighted. No belt in my gym, not nimble enough to hold plate.
Crushers- 1-2 warmups, 1x7, 1x13

Tuesday- rest/cardio 30-40 minutes nordic trac

Wednesday- back/ biceps
Behind neck cable pulldowns- 2 warmups,1x6, 1x12
one arm dumbell row-1 warmup, 1x8, 1x14
deadlifts-1 warmup, 1x6, 1x12 (185 and 135 lbs)

Standing curls- 1 warmup, 1x6, 1x13 (65 and 50 lbs)
or I might start doing seated dumbell curls.
Preacher curls- 1 warmup, 1x7, 1x15
Please- I need some help putting together a good bicep routine to (quote LAT) "get these twigs to grow"

thurs rest/cardio

friday- legs, shoulders, traps
lunges- 2 warmups, 1x7, 1x13 (or stiff deads)
squats-2-3 warmups (8 reps), 1x6, 1x12 (175 and 145 lbs)
arnold presses- 1 warmup, 1x6, 1x12
cable laterals-1 warmup, 1x6, 1x12

heavy upright rows-1 warmup, 1x8, 1x13
standing shrug- warm up, 1x6, 1x15 (230 lbs and 180 lbs)

All of this seems to get me very pumped- especially my shoulder workout which has led me to nice gains. my major weak point, obviously, is my biceps. I have a hard time- since my arms are so short, I guess- of getting a full contraction so my muscle doesnt really "boom" at the top. Any suggs will be very greatly appreciated.

02-20-2001, 12:15 PM

Tonight I busted out 10 reps on the bench- up three whole reps from last week. Next week I will put ten pounds on there, and I will officially be repping my body weight.
After bench I did 25 dips, in however many sets it took for me to get 25.

Reverse one arm cable pressdowns
1 warmup, 1x7, 1x16 (40,30 lbs)

1 warmup @20 lbs, 1x6, 1x13 (50, 30 lbs)

Took some pics of me and then collapsed.
Not sure how much I ate, It was presidents day and I went out. I also walked about 10-12 miles today, all the way down to pier 39 and back.

02-21-2001, 01:35 AM

Rest day/ cardio. 30 minutes on nordic track during the simpsons. I only ate 4 meals today, it was quite busy at work and I wasnt able to fit any more in.
Estimated caloric intake- 2270.

Meal one- 10:30 am
3/4 cups oatmeal
2 scoops protein
1/3 cup milk
1 banana
615 calories
multivitamin, fish/flax oil caps
52 grams protein, 77 carbs, 10 fat (14 w/supps)

meal 2- 2:00 pm
1/2 cup cooked brown rice
1/2 can tuna
1 banana
221 calories
21 grams protein, 32 grams carbs, 3g fat

Meal 3 5:30 pm
2 scoops protein
1 banana
340 calories
43 grams protein, 31 carbs, 5g fat

meal 4 9:30pm
fajitas (4 oz chuck, 1/2 red pepper, 1/3 onion, 1 serrano pepper, one habanero pepper, 1 cup vegetarian refried beans)
2 wheat tortillas
2.5 scoops fat-free, sugar free neopolitan ice cream
1 banana
2 tbsp. natty pb
870 cals
59 grams protein, 85 grams carbs, 33 grams fat

macro breakdown
175 grams protein- 30%
225 grams carbs- 39%
41 grams fat- 16%

I think I need to start putting more fat into the diet, right now I'm only at 16 percent.

For great justice.

02-22-2001, 01:10 AM

2 scoops protein
1/2 cup oatmeal (I couldnt choke down the whole bowl. I dont know why.)
1 banana
1/4 cup milk
--535 cals

1 banana
--100 cals

meal 3
1 serving brown rice
1/2 cup refried beans
1 can tuna--390 cals

meal 4
1.5 pitas
pita stuffins (red pepper, onion, 4oz chuck, habanero, serrano peppers, cabbage)
1 sobe lean (no phosphorus, baby!)
1 cup ffsna ice cream w/natty pb and banana
--875 cals

meal 5 snack
2/3 cup ffnsa ice cream w/natty pb and banana
--305 cals

BBL gotta pl;ay AHL

03-04-2001, 01:14 AM
good lord am I bad at updating.
Yesterday I raised my reps on the bench to 145 lbs, even though I'm now going low carb I have progressed.
Speaking of my newfound NHE diet, I've been doing intro for a little bit here and I havent lost any large amount of weight yet, I calculated my average cals and turns out I'm eating more than I was on my other bulking plan...but it seems that I have still lost at least a pound. I can definitely feel some loss.
I am going to shoot for about 1700 cals, cutting out 500 cals a day, with at least 30 grams of EFA. Maybe a morning shake instead of the regular egg and cheese deal. Once again, I need MORE TUNA. I thought I was going to be done with tuna! NEVER!
Anyways, I think I am officially in ketosis because my breath smells slightly metallic (like they say) and my urine has a new pungent smell. Yay.
Super tuesday on tuesday for all us GNC members.

03-06-2001, 01:03 AM
and I dont know why.
First day of macro cycling, right now I'm at about 40 carbs. 20 away from limit, not bad. I notice that when I take in more than 10 or so carbs at a time I get a slight headache. It was probably coincidence because it was hot today and I was wearing a sweatshirt. I'm currently at about 1525 calories and 40 carbs. Last meal of day will be probably two eggs, a little cheese and a teaspoon of extra virgin.
Thats olive oil, you sickos.

I had an awesome workout today.
Close pulldowns
warmup 60x15
work 140x7
work 100x10

Standing barbell rows
warmup 40x14
work 80x7
work 60x13

warmup 65x10
work 145x6
work 125x8
I added ten lbs onto the deadlift from last week

warmup 50x15
work 245x6
work 190x13

Gotta go, no time to put down the rest of my bicep workout.

03-07-2001, 02:24 AM
Rest day.

About 2000 calories. 99 grams of fat, 148 grams protein, roughly 45 grams of carbs.

I made the mistake and ate too many carbs at dinner time, about 30 total. I'm not supposed to be eating more than 25 in any given meal. I hope it doesnt send me to hell.

I am going to try eating more fat in the form of nuts, seeds, oils etc. and a bit less protein. Maybe ten or so fewer carbs.

Evergy has NOT been a problem, in fact, my energy levels are extremely high. I feel like I can go lift at any time of day now, where before there was a definite window of prime lifting time.
Hunger is still under control, as long as I eat enough at every meal.
I lost about an inch off the waist in this first week, probably all water. Now we're down to the insidious F.A.T.

I am going to add 25 minutes of moderate cardio between workouts to keep the fat burning going on.

Tomorrow is my first carb load. Wish me luck.

03-08-2001, 12:09 AM
I ate about 12-1300 cals before the carb load.
Carb load consisted of vermicelli and 'tatoes (cubed white and sweet, pan fried with some pam), equalling out to like 130 or so carbs. I ate about 2.5 hours ago and I am feeling tired and have a slight headache- which are symptoms of a carb load, so I guess I did it right!

I did 20 minutes of moderate cardio today on my nordic track.

fat: 94g
Carbs: app. 145g

03-12-2001, 09:02 PM
I am HORRIBLE at updating this thing.
Still not done eating today, I've eaten 3 times. I've lost a good amount of fat in these two weeks, so now I'm going to switch to bulking NHE for one month, until april 10th, then go fat loss again. If I get results, I plan to do one month cycles of fat loss/muscle gains.

I'm feeling the bloat from yesterday's carb load. I am starting to love sweet potatoes. fat plate of vermicelli and sweet potatoes, and some fat free mini rice cakes for dessert. estimated 175 cals, although I'm fearing that I went over my carb load protein limit.

I'm up to seven reps of 145 lbs, bench press. yay. this week going for nine.

the doc
03-13-2001, 01:41 PM
budiak, faigan says that for carb load he is talking about limiting sources of animal protein. Thus the protein contained in your pasta and potatoes (recommended carbload foods) is not really what he is concerned with. He doesn't want you to eat a chicken breast w/ carbs for instance...

03-25-2001, 12:17 AM
Yeah Doc I saw that. HUGE relief!!

Today, 3/24/01.

Didnt get much sleep so i'm saving workout for tomorrow before work. I did take a walk, about 4 miles maybe.
Fat- 118
Total calories- about 1875

I got about 60-75 percent of my fat from unsaturated sources today. I'm running out of oils, I couldnt buy any because I spent too much money on ammo last week and couldt go grocery shopping.
Due to the relatively diminishing size of my pants, I am going to begin my fat loss phase again.
I took more measurements. I'm up an inch around the chest, to make a 41" chest, and I'm up .25 inches on my arms. Visually apparent progress on the triceps and shoulders, Bench press is up to 155 :) :) :)

I will try to isolate my biceps more, I dont think I am doing movements properly. Every part of my body is growing except my biceps and its ****ing me off big time. I know they are a relatively small part of the body, but the arms are the showcase of the body!

03-25-2001, 09:13 PM
Such a beautiful day today, its a shame I had to work. I took a short walk to the nearest GNC to buy my xenadrine now that I'm trying to drop some pounds :)

Good workout tonight.
wide pullups- bodyweightx10
wide grip pulldowns- 130x5, 110x7
close seated rows- 120x6, 100x8

shrugs- 250x6, 240x10

squats- 175x6, 135x6

Crushers- 50x10, 60x5 (plus some cheats :))

Seated dumbell curls- 32.5x6, 27.5x7
Machine concentration curls- 50x8, 60x6
Cheat curls- 65x4, 75x3

I feel trashed. It feels good...really good.
Tonight is carb load night, I found 16oz packages of Barilla pasta at the store, five for four bucks! BARGAIN CITY!

Mystic Eric
03-25-2001, 11:10 PM
Originally posted by Budiak
Such a beautiful day today, its a shame I had to work. I took a short walk to the nearest GNC to buy my xenadrine now that I'm trying to drop some pounds :)

please!!! don't go to GNC!!!! talk about getting ripped off by 20$!!!!!!!!

04-04-2001, 05:39 PM
Yeah, you got that right. I'm going to shop online from now on, unless I need a quick bb snack before class(there is one on the way to school).

I've lost about 3 lbs since I've started cutting. Slow progress. I'm adding cardio in, but I've only cut my waist by about half an inch or so...it was possibly over 34 inches when I started cutting (about 34.3), now its at 33.5 clean. I'm at 148 now, was 151 before.

Slow progress. I'm able to see more ab definition but its all squishy...dammit I miss all of my beautiful abs...

I'll stay on this cutting diet until I can feel my abs with some hardness, I dont feel intimidated by a long cut since I am not losing any muscle on this plan.

04-10-2001, 12:11 AM
Ok, I fasted today (religious reasons) and I'm taking it as a cue to begin a more "normal" cutting diet starting tomorrow. I'm going to shoot for 40/40/20 now, with most fats coming from unsaturated sources.

I'll try this for tomorrow.

Meal 1: 10am
1/2 cup oatmeal (150/28/5/3)
1.5 scoops protein, glutamine (180/6/30/4)

Snack 1: 1:30pm
1 apple (80/16/2/0)
1 tbsp peanut butter (100/7/7/8)

Meal 2: 5:30pm
One can tuna (150/0/32/1.5)
One banana (100/20/3/.5)
Wheaties! (120/24/3/1)
lowfat milk (130/16/11/2.5)

Meal 3: 9pm
(post workout)
Two scoops protein w/glutamine (240/8/40/4)
One tbsp peanut butter (100/7/7/8)
One banana (100/20/3/.5)

Meal 4: 9:45pm
Can o' Tuna (150/0/32/1.5)
cabbage salad w/vinegar (120/0/2/6)

carbs:157 36%
protein: 177 40%
fat: 38 19%

I know that only adds up to 95% but you get my drift. I think this is going to work. I lost a lot of weight on a diet just like this one but this "conventional" type bulking diet made me balloon up, so next time I bulk I'm going to do NHE. I'm basically going to follow this plan until my bottle of xenadrine runs dry :)

04-11-2001, 02:23 AM
Hhehehe....wow, its been so long since I've been hungry I thought something was wrong with me!

It makes me feel...human. actually. Kind of reassuring(sp?). Anyways, I feel good. My workout went quite well despite my change in diet.
I've lowered my weights slightly and am concentrating on perfect form while I'm cutting.
pulldowns- 60x12, 120x8
Pullups- two sets of six
Wide grip seated cable row pullback down up curls
100x10, 110x8
Standing shrugs- 90x15, 230x8, 180x8

Legs- I dont work legs very hard or else I will pass out. It has happened before (no, I wasnt on drugs.).
Squats 45x6, 195x4,155x6

Biceps- I dont know how much a standard preacher bar weighs. Any help?
Incline dumbell curls 20x6, 35x6
Standing barbell curls 65x7, 60x6
Preacher curls 50x6, 40x8

I feel trashed. It was an intense 45 minutes.

I stuck to the diet I planned out last night...nothing more, nothing less. Why, I feel the fat fleeting as we speak.
I...I...Tell me you got some ****ing GOLF SHOES!

the doc
04-11-2001, 11:01 AM
i believe an EZ bar weighs 20-25 lbs
Best wishes on success w/ your cutting.