View Full Version : How to loose weight?

11-15-2001, 07:18 AM
THis question isnt for me, its for my friend.

Whats the best way he can loose weight? He is trying to loose around 100-130lbs by the summer time.
What kind of cardio workout should he do, what foods should he eat and if he works our after a cardio season, will it effect his weight?

11-15-2001, 07:26 AM
wow....100-130lbs by the summer?

this is the kind of weightloss that's best done over a longer period of time....after all i'm pretty sure it wasn't all put on in 6months, i'm betting it's going to take a while to take off.

either way...i would think an atkins style eating plan to start with, to get rid of the initial water weight, and some fat..and then a low carb introduction from there. It will give him some encouragement if he experiences that initial weight loss.

as for training...what's his training history? has he ever lifted before?

cardio should probably be walking to start. if he's going from sedentary to fat loss mode, walking would be the best form of cardio to start with.

11-15-2001, 07:34 AM

Cardio 3 times a week in the mornings on an empty stomach is the best. A 30 mintute speed walk will do him well.

11-15-2001, 08:20 AM
He'd better have to start setting goals that can be reached.

The truth is that it's gonna be very difficult to get rid of 100-130lbs in 7 months.

He must see the whole approach from a more realistic angle and try to make small steps which in term will bring him to his final goal,even if this may take more than 7-8 months.

Then,he should get rid of the junk food (macs,sweets etc) he prolly consume on a daily basis and then start doing some cardio (3-4 times per week) and lifting (3times per week).

He could get motivated by having some junk food once per week or peer two weeks but this pressumes that he won't go overboard and ruin the whole fat loss proccess.