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47 and dying
01-03-2005, 12:22 AM
Can someone explain how I join the live chats.Or where to make comments for all to view and give response. Alot of talk about legpress and squats and reps. I'm 6ft.8in I legpress 600 lbs 40 times 10 feet apart...10 feet together...10 apart....10 together. I have been lifting for 2 months, 7 days aweek...Feet apart I bring my knees down until they touch my shoulders.........Feet together my knees touch my chest. I dont know if this is good or not,but it makes me feel good. I started at 200 lbs.By my next Birthday I will be doing 1200 lbs. 04-01-2005. Does anyone know if there is a world record for legpress like there is for squats...Go BIG or GO HOME.