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01-06-2005, 03:37 AM
i've just back from holiday and now im ready to resume my bulk..

however, concerns!! i have a 'pretty' face according to the girl lol :D , but i feel going on a bulks going to get my fat face back which i had last year and im telling you it wasnt a pretty sight at all i was 210 lbs of FAT and went on a crash diet (which i shouldnt have and now i am 170 lbs but feel much better and look million times better.

did my 1st proper bulk day yesterday, but had a bit of a toilet problem in the morning, is this normal or good/bad?

i dont want a fat face but look huge help!

01-06-2005, 05:39 AM
Ive been through the same thing. Gradually increase your caloric intake over time and you will be fine. Just dont bump it up over 500 calories per week.

01-06-2005, 05:52 AM
In reality there is nothing you can do about gaining weight in your face. If you put on any substantial amount of mass (or lose any for that matter) your face will change to some varying degree based on your genetics. You or others might notice your face getting bigger on this bulk, but it could be anything from increased fat storage to bloating due to some cause (ie. sodium intake).

01-06-2005, 10:21 AM
cheers fella's

01-06-2005, 10:22 AM
I know for me you can totally tell a difference in my face when bulking and after I cut.... my face looks so thin when I cut but when I bulk I do look a little bloated.